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Eroico Game

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love myself a trip down memory lane! We are going back to the old days where pixel art was the cream of the crop in video games, and things were a lot simpler than they are now. Even though developers were tied by hardware limitations and memory bounds, they always managed to blow our minds with games that sparked every kid’s imagination. I remember trying extremely hard to form a mental picture of a hot chick from an 8-bit pixelated image and then flexing my worm like it’s fishing season. A spark ignited by arcade games, carried around by years of playing all kinds of shit, became a raging fire of respect for quality gaming, still burning to this day.

On today’s menu, we have a fairly new platform game that takes us back to the old days, giving us everything we wanted from a game, but with a ton of porn in it. It’s like a birthday cake, but with porn in it. Or a very cool sweater your grandma knitted for you. But with porn on it. You get the gist.

Once Upon a Time There Were 15 Monster Bitches…

The story of this game is simple. You play as a male knight-dude going on a quest to kill a demon lord. That’s it. That’s your job. How you get there, or what you do along the way is completely up to you. Women love a man who knows what he’s doing with his life. Interestingly enough, the demon lord agrees with that statement. Every single enemy you get to face in this game is a jaw-dropping, thick and busty monster babe sent by the evil dude you are trying to kill with a sole purpose to fuck your brains out six ways to Sunday. I know I’d need to rest if a busty-ass slime bitch milked my cock dry before I try again. And trust me, this game makes every failure seem like a win.

There are 15 different monsters you square against on your journey, spread across 3 different stages. Every time you engage one in combat, or several, you are faced with a choice: play as a pussy and kill them or get yourself some pussy and let them show you a good time. Some may say it’s counter-productive, because that choice does not lead to you making any progress in the game whatsoever, but it does help you shoot and reload, so the choice is yours.

If you choose to fight and still somehow get overpowered, don’t worry, there are game prompts that allow you to smack a few buttons in time and free yourself from the titty grasp of a naked hot monster chick. You definitely dodge a bullet by doing that, huh?

How Simple is Too Simple?

This game is a platformer, so you can imagine it gets a lot of love from old school gamers. The developers spent a lot of time making pixelated animations hot, and they did a hell of a good job. You can even see the monster titties in 5 pixels bouncing up and down as the slime-girl rides your cock and calls you daddy. That’s more than enough for me to get my morning workout. If you, by any chance, lose all your health, the game ends, and your eyes are blessed with the image of your killer sexually overpowering you. Now that’s what I call quality game development. I died exactly 15 times before I finished this game.

Some people argued that this game is fairly easy to complete, having no more than an hour of gameplay, considering you decide to go on a full-on mayhem killing spree and murder everything in sight with no regard for the smut whatsoever. Well, they are right. The gameplay is very short if you do a speed run. Arguably that’s not what the developer had in mind when creating this game. Even though the goal of this game is to kill the demon baddie, it’s still a porn game. Why not try to focus on the fucking porn aspect a bit? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging, but if you want to get hundreds of hours of gameplay, go play The Witcher games. Feel free to skip the smut scenes there too.

A Versatile Developer

The developer of this game, Kyrieru, is widely known for his pixel-art animations. He was making those for quite some before he decided to give porn-game development a try. As he states in a message to his fans on his Patreon, he used the money from Patreon pledges to develop the games, and made every finished game free on release. That means that every single finished product is available to the wide audience without paying a dime. He even has the smallest Patreon pledge options I have ever seen, the most expensive one costing only 2 dollars. This fucker, and I say that with the utmost respect for the dude, used the pledges to give his patrons the right to vote for their favorite art, while giving them all the fruits of his labor for free. That’s what I call a top-notch game developer. He cares about his fans as much as he cares about his games.

This dude even thought about his younger audience, making the first choice in this game a choice to disable adult content. Even though that might be a more ignored option than Internet Explorer asking you to make it your main browser, the option exists, and you can feel free to check it out. It doesn’t change a lot gameplay-wise, but all the smut scenes turn into character dizziness, and you miss all the hot action. Unless you consider slashing and dashing to be hot, then you just miss out on the sex.

A Grateful Community

Kyrieru gives his fans constant updates about his progress, and it seems like they respect him a lot for it. There are a lot of comments on his Patreon posts where he receives support and praise, and most importantly, the fans are pledging left and right. Ever since this game came out, it also got a Steam version, a dedicated forum, and a shit ton on tribute videos on Pornhub. People love the bouncy pixel-tits.

It’s good to see that there are still developers devoted to suit every single one of their fan’s needs. It keeps the others on their toes and gives them an example of how it’s not always all about making money; sometimes it’s about leaving a mark and being respected by the community. Hats off to Kyrieru for being a real bro.

If you spent all your pocket cash at the arcade when you were a kid, you might want to revisit some old and fond memories and turn them into perverted ones. If you ask me, it’s the only way to keep a positive mindset and a healthy cock. I’m not a doctor; I just like jacking off to quality smut. The simple design and the smooth transitions make this game an unexpected surprise, but a welcome one.

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