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Not every porn game has to break new ground and invent new genres. Sometimes I just want to play something well made, all-around polished and generally fun. Now, I’m not really a fan of classic RPG games. I’ve played one Witcher game, the good one and I enjoyed it. But that’s not a modern RPG where you tap a button to swing a sword around killing bad guys. Also, the sex scenes in that game are fucking hot. I pretty much just sped my way through the game to get to the tits.

Anyways, that’s an action RPG. Classic RPGs give me conniptions, because they have me reading blocks of text, figuring out my party composition, optimizing my build, and selling old gear. That’s almost as tedious as doing my literal, actual taxes, and I fucking hate that shit. Well, leave it to Lewd Maze to get me to actually give a shit about RPG mechanics. As it turns out, when the promise of pussy in on the table, I’m more than willing to do as much roleplaying as necessary, knowing there’s smut waiting for me just around the corner.

The Basics of Role-Play

The basics of Lewd Maze’s gameplay were pretty much established decades ago by the original Final Fantasy titles. You have an open world with an over-map in which your characters are represented by cute miniature versions of themselves. You go wherever you want to, keeping in mind that you have shit to do in the form of quests. When you run into something or someone, the screen switches to the combat layout, and now you actually get to see your characters as they are.

In this screen, you fight against the various baddies that, in this case, may or may not be trying to stick their dick up your ass, and you hope they get bent over first. You get your standard RPG options here, including attacking, using items, using skills, talking, and escaping. You might have noticed that the talking option here is a bit unique. Very few games let you actually initiate conversation mid-combat. I really like this part of the game, because it switches up the formula. You don’t have to punch people in the face or swing a sword at them. There’s an amicable way to resolve the situation.

Talking Your Way into Her Pants

As you may or may not have noticed from the screenshots, this game has no actual men in it. I love that to death. Unless the male character is the guy I’m supposed to identify with and I’m there to fuck bitches, I don’t want to see any dudes. Now dicks, that’s a different story altogether. In the world of porn, dicks don’t necessarily have to come attached to dudes. Before you get mad at me about implying that there are no chicks with dicks in real life – there are. I know. I’m just saying you have to enter the world of porn games to meet chicks that were born with both a giant penis and a vagina and gigantic breasts. They’re the ultimate fantasy, especially if you’re playing as a woman.

This is exactly why in Lewd Maze, you don’t really care who you identify as. Everyone’s a woman, but the enemies happen to have dicks. It’s the perfect combination for ultimate fun-having. That’s sort of how combat resolves, basically. You either bend them over, or they mount you, but either way, their dick goes in your pussy. You’re basically just fighting to decide who will be pushing and who will have to pull.

Here’s where the talk option comes in really handy. Maybe you’d like to just optimize your party for combat and smash your way through every enemy. It works well, so why mess with it, right? Well, let’s say that you’d like to role-play as the kind of guy or gal who doesn’t punch people into submission in order to fuck them. In that case, it would be nice to use the talking option, reason things out, and offer them a blowjob the kind way.

Group Sex, Best Sex

You may have noticed that in this game, you get one main character, who is female, and you can recruit other bitches to join your squad as you go along. They each come with their own special abilities, skills, and traits that make them best suited for specific types of combat. They mesh together really well, and they get each other’s backs. You get to control and outfit all of them, so you pretty much get to enjoy them all equally.

On the battlefield, after the fighting, you also get the most out of each of these girls when they start undressing and taking a dicking. Depending on who gets assaulted or does the assaulting, you see different girls engage the many futa monsters that roam the dungeon halls.

That means that there are a lot of sexy combinations for you to enjoy and jack off to. The game gives you a ton of wonderful reasons to keep playing, and the scenes just keep getting better. They kind of innovated with the type of monsters that you face. Yes, they’re all chicks with dicks, but they vary in size and species. You actually get to fuck everything from demons to melting wax monsters. It’s all very random and keeps you on your toes.

The Art Is Top Notch

This game is the perfect embodiment of the “less is more” saying. Instead of shooting for the stars, missing and falling flat on their face, the artists behind Lewd Maze spent their time wisely. All of the art in this game is very consistently low-fi and high quality. It’s retro, but not so retro that you’d call it blocky. It’s tiny, but sexy. And above all, there’s tons of smut. For every interaction with every monster, you’ve got a bunch of sexual interactions to sift through as you beat your way through them all.

The sex scenes appear on the screen, under the action, without interrupting the flow of play. I won’t lie; I would have been very happy with full-screen spread visual novel style scenes, but I’ll take what I can get. Hell, I liked the barely animated gif sprites in Degrees of Lewdity – it would be very unfair to complain about these. They’re in a much higher resolution, and they’re better animated. They’re very easy to jack off to, in my opinion.

A Stand Up Developer

I always give a shout-out to a dev who works hard to consistently bring you new smut inside a game that’s already released for free. That’s right, Lewd Maze is available entirely for free, at all times. The only exception to this rule is that if you back the developer on their official Patreon page, you get access to demo versions before they’re released to the rest of the public. This reward becomes accessible from the very first reward tier, so it’s an absolute steal if you’re a diehard fan.

Plus, I’ve been seeing updates with new content every week or two, all the way to this exact day while I’m writing this review. That’s the kind of high-grade consistency and responsibility I appreciate from my porn game developers. These are the kind of porn gods that we tip our hat to and drop the hard cash on, every month, to show our appreciation. If I could draw and program my own smut, you know I would. In the meantime, I’ll be appreciating all of the wonderful creators that go out of their way to give us free high-quality smut.

I’d recommend that you try out Lewd Maze immediately, whether you’re looking for a game to jack off to or a smutty spin on old school RPGs. This game is extremely well made, all-around polished and it just works the way it’s supposed to. It’s sure to hit you in the nostalgia and keep you entertained for hours. Plus, with the promise of new updates coming in every few weeks or so, who knows how long this game will stay relevant?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a porn game with a ton of smut and very little interaction, then you might want to look elsewhere. This is not a game for people who like to click their way through the boring parts and get to the fapping. The faps, the traps, and the combat in between all happen at the exact same time. You’re constantly having RPG fun with sex scenes crammed into every nook and cranny.

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