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Village Of Nightmare

Prepare you fucking anus, and lubricate those dicks because I'm about to drop some knowledge to you faggots as my fucking intro. Do you know what an "indie" game is? Well, to be more specific, indie games are the type of games that are normally developed by a single individual or even a small team of developers, and they do so without any form of financial support. Phew! Now that's out of the way, let me fucking introduce you to a new game.

Ladies and gentlemen, dicks of all shapes and sizes, I introduce to you, Village of Nightmare, an indie game made with the RPG Maker XP. The game maker allows the developers to create gameplay with the 3D engine. Anyhow, enough of the fucking technicalities, I know you wouldn't be able to understand every single bit of it. Kidding aside, this game was originally in Japanese; however, they managed to translate the whole thing for the rest of the world to enjoy. Now, without further ado, let's go with this fucking game review.

A Dick-Sucking Succubus

When you read the title, Village of Nightmare, you would immediately think that it's some game about the supernatural or unsolved mysteries of unidentified creatures. Fucking believe me, it's not, because Village of Nightmare is a porn game. The whole story of the game is set in a somewhat fantasy world that's filled with creatures and monsters or some bullshit like that.

Anyhow, you get to play as the main character of the game. The story states that the main character would soon be consumed by darkness (ooh, scary), which resulted in the character transforming into a being of lust and darkness, a Succubus. She's then given a mission to go to a village nearby and try to transform all of the people residing there into her Succubi, loyal servants. Of course, there will be resistance, but it's a bit futile to challenge her power.

Welcome To The Place of your Nightmares

Let me first start by asking, have you ever experienced the first few versions of the Pokemon game? I know you did, you little dipshit, of course. That game was one of the reasons why most of the kids back then had a wonderful childhood, so if you haven't played it yet, then you've skipped a lot of good memories bitch. In either case, the gameplay of the Village of Nightmare is identical to that classic game. Of course, without the extensive grinding.

This is somewhat an introduction to the story of this fucking game. In reality, the game is very non-linear in several respects, because you can cause a variety of events in specific orders. You're going to launch the game in a cave, although you can stick around. However, you need to move further into it to cause the next section of the plot.

The final corruption and the conclusion of the game may be achieved at any point after Erdin has been turned into a succubus. Just speak to Erdin, Mayfair, or Tsubame and then select yes to start the last segment of the game. It will present a bunch of scenes that will finally lead to a fight, and then a struggle between Mea and the Exorcist. Moreover, there are three games: a quiz involving mosaĂŻc'd pictures, a tag game, and a game of paper, rock, scissors.

The Graphics

Long story short, the game is totally gorgeous... if we were back in the goddamn 90s. You're going to play a game as if you were playing in a goddamn Gameboy thingamajig, it's all pixelated, so you only have to move from one 2x2 tile to another. I can't emphasize enough that this game is meant to be a fucking massive hit… if it was produced earlier than 2010 because that was the time when games with realistic graphics wasn't a major success yet.

Like I fucking said earlier, if you've paid any attention to anything, you lousy little cunt, the Village of Nightmare has gameplay mechanics identical to the world-famous Pokemon game. All I can tell is that the visuals are quite fine, despite being a game in that particular genre. But the artwork is really good; it's like the makers of the game actually put a lot of effort into creating this fucking game.

The Soundtrack Quality

Apart from the constant background music you hear all over the game and the sound effects while you communicate with objects, the soundtrack collection is practically non-existent. However, to be more accurate, there's a bit of a rhythm going on as you approach different locations, and when you approach individual scenes. However, it's only there to help you on your dull fucking journey.

The quality of the soundtrack that the creators have selected is slightly on the negative side, but I can't seem to bring myself to hate the fuck out of it. Of whatever weird, darn cause, I really loved it because it almost felt like it was one of the key reasons why I got hooked up with the title. My mind got fuzzy because it was the last time I was this fuckin' pumped over a goddamn soundtrack. So, in the music elements of the title, I'd give two thumbs up.

What I Like About Village of Nightmare

Tits! Tits! It's fucking tits! That aspect of the game alone, I'm already fucking hooked to this game. Can you even fucking imagine? When you initially open the game, you're already face-to-face with some huge tits of one of the Succubus. Not just that, you get to have a chance to fuck the village peasants relentlessly. At some point, it even got me thinking, what was the bitch's goal again?

Solve shockingly difficult puzzles and fuck some bitchy, slutty peasants in some village, who wouldn't fucking love this game? Although, if some losers think it's dumb, I dare you to play it, and then say it to my face that the Village of Nightmare is a goddamn stupid game for the idiots. I'm going to fuckin' chase you down and place my dick in your fucking ass! Wait, did you change your mind? That's what I was doing, you cock-sucking motherfucker. Anyhow, overall, the game is quite admirable and enjoyable.

My Recommendations for Improvements

Holy fucking shit, where am I going to start? There are so many elements that needed to be changed in the game. However, I'm only judging the Village of Nightmare and how games can be built to reach the expectations of modern generation gamers, considering that this was released around 2 years ago. However, if I want to evaluate this game for what it was initially, there's still a bunch of stuff to cover until I would really find this game totally and utterly fun as a fuck!

Now, the animations. Let me begin by asking the developers, did you guys actually leave this important element out? Really? I can see that there are artworks with characters with various positions on multiple occasions, but you guys didn't even try to animate all of them? Put some animations on it for something as simple as a pussy getting hammered by a dick! I don't want to see only still photos of the pornographic sex sequences, but I still want to get an unforgettable experience out of it. After all, it's still a porn game.

Apart from the overall graphics of the title, the next best aspect to change in the Village of Nightmare is the collection of soundtracks for different scenes. I mean, don't get me wrong, the music in the game is pretty fucking good… if you're one of those sexual nerds who turn the sound off so that nobody can know what the hell you're doing. Anyhow, if the people behind this game somehow read this, I would recommend that you do some goddamn extensive research on the music content of this fucking game.


I invested more hours in this game than I initially planned, and in reality, I really quite enjoyed the game. However, I didn't have the time of my life playing it like a fucking porn game, because I loved playing it as it was like a retro-styled RPG that seemed to come from the freakin' 90s. I always wished that there would be more dynamic characters in the game, not to mention that it would be a major fuckin' deal if they had real actual animations.

Anyway, I can't actually hate the game because I really fucking enjoyed it, far more than I like to admit. Despite having certain bugs and issues in the game, the Village of Nightmare is definitely a fun title. And when I say fun, I mean that you will really experience every second of the game from the beginning to the end. However, the one thing that seemed to be bothering me is that I actually finished the game sooner than I anticipated.

PornGames likes Village Of Nightmare

  • Astonishing artwork
  • The gameplay is quite captivating
  • Lewd scenes aren't held back
  • I can't emphasize enough on how I fucking love boobs

PornGames hates Village Of Nightmare

  • The artwork is mediocre
  • Little to no voice acting
  • Less than an hour of gameplay