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I reviewed this game when it was called Hentai Heroes, then again when they made a gay version of it – Gay Harem. You’d think that a third time over rehash of the same game would be a piece of shit, but they’re going about this right. Whoever these developers are, they’re using the same engine and overall gameplay system, but they change everything else, particularly the smut. There’s no sign of one game inside the other, unless you count the core gameplay loop. I don’t mind this. If you think about it, every porn tube comes with the same core gameplay loop and we don’t complain about that. You can’t trademark a play button.

TransPornstarHarem, like its predecessors, is an online porn game inspired by hentai visual novels, combined with Nutaku style meta gameplay – which happens to be inspired by Farmville. It’s one long string of copies of other copies, but they all come with the same buttfuck annoying core gameplay loop. Sexy smut scenes interspersed with a ton of excuses to keep you edging and paying. Yes, this is technically a gacha. Most of these top tier online porn games nowadays are gachas. As a general rule, if it looks too good to be true and it says that it’s free, it’s probably a gacha. TransPornstarHarem is actually completely free to play, but how much enjoyment you can get out of it without paying money for bonuses is …not clear from the start.

Diving in Cockfirst

I started the game, I made a free account with my e-mail – no doubt so they could spam me with promotional materials. Eh, I’m ok with it. The game started and within 5 seconds I was inside a trans woman. About 15 seconds later, she was inside me. What a time to be alive. I haven’t tired this shit much in real life. I usually just bang trans babes from behind, as I do with cis women and just about any other type of woman I get my hands on. I’m very goal oriented. But, I’m sure that a lot of you are down with the fantasy of getting fucked by a babe with a cock. I guess it’s no different than being pegged. Actually, it might hurt a lot less. The average trans cock is a lot smaller than the kind of shit they ship strap-ons with. Seriously, why do all women who do pegging think that men want to have a prolapse on day one? Start me off with a mini penor, goddamn it.

You start off as a loser freelancer dude who lives on his computer. I think they’re trying to relate to the average fapper. They’re doing a great job. I was a loser freelancer once, a very long time ago. I can relate. Anyways, your character says that he wants to bang trans babes, but he can’t find the time for it because he’s poor. Then, a trans babe angel swoops in and tells you that she’s going to guard you from here on out. She’s also going to transform your body as needed, whenever you find a trans babe worth banging. Her shtick is this: You meet a hot trans babe, she reads the trans babe’s mind, she morphs you into that trans babe’s idea of the perfect man and then you do the banging. In reality, this is just a clever way to explain away the fact that you are a different dude in every single sex scene.

Core Gameplay Loop

You keep hitting “next” to get to the next slide of a hot sex scene with a trans babe. Most of them involve reciprocity – you give cock and get cock. It’s really hot shit that even I could easily enjoy, but I’m not too excited to see male faces sucking on cock. It kills the vibe for me. I love it the other way around, though. Works great, seeing a woman sucking man cock. Feels natural. Don’t hate me, it’s only natural to me. What’s natural to me, might be foreign to you. For me, personally, women’s lips were made for cock sucking. You are more than free to disagree.

Once a sex scene wraps up, your hot angel babe gives you props and reminds you that there are tons of other trans babes that need your cock. Then, you end up at the main game screen. You can see it in the screenshots. It’s … annoying as fuck. On the one hand, there’s a really nice adventure screen that challenges you to keep going and there’s a harem screen where you can see the babes you’ve gathered. They’re like your girlfriends. They get progressively warmer on you and they do more fucked up shit for you. They also regularly pay you money for some reason. I’m not sure how you got them to do that. I guess your cock is hypnotic or something.

Please Stop Bothering Me

The worst part of any gacha porn game isn’t the part where they beg for your money, it’s the part where they interrupt you to remind you that they want your money, over and over again, while you’re fighting tooth and nail to skip every single window that pops up on different parts of your screen. It’s kind of like you’re playing an old school 2D shooter with the annoying popup menus and they’re all part of the fucking game.

They want you to know all about the current available discounts that let you purchase fictional in-game currency that you can use to … play the game. Why do you need in-game currency? Does it make the game hotter? Does it increase penis size? No, ye of little faith. You need the in-game currency to play the game at all.

It’s a Money Sink

True to the style of Hentai Heroes, the first 20 minutes of gameplay are completely free and kind of fast tracked. You’re being lured in by sexy trans cocks and giant breasts. You’re led to believe that the game is going to keep getting hotter, or at the very least keep the same pace in the future. No go, Joe. It’s actually all downhill from here. After the first 20 or so minutes, the game grinds to a halt and you realize that you have to pony up the dough if you want to see any more of the game, at all.

They get away with calling this a free experience, because you always have the option to turn the game off and come back later. That’s… their idea of a free game. You are allowed to leave… and come back… later. The in-game currency racks up over time, like Cookie Clicker, except in that game the cookies are the whole point of the experience. In TransPornstarHarem you want to fap to trans babes, but you’re encouraged to either fuck off or fucking pay. I hate this kind of trickery. I’d rather pay money to unlock girls within the game, than be locked out of general progression because I don’t want to burn my pocket change.

The Quality is No Joke

As far as I can tell, these babes are all high tier trans porn stars that exist same as they are featured in the game. You’re dating actual trans porn stars in TransPornstarHarem. They’re real babes. Their names haven’t been altered. I tried to reverse image search the content in-game and nothing came up, so I’m guessing they were hired to do this shit for the game, explicitly. That’s… actually really impressive, to be honest. You can find other content featuring the same babes, but you can’t find this particular content anywhere else, from what I can tell.

The actual smut is fantastic. It’s comprised of photographs, not videos and for this particular format that’s actually an upside. It means more resolution and more clarity. The images aren’t blow-your-mind fantastic, but they’re up there in HD. I like what I’m seeing. Again, you have the screenshots up there so you can judge for yourself. Or, just run the game. It takes like 30 seconds to see pussy, I mean cock.

Worth a Shot

As long as this game is theoretically free to play, it’s worth trying no matter what your sexual preferences. It’s fun. I like fun games that let me collect chicks like they’re Pokémon. It’s a lot like how I live my real life. You can try this game without paying a single cent. Hell, I’m sure you can get a good 30 minutes of fapping out of it, without hitting the paywall. It’s definitely worth recommending on that basis alone.

For me that’s at least 2 decent faps. Three to four if I come back to repeat the same scenes. It’s good enough. As for the rest of the story with the paid segments and all, I don’t know man. It’s up to you. I personally abhor gachas on principle. I don’t blame TransPornstarHarem for trying to make money. I blame whoever developed this whole market practice to begin with.

PornGames likes Trans Pornstar Harem

  • Gorgeous babes
  • Countless babes
  • High quality scene

PornGames hates Trans Pornstar Harem

  • It’s a gacha
  • Paywalls
  • Annoying micro transaction popups