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Parasite In City

Perhaps one of the more enjoyable adult games I've played so far, Parasite In City, doesn't fail to disappoint. Although it's okay, it doesn't excite me too much. There's a lot to notice here, from the simple gameplay, simple graphics, and slightly okay sound. For you dickheads who enjoyed playing the original arcade game, Street Fighter, you'll enjoy Parasite In City's looks.

Come on; I know you fucking jacked off to some hot character in Street Fighter. Chun-li and Cammy were the hottest video game chicks back in the day. It's not hard to see how their hot and sexy appeal made even the nerdiest gamers cum. In Parasite In City, you control a blonde chick with massive tits, kinda like Cammy, without the army paint. Okay, let's not make this about Cammy. Here's my fucking honest review of Parasite In City.

What Is It?

First and foremost, I have to give props to the creator of this cool game. Parasite In City is made by none other than Pixel Factory. According to most boards I've been to, the guy is quite nice with fans and continually updates everyone about the game's progress. Mind you, Parasite In City has been out since 2013. For some unknown reasons, Pixel Factory got off the internet and vanished.

Thankfully, he fucking came back and finished the whole game. Now we're blessed with a complete game that's rather short but enjoyable. More on that later. So What the fuck is this game? Well, to start, Parasite In City is a side-scrolling action-adventure platformer. In the game, you control a nameless hot bitch with huge juicy tits and a sexy outfit. Oh, and she does have a gun too.

Although the game looks cartoonish, I'll say that the graphics are reminiscent of old school games such as Streetfighter and Metal Slug, with the latter bearing more similarities with Parasite In City. Due to the graphics, I also did not expect that jiggle physics would be present in this game. To my surprise, Blondie's boobs perfectly go up and down when you're running.

Starting the game gives you a preview of what happened in this hot bitch's world. Apparently, your blonde heroine woke up to commotion. As she peeks from the windows, she sees zombies everywhere. As she decides to leave, a zombified cop attacks her, ripping her clothes, to our delight. Thankfully, she grabs the poor fucker's gun and shoots him in the head.

Honestly, I thought this game was stupid. As you get to control the blonde hottie, you'll be put in a room with two cubes. Now, I'm usually good with these types of games because I play a lot of Uncharted, Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider myself. However, I was freaking stomped by the simple puzzle in the room. I spent maybe around 5-10 minutes inside the fucking starting point, figuring out what to do and where to go.

I ended up thinking that this game might require more brainpower than usual. However, as I got past that room, it was pretty much straightforward. Don't worry fuckers; this game won't give you headaches unless you're really, really stupid that is.

Although they're not many, there are quite a few and interesting types of enemies you can encounter in the game. The first enemies you'll see are the green shirts or the male zombies. They walk slow and hit slow as well. Then you'll get to face off with huge motherfucking flies. These shitheads are weak but annoying as hell. They seldom fly alone, and can easily overwhelm you due to their speed and numbers. More on these fuckers later.


Okay, calm your titties down, I know you're fucking excited for this part. Now I'll tell you about the gameplay. As mentioned earlier, Parasite In City is a side-scrolling platformer, which means you get to encounter baddies and obstacles. Although the game isn't as mind-boggling as Uncharted, there are simple puzzles in the game that can give your brain a bit of tickling.

The game lets you control the Blondie through your keyboard. You use the left and right arrows to move Blondie. The Up arrow enables you to jump, while the Down arrow lets you crouch. Pressing the Left or Right arrow together with the Up arrow results in an extended jump.

The Shift is for aiming your gun. Pressing Shift, along with any arrow key on the keyboard, allows Blondie to adjust her aim. Pressing Shift along with Z fires your weapon. Pressing X reloads your gun.

Aside from a gun, our hot bitch can also melee the fuck out of her opponents. Pressing the Z button enables Blondie to kick while pressing the A button on your keyboard allows Blondie to stomp crawling enemies. Pressing C on your keyboard, however, leads to something I don't quite get, but love.

If you press C repeatedly, Blondie will finger herself while groping her awesome boobies. I really don't know what the purpose of the move is, but I have observed Blondie gaining a short time of invulnerability after she cums. The time given is too small, but in certain situations, it would provide usefully, I think. All I know is that at least I get to see her tits through my actions.

Although the addition of a game controller support would be excellent, I think the game doesn't support it natively. I could have used a PS4 Dualshock controller, but mapping out the controls was too time-consuming for such a short game. Yes, you read it fucking right. Sadly, the game is a bit short, with only three stages for you to play. It's 2021, and I'm still fucking hoping that Pixel Factory will update this cool game.

Okay, fuckers, as promised, it's now time to describe the baddies in this game. I already mentioned the green shirts and the fucking flies. The next thing you'll encounter after these two fuckers is the Huggernaut.

Yeah, I know, the name sucks, but fuck you. There's no official name for these fucks, so let me have some fun while I'm at it, okay? Okay, the Huggernaut. I called these SOBs huggernauts because they're bald, fat, they run at you, and they hug you. They are also quite tough to beat.

The next enemy is the Fingerbanger. The fingerbangers are zombified women that always get fucked by a green shirt or a huggernaut. Alone, they can cause significant damage by bashing you with the tool in their other hand. They share the same toughness with a green shirt. Fun fact, I called them "Fingerbangers" because I observed some of them walking alone. They tend to finger themselves a lot, so there you go.

Next up are the Facehuggers. Yes, the same facehuggers you see in the Alien movies. These fucks are more annoying than the huge flies. They often jump high and move faster than usual. Next up is the Tube guy. The tube guy is a muscular elephant trunk with two feet. These fuckers are the ones who release Facehuggers to annoy the fuck out of you.

Lastly, there's a boss in the game that uses tentacles to attack you. He kinda reminds me of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, so let's call him that. Nemesis is the toughest baddie in the game, as he is also the boss. He attacks you with tentacles and melees you if you get too close to him.

Okay, so you might be wondering why the fuck would I go to the trouble of explaining each fucker in the game? Well, if these fuckers hurt Blondie too much, she enters a stunned state. In this state, you guessed it genius, these fuckers fucking rape and abuse her. I'll repeat it, although I don't like my protagonist to be hurt, seeing Blondie getting a double penetration from two facehuggers is fun.

What I Like About the Game

I liked how simple the game, graphics, and gameplay of Parasite In City is. It reminds me of playing arcade games way back when I was an annoying little piece of shit. I also liked how Blondie is designed. She's very fucking sexy, and due to that sex appeal, it makes you want to root for her for all the good and wrong reasons.

The enemies aren't wholly designed well, but they're enough for me. What also gets me on is that each enemy you encounter gets to fuck Blondie in their own sadistic way. For example, if Blondie is caught by a greenshirt, they'll fucking rip off her clothes and will dogstyle the fuck out of her. The sex doesn't stop there either. An enemy can have two or more sexual interactions with Blondie.

And the interactions also get better if there are more enemies. I got to a point in the game where I got damaged by a fingerbanger and a facehugger. The fingerbanger ended up kissing Blondie, while the facehugger was pushing its tail inside her ass or pussy. During or after an enemy fucks Blondie, you can hear her moan and scream the classic line, "Yamete."

When you finish the game, you'll also get rewarded with the "Omake" option and the gallery on the game menu. The gallery contains animations and sex scenes. The Omake enables you to abuse Blondie more by letting loose enemies on her. Don't worry; Blondie doesn't die in Omake. After her enemies have their way with her, they leave. Before you know it, Blondie is already waiting for you to release more fuckers.

What I Don't Like About the Game

The fucking controls. That's what I don't like about the game. It's kinda annoying, and I ended up forgetting the controls during a moment in the game where enemies would swarm me. I also don't fucking like the reload mechanic. In most games, when you have 2 or 3 bullets left in your gun, the spare bullets get loaded into the next clip. In Parasite In City, nada, no, no, nothing. The extra bullets don't get carried over, so you can say goodbye to smart reloading.

I also would like the game to have more content. The story is kinda vague but exciting, which is why we need fucking more of it! At first, I thought the game was a long one due to the first puzzle, but damn, I breezed through the whole game. Even in difficult mode, the fucking boss was a chump.


Overall, I'd recommend this game to fappers who want a short break from their miserable lives. The game isn't that difficult, but it's enough to challenge you. Controller support and more content would've have been excellent, but I guess we're at the mercy of Pixel Factory. Grab the game; you won't be disappointed.

PornGames likes Parasite In City

  • Simple Gameplay
  • Simple Graphics
  • Kinda reminds me of the times I jacked off to Cammy.
  • Very likable heroine
  • Blondie is one hot bitch
  • Jiggle Physics
  • Omake Mode

PornGames hates Parasite In City

  • Too short
  • Fucking confusing controls
  • Too easy