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Forest Of The Blue Skin

We’ve all seen those pixel animations of hot little fairly girls getting fucked or of slime babes riding some dick. I’ll admit it. Those fucking animations are surprisingly sexy. I would never have thought I’d be hard as diamonds looking at a collection of 64-bit pixel sluts, but here we are. I always wondered if I could find a half-decent game dedicated to hot pixel sex

I searched far and wide, skimming the cesspool that is amateur indie porn games. Seriously, some of these games are god awful. It’s like they were made by someone who has never even gotten laid, though I bet that’s probably the case. It was probably some of you cucks out there who made most of these trash heaps.

Anyway, enough about shitty games. I have a not so shitty game for you horny gamers today. Forest of the Blue Skin is a side-scrolling pixel porn game where you go out into the world and bang hot monster girls. The game was made by a Japanese solo-developer named Zell23. It launched at some point between 2016-2017, with new content still being added to the game to this day.

Two Versions of the Game Available for Free

In theory, you can find the game for free on their blog. I couldn’t fucking find it there. I eventually found some download links for a version of the game, but for some reason, the site IP banned me when I tried to download them as it said. Whatever. You can find the game for free all over the internet, but I particularly recommend the version you can get over at

There you will find two versions of the game. Both are pretty similar, but “version B” nets you some extra monsters, skills, and abilities. It just has a little more content than the plain “version A” does. But neither version tells you what the fuck to do. You’re tossed right into the game without even being told how to control your fucking character. Hell, it took me a dozen tries to even figure out what button to click to start a new game. It’s “A” by the way, for some fucking reason.

No Dialog, Story, or Exposition Present in the Game

There’s no dialog or exposition to get you situated in the world. You simply get control of this brown-haired, nameless RPG character and have to figure out the rest from there. Don’t get me wrong; I like a game that makes you learn some shit on your own just as much as anybody. But I also like having, you know, an idea about what the damn game is about. I didn’t even know what the goal of this shit was without looking it up.

And grounding your player in the world makes for a better experience. Why am I kidnapping these sluts? Who are these babes and what makes any of this important? Hell, you don’t even have to be a good writer to get that shit across. Just make something stupid up like every other porn game does. Simply claim it has to do with good and evil. That usually works or these girls are corrupted or some shit. I don’t know.

This game is all about going and bringing monster girls back to your home turf, where you can fuck their brains out as much as you want. There are tons of different kinds of monster girls to go out and get. It’s like Pokemon if all of the Pokemon were hot, slutty, monster girls. Cat-girls, ghost-girls, dragon-girls, snake-girls, slime-girls, and plenty more.

The B version of the game starts you off with a handful of already captured babes that you can have your way with. Just go over to them and press the down arrow key to do kinky shit with them. Some will blow you or give you a foot job while others will let you fuck them or take them doggy style. Oh, and you also start with a “Masturbate” skill that enables you to shoot your goo at these hot babes Johnny Sins style. It was pretty fun going around and shooting ropes at these bitches. You never run out of nut in this game.

Find, Fight, Fuck, and Capture Sluttly Monster Girls

Each monster girl you find in the wild will require a different method to capture them, but, of course, the game doesn’t fucking tell you how. It’s all trial-and-error unless you want to read a walkthrough. That’s what I did. I’m not about to toil away trying to catch a single slime girl for hours when I could be jacking off. I know some of you cucks will agree with me there.

But be careful. If you get attacked by a monster girl and lose...well, I think you know what happens. Yep, you get taken to pound town yourself. It sounds like a win-win situation to me. If you get fucked too many times, then you lose and have to start from your last save point. But who wouldn’t like having a busty goo-girl dominate you? Just me? Alright, moving on then. Each sex scene lasts until you bust a nut, and you can see how close you are to nutting by viewing the dick-shaped semen gauge at the bottom of the screen.

Lots of Sex Scenes Scattered Throughout the Game!

And, for what they are, the sex scenes aren’t too bad. It’s all very pixelated and hard to make out at times, but the animations are fluid and even have some sound effects to make it a little more immersive. Personally, I probably won’t be busting many nuts to these scenes, but some of you might love this shit.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new weapons, skills, and abilities that will help you catch more hotties. You can find monster girls by traveling around the many different portals on the screen. Most of the best babes will be located behind those big steel doors that you find scattered about. Also, those orbs you find that make the high-pitched squealing noise are savepoints.

That’s really it as far as gameplay goes. This game is very bare-bones. You go out, fight babes, bring them back, and fuck their brains out. Rise and repeat. No storyline, no developed characters, and no exposition. It’s a very sandbox game that leaves you to your own devices. Though at least the game does have some semi-decent fantasy music and some squelching sounds when you fuck. They’ve got the bare minimum.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked the gameplay a lot once I knew what the fuck was going on. Finding and fighting monster girls was pretty rewards in itself. The sex scenes aren’t half bad, especially considering that you’re getting this game for free. Though it is definitely an acquired taste if you’re not usually down to clown with sexy pixel art. All of the game’s art & controls were well-done. There weren’t any moments where I thought the game looked ugly or uninspired.

BestPornGame’ Suggestions

Well, having an actual story and characters to go along with the game would be nice. I don’t know what the fuck the developer has been doing for the past three years of development. Maybe add a dialog box or two to get people situated. Even I know how to do that shit, and I’m trash at game design. This game needs a lot to make it a fully fleshed out game. Right now, it just feels like a bunch of mechanics without any sort of cohesion. I want sexy dialog. I want more RPG elements. I want a complete fucking experience.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Forest of the Blue Skin is a fun enough game if you’re just looking to kill some time and fuck some kinky monster girls, but that’s about it. You won’t want to dive into this game if you’re looking for anything in terms of storyline, narrative, or characters. It’s a bare game that’s only about going out and capturing kinky monster girls and making them your sex slaves. If that sounds like it’s up your alley, then go ahead and get playing. You can definitely still have a fuck ton of fun with this game, especially if you’re into pixel art style animations.

PornGames likes Forest Of The Blue Skin

  • Fun RPG style gameplay
  • Fuck and tame hot monster girls
  • Sexy pixel art style sex scenes
  • Decent soundtrack and sound effects

PornGames hates Forest Of The Blue Skin

  • No storyline or notable characters
  • No tutorial or guide for how to play
  • The game feels unfinished