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Do you fuck like action? You don’t want to sit around playing some stupid-ass visual novel where you have to sift through thousands of lines of dialog before you can even pop a stiffy. Who gives a fuck about all of that sappy shit? No, I don’t care that Natsumi has bad parents and is poor or whatever. I just want to see some bitch spread her legs and get fucked. There’s only one thing I want a game to tug on and, I’ll give you a hit; it’s not my heartstrings. I want a fetish-fueled fuck fest about a hot babe getting railed in every way possible.

And I set a pretty high bar for games. They need to be hot, sexy, kinky, and fun as fuck to play. Porn games that are actually good games on their own are nearly impossible to come by. It’s like trying to find anyone under 250 pounds at a Golden Corral. It’s pretty fucking difficult. But, man, I lucked out this time. I found a game that kicks ass while being incredibly fap worthy. Alien Quest: Eve is an action side-scroller that would fall under the Metroidvania genre for you nerds out there who know what the fuck that means.

Enjoy this Fast-Paced Side-Scrolling Action Game

Grimhelm is the diabolical mind behind this crazy game. He launched the game back in August of 2017. You can find a short demo of the game, as well as more of his projects over at This dude has a fuck ton of great games and projects on here, so make sure to give his blog some love. The game is still being updated. Make sure to keep an eye out for new hentai scenes and all of that good stuff. A full, uncensored version of the game can be found for free on various download sites like

You play as this hot blonde slut named Ellen. You’re sent to this spaceship after some bad, bad shit went down. You get a prologue scene where these scientists awaken this mother brain thing that slaughters all of them and starts giving birth to monsters. The game cuts to six months later, where it shows you flying in, docking, and stepping out of your ship. It’s up to you to figure out what went wrong.

Your primary objective is to find and nab a sample of the mother brain and then blow that whole ship up. But that’s easier said than done. You have to wade through hundreds of monsters, zombies, aliens, and more before you can get to that final boss fight. And this game doesn’t make it easy for you. You’ll have to get good if you want to have even the slightest chance of getting to the end of this game. But, man, it is oh so rewarding when you get to strike that final blow.

Fluid Animations, Great Artwork, and Intuitive Combat

The game is very fluid. Everything looks crisp and well done. This isn’t some shitty porn game with janky animations and art. This looks professionally done. And you can even hook up a controller to your PC if you want to pilot Ellen around that way. Otherwise, your keyboard will be the way to go. The controls are simple. You can duck, slide, attack, jump, and use special magic attacks. You can check out your controls, view a map of what you’ve discovered, look at the stats, and grope Ellen’s tits in the inventory menu.

It’s up to you from there. The game is all about exploration, fighting monsters, and finding key items that let you explore more. Combat is easy to get the hang of, but the game can definitely be a bit challenging. Especially if you’re trying to play it one-handed like I know you horny cucks out there will be.

And the stakes are pretty high. Dying makes you start over from your last save. You can only save by going all the way back to your ship. So, you have to be strategic about when you go back. But that won’t be easy either. Enemies respawn when you go back to the room after you’ve cleared it out.

Challenging Game With Loads of Different Viable Strategies

You do have the option to resurrect your character, but you lose a fuck ton of your max health. This makes it a lot easier to die, and that loss is pretty much permanent, even if you do get back to your ship. If your health gets too low, the game becomes nearly impossible. You’ll want to avoid that, or you may have to restart the entire game.

But you’ll probably want to lose quite a bit. That’s how you get the glorious hentai scenes. I’d recommend toggling the hentai scenes on in the menu so that you get them without getting a game over. That’s great for if you just want to run around getting fucked while you bust a nut.

Packed Full of Sexy Alien Fetish Scenes

I sure hope you’re down with weird fetish shit because Ellen sure as hell isn’t getting fucked by humans. She’s getting raped in all sorts of ways by crazy alien creatures. Sure, some of them look kind of human, but most of them are flying tentacle monsters and shit. When you lose and get game over, the nearby monsters will come over and start fucking your brains out in all kinds of creative ways. You get hot moans, sound effects, and all of that good shit. You can sit back and watch, or you can take a bit of control and make the monsters cum if you want things to go quickly.

Of course, the further you get the sexier and crazier these hentai scenes get. You’ll be getting gangbanged by insane looking aliens in no time at all. And, for being a hentai game, the gameplay was on point. The combat was fun and challenging while not being too difficult. Leveling up lets you increase stats, and you can find cool new abilities. It’s got all the trappings of a solid Metroidvania style game.

Unlock Fully Controllable HD Animations as You Play

As you play, you’ll also unlock gallery scenes that you can go back and fap to. You can find these on the main menu. They are hot as fuck. You get a full-screen animation that you can control. Toggle sounds, speed, backgrounds, positions, and more. If you’re simply looking to fap to this game, then the gallery is the way to do it. And unlocking those scenes makes playing the base game even more rewarding than it already is.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Alien Quest Eve had a lot of awesome features. Let me give you a quick rundown of my absolute favorites. The animations are fucking stunning. The in-game hentai scenes are fapworthy. The gameplay is fun and easy to pick up and play. The game is challenging. The menus are easy to navigate, and you can modify your strategy each time you play by picking different stats and abilities to focus on. The ambient audio is creepy and well done. The story is great. Fuck, this game kicks ass. I could keep listing shit, but you should really just play it and see what I mean.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

My only suggestion is for Grimhelm to keep adding in more sexy content. I enjoyed every minute of this game. I can’t say the same about most hentai games out there. This is the kind of game that you can sit and play without even fapping to it if you want. It’s that good. It’s also a solid game for speedrunning if you fucks are into that kind of thing.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Alien Quest Eve easily gets a recommendation from me. It’s impressive that a single person was able to put together such a great, fully-fleshed out hentai game with so much content packed in it. Grimhelm has really outdone himself with this one. If you’re a fan of alien fetish scenes or Metroidvania style gameplay, then this is a must-play. Trust me; once you pick this game up, you’ll be hooked. It’s such a good game that it’s worth playing even after you get done busting a nut. So, yeah, go downloading this kick-ass hentai game.

PornGames likes Alien Quest Eve

  • Dozens of hot alien rape fetish scenes
  • Fluid animations
  • engaging story
  • and solid gameplay
  • Great audio and sound effects
  • Lots of replayability options

PornGames hates Alien Quest Eve

  • Nothing yet!