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Night Of Revenge

Dark Souls this. Bloodborne that. Everything is the Dark Souls of the “insert game genre here.” It’s the only game you fucks compare things to anymore. Every hard game that comes out is instantly compared to it, no matter how fucking different it is. I swear, I saw some dude compare that Tetris99 game to fucking Dark Souls. We get it. It was a good-ass game, and nobody is out there denying that shit. It’s a tired and lazy comparison for when somebody can’t think of something original, creative, or unique to say.

That being said, I’ve found this awesome game that is basically the Dark Souls of hentai side-scrollers. It’s like that Salt & Sanctuary game but with tits, rape, and gore. Oh, wait, it had gore. Just the tits and monster rape then. I don’t think it had that. Night of Revenge is the name of the game, and it came out back in mid-2017.

And holy fuck has it been popular since then. This is the second hit game from the fetish fanatic known as D-lis. The game has garnered quite the following since it’s launch. The game is still being updated rather frequently, so expect new content and shit to come. Those that know of or follow D-lis can expect a lot of similar elements from his last games to appear in this one. The art style is top-notch as always, and the game combines in-game hentai scenes with kinky full CGI scenes.

No Exposition and a Plot that Reveals Itself as You Play

Much like Dark Souls, Night of Revenge doesn’t give you a fuck ton of plot or exposition right from the start. In fact, you don’t get shit. You’re thrown right into some church, told the controls, and then everything is up to you. The game doesn’t tell you explicitly what the fuck is even going on. You pick up a few tidbits in the church about the world, the monsters in it, and your next steps. But you don’t even get your busty slut’s name unless you look for it in the menu!

Her name is Adria. Talk about a sexy protagonist. Your character looks like some kinky vampire hunting babe with her laced up corset, knee-high boots, and big-ass sword. Oh, it is worth noting that when you launch the game, you should be sure to hit the auto-translator patch unless you happen to be fluent in Japanese. Launching with that patch on will transcribe all the characters on the screen into something readable. The menus do get kind of fucked up, but everything is still visible.

Though the translations are pretty janky at certain points. Some of the tutorial instructions didn’t fully translate, so I was left hitting random buttons on my keyboard to try and figure out what the fuck to do. Hopefully, an actual translator will take a stab at this game eventually. After all, it’s not like there is even that much dialog or descriptions to go over.

Robust Gameplay With Loads of Different Viable Approaches & Strategies

There’s a lot to this game. You get like seven different tutorial menus in the church alone. You can fuck people up with the sword. You can fuck people up with awesome magic powers. You can even fuck people up with a gun. The choices are yours. You can view all of your items, weapons, skills, magic, and more in your character menu. And, fuck, these menus and options feel pretty legit. You get a hot illustration of your character lounging and looking at you like she needs a good fucking.

It’s very much a Metroidvania style game. You go around collecting items, fighting monsters, and backtracking to previous areas when you find key items. But it also has some neat hentai elements that you might have seen in other games. There are sex stats like virginity, penetrations, cumshots received, and a whole bunch of kinky things. And, trust me, those stats will be changing a fuck ton as you play. This game doesn’t mess around when it comes to hentai scenes.

Integrated Combat Rape With Hot Scenes That Will Blow You Away

When fighting monsters, your babe may get knocked to the ground. Some of her clothes will get ripped, and her tits will be hanging out for all to see. If you get knocked down, you can mash attack to get back up, or you can stay down and let the monsters around you have their way with you. Everything in this game wants to rape the absolute fuck out of you. Scarecrows, goblins, slime monsters, plants, and so much more.

And the scenes are incredibly fapworthy. The game even lets you zoom in on whatever sordid shit is happening to your character. She even moans and squeals as the monsters go at it. There are hot sound effects for everything too, and the animations are very fluid. It’s all fucking great. Your avatar up in the top left will change as things happen to her as well. For example, if you get nutted on, then her face will be coated in cum.

Hours Upon Hours of Content to Explore

Night of Revenge incorporates something akin to the bonfire system in Dark Souls. You can fast travel from the altar in the church to any of the other altars that you have found in the world. The catch is that enemies respawn when you use altars. And you need to use altars to level up your stats, heal, and all that good shit. So, the game definitely requires a certain level of strategy if you aim to actually play through the story, especially if you’re playing on a higher difficulty.

The game is decently long as well. With all of the fuck scenes, combat, and backtracking, it can easily take you over 10-15 hours to get through it. Probably longer for you cucks since you’ll be furiously jerking yourselves off as you play. And the story is decent. I won’t spoil anything, but there is some meat to this game. It’s not all just combat and bouncing tits. Now, there are some obvious flaws with the translations, but you should get the gist of what is going down in this messed up world. If not, well, at least you can watch your sexy witch girl get raped by a 15ft tall monster with 8 dicks.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Night of Revenge is one of the more fleshed out and mechanically sound games that I have gotten to play lately. It’s just so well put together. The animations are fluid, and there are so fucking many of them. Every monster will have its way with your sexy babe in a different way. The combat is genuinely fun and rewarding. The audio design is fucking on point.

And I think Night of Revenge was executed particularly well. So many hentai games out there shoot for something like this game and fall very, very short of that goal. Night of Revenge manages to be a solid Metroidvania souls game while also being full to brim with fetish fuck scenes. Usually one or the other of those things is good and the other sucks. Night of Revenge combines all of these elements to make a kick-ass hentai game.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

My main issue with Night of Revenge isn’t really about the game itself. The translation needs work. I struggled through menus, trying to figure out how the fuck to navigate them. It took me a solid 15 minutes to learn how to equip spells, weapons, and equipment. I’m still not 100 percent sure about how to use my damn gun. It would be cool to see an actual professional step up to provide some menus at the start. The auto-translation simply isn’t enough.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Night of Revenge was an excellent hentai game with a lot to offer. You don’t see these kinds of games every day. This kind of shit takes dedication and a lot of skills to pull off. This game is full of incredibly hot hentai rape scenes that dive into the kinkiest fetishes. The gameplay is fun as fuck, and the art is gorgeous. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge and want to play an actual fun game while your jerk your dick, then look no further than Night of Revenge.

PornGames likes Night Of Revenge

  • Hot combat-rape and game over rape scenes
  • Loads of kinky fetish content
  • Engaging souls-like combat with Metroidvania style exploration
  • Loaded with hours of content

PornGames hates Night Of Revenge

  • Auto-translation is confusing