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Wolf's Dungeon

Between the best and the worst that fighting porn games have to offer, there are porn games like Wolf’s Dungeon, which are less about breaking the mould and more about one guy who just happened to have a dream and wanted to see it come to fruition. The latest updates I could find from this game are from 2016. The developer had a Facebook page and even a dedicated website for the game alone. I haven’t found any information on him personally, so I don’t even know what the actual studio is called. This game just went by its title, and people played it. Simple as that. I can tell from the Facebook page that the devs released regular updates for every patch, and they were very active. They apparently updated the game with new patches and new content once a month, at least. They constantly posted updates, though they didn’t really write any information about what those updates contained. I’m assuming they crammed in more sex scenes and parts of the world to explore. The game had a lot of potential for new updates, as the gameplay sort of lends itself to a lot of exploration, but now, it’s time for the bad news.

They Vanished

Their official website, WolfsDungeon.Com, is gone. It’s down, and it’s inaccessible. I have no idea what happened. Their last update on the Facebook page is from February of 2016, simply stating that they’ve uploaded a new version of the game, same as always. No announcement for cessation of activity, no goodbyes, nothing. They pretty much up and disappeared completely for some reason. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. I mean, porn games die all the time, but to completely vanish from the face of the Earth? I don’t know; maybe there was some blog post that I haven’t seen where they explain what happened. If it’s out there, I can’t find it. So right now, we’ve got a playable version of the game, with many updates under the hood. The latest version I can find is marked as 160228, so try to get that one if you want to try this game. It was completely free back then, so naturally, it’s still freely available for download all-over the place. I warmly recommend that you try it, because before they stopped working on this game, they managed to create some quality smut. Like I mentioned above, it’s not the kind of quality shit that will stay with you for a lifetime, or whatever. But, it does have more than enough content for hours of fun and faps. I fapped to this game with no regrets.

An Interesting Art Style

Usually, the porn platformers and side-scrollers that I review are either retro 8-bit or hentai. This one right here goes for a third, rarely explored option: The artists actually drew their own unique style without caring much about what the industry was up to at the time. The art style for this game is… well, a very basic combination of paint-level quality and a ton of content. It’s simple, but there are a lot of elements on screen. The girl you play as happens to be some sort of anthropomorphic wolf chick, and while she looks like she was put together in an afternoon, there’s a lot of her to explore. I guess what I’m trying to say is, they kept the art style simple, but they drew a shit-ton of sprites. The main character gets banged an awful lot throughout the gameplay, literally while you’re fighting, and there are a lot of properly drawn and animated scenes to showcase this. And, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Let’s talk about the gameplay a bit, and we’ll segue.

Fun and Immersive Combat

The meat of this game is the actual combat. It is a side-scrolling brawler, after all. You start off in a sort of Dark Souls-esque fashion, with no preparation and barely any tutorial. You get thrust against a giant behemoth that tries to smash you into bits. You kick his ass and continue through, exploring a very brutal world that can only be described as, well, a dungeon world. There are bars and captured creatures all-over the place, and most of them are getting raped around the clock. You’re trying to make your way through this world, trying hard not to get captured yourself. Capture, in the literal sense, is not the real threat, though. You can punch your enemies down until they up and vanish, or you can get beaten down yourself. Lose enough health points, and you get grabbed. This is where things get interesting.

Bound and Punished

If enemies actually manage to get their hands on you, they immediately pull out the sex toys and hoist you up like a piñata. Whether they’re humanoids, giants, monsters, or some combination thereof, they will do their damn best to fill your pussy, asshole, and mouth with as many phallic objects as possible. They’re also really passionate about stuffing you full of cum. This makes for some great high-quality smut scenes. Every time you get captured, you have the option of button mashing, in order to get out of the fucking. While you’re trapped, you lose HP. Ideally, you escape with a few bruises and keep on fighting. But, what if you get downed and beaten to the end of your HP bar? Well, that’s where the extreme fun begins. You get a death sequence, basically. You’ve lost the game. But, long before the game over screen, you have to first watch what happens to your character before she dies. This is where the cutscenes come in. Taking this extremely simple art style, you get full-screen renditions of your character getting brutally ravaged by enemies far beyond her breaking point. They stuff every single one of your holes, and you get a high-quality full-screen cutscene, zoomed the fuck in so you can see, in great detail, how they’re absolutely decimating your wolf-girl. It’s really hot shit, and it’s damn easy to fap to. Your biggest concern in this game is whether you want to survive and get further in the game or see the smut scenes. It’s a real hum-dinger.

A Truly Fucked Up World

Other than the standard rapey scenes and the monster combat, there are a few original concepts in this game that really piqued my interest. In fact, I’m really sad about this game being abandoned, specifically because of these original concepts. So, what’s the deal? Well… You can get a penis, in the weirdest way possible. I’ve seen sex changes in other porn games; they’re not that rare. But, I’ve never seen this kind of weird shit. So, I got to this sex death scene or whatever you wanna call it, and I survived it, barely. Basically, my character got bound to a stone and raped by tentacle monsters while cat girls watched from a near distance. The tentacle monsters made their way into her vagina and then started altering her body. They literally, not figuratively, blew up her clitoris into an actual penis. How the fuck this works is beyond me. She got to keep her vagina, but for the rest of the game, I had to play as a futa. That’s dick-girl, for the uninitiated.

The Punishments Keep Coming

I mentioned that I survived that dick-growing encounter, but things actually managed to get worse for my character, the further I got. She doesn’t just get punished and beaten and raped. Nah, that would be too vanilla. These developers were really trying to push the envelope on weird punishments. The more I played, the more inconvenienced my character became. She grew a dick, then got it stuck inside a catgirl, then when she finally got unstuck, they put her in these medieval style handcuffs. I had to make it through the rest of the game like that, slamming things with my hands locked up, and throughout the whole experience, my character cried herself half to death. But it’s all good, because eventually she managed to fall through a hole in the ground and the handcuffs broke. Also, her penis shrunk considerably for some reason, going from giant dick, to oversized clitoris. I can’t even believe I am writing these words right now, but I shit you not, the next thing that happened was she played a version of pinball, on an arcade machine, in a dark forest. Seriously, this entire game feels like a fever dream. It’s never weird enough to push you away, but always weird enough to keep you sort of confused and aroused at the same time. Your curiosity is always at an all-time high with this game, because you’re never sure what kind of weird shit is just around the corner.

PornGames likes Wolf's Dungeon

  • Really weird sex scenes
  • Kinky fetish shit
  • Original art style

PornGames hates Wolf's Dungeon

  • Game might be dead