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Girlfriends 4 Ever

Today we’ve got a bit of an unconventional video game that, to me, looks more like a movie. At first, I was a bit confused when I discovered this bad boy. I really thought I had made a mistake. Every trailer for this thing makes it look like a movie. I thought I was being duped into paying money to watch a single three-minute clip of two chicks going at it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like paying for porn, but the price seemed a bit out of scope, all things considered.

So as it turns out, this bad boy is the lovechild of Affect3D, the legends that brought us high-quality realistic pussy renders all the way back in 2013. These guys pretty much broke every record for how hot virtually pussy could look on screen. Back then, they figured out that if they make their super-realistic renders of impossible large breasted chicks interactive, they’d make a ton of money. They’ve been working hard at bringing you more smut with that same formula ever since. The latest and greatest installment is this here gem, Girlfriends 4 Ever. The silly name aside, everything about this game screams peak perfection.

Barely a Game

Now, let’s get this out of the way as quickly as possible, I’m not complaining, I’m just being thorough and honest. I see a lot of porn games in my career, and I know good gameplay when I see it. I also know bad gameplay. Hell, I even have experience with Dungeons and Dragons styled nerd gameplay. This right here, this barely counts as gameplay. It’s more of a simulation than a game, if you think about it. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s still interactive smut, it’s just not a “video game” in the conventional sense.

You do get a lot of controls though, and they’re extremely fun to fuck around with. I mentioned that this is more of a simulation than a game, and I stand by that. Basically, what Affect3D has done is very straightforward, but not at all easy. They’ve crafted two of the hottest 3D bitches on the planet and put them in a virtual environment together. Then, they’ve rigged a bunch of different sex scenes for them and built them a whole sexy wardrobe of outfits. However, they haven’t scripted the scenes together. They left that part up to you.

Rigging the Perfect Fuck

I’ve had a lot of sex in my life, so I consider myself a bit of an expert on sexual positions. I know the right order in which you want to bone a bitch before you can move on to the more hardcore stuff. That’s why I found this game to be a natural fit for me. I fired up the game, set up the scene, and put my hands down my pants, like any self-respecting gentleman would. Right off the bat, I was looking at one of the hottest virtual faps of my life. Only the hottest live-action porn can hold a candle to this level of smut quality.

In line with what I said about this not really being a game with proper gameplay, there are no rules. There’s no way to fail at this game, and the girls don’t care what you do with them. They’re pre-rendered cinematic characters that are only here to follow through the motions of various fucks and sucks. This kind of reminds me of those old school games from the 2000s that aimed to let you make your own animated movie by giving you preset assets to use.

The Art Quality

I’ve been going on and on about how this game puts other similar games to shame with the insane level of quality that’s been put into the renders. Now I naturally have to explain why and how this game blows my fucking mind. Well, to put it plain and simple, I know titties. Yes, that’s my area of expertise, and those are my qualifications. I’ve been seeing titties since I was 15, and I’ve come to know a thing or two about what makes a good pair. It’s a combination of size, shape, texture, nipple type, and of course, mouthfeel. Granted, I can’t test that last one in this game, but I trust that these girls are enjoying each other’s mouthfeel, given that they’re constantly wet for each other.

In this here mind-blowing porn extravaganza, you practically see 100% of the girls’ bodies, throughout a single scene. Plus, you have the ability to fuck with the camera if you’d like to, so you can pretty much see whatever you want to see, there are no restrictions. That being said, I feel comfortable judging these girls on a visual level.

Well, they’re fucking perfect. I’ve fucked some tens in my life, and these girls definitely put most of them to shame. These are the kind of fantasy chicks you’re only ever going to see on a computer screen, because if they were real, they’d be under constant intensive care for their extreme back pain, on account of having to carry around those gigantic melons all the time.

And it’s not just that their breasts are perfect, mind you. Their entire fucking bodies have been sculpted to such a high level of perfection that they put ancient marble sculptures to shame and not just because those statues used to have micro-penises for some fucking reason. All right, I did it; I mentioned the dick. If you checked out the screenshots already, you’re probably waiting, wondering if I’m going to talk about the dick. Yes, I’m going to talk about the dick, ok. Relax. Keep your tidy-whities on.

The Dick

Read it loud, read it proud, one of these chicks has a dick, and what a glorious dick it is. In true porn world fashion, it’s a 20-inch anaconda, an absolute fucking cunt-masher. You could use this dick to repel would-be invaders off your property if you swing it hard enough. You could also, apparently, cram the whole goddamn thing down a virtual bitch’s throat. See, this is the kind of thing that gets me heated about real women. When I tell them they can handle my 12-incher down their throat, and their jaw gets sore halfway down, I show them these kinds of games. I say, look, this bitch can inhale 20 inches, you can do 12. But they just don’t want to understand.

Anyways, the brunette’s dick is a wonderful addition to what would otherwise have been a lesbian clip with no penetration. I mean, I guess they could have used a strap-on instead, but Affect3D probably had a dick guy, like, one guy who’s in charge of all the dicks. I would imagine that’s a profession in the 3D animation realm, right? A dick guy? Like, it’s his job to learn about the various veins and arteries as well as the general medical ins and outs of how a dick operates? They call him into the office when they need a particularly wholesome dick animation?

Well, I don’t fucking know if they had a dedicated dick guy, but it sure seems like they spent a lot of time on the damn thing. It’s glorious. I’m just glad they went the extra mile. Part of the fun of playing a 3D game like this or even just watching a high-quality animation is seeing the chicks take ridiculously large insertions that I know would be physically impossible in the real world. In the world of video games, you can straight up see a chick inhale a gigantic penis that’s arguably larger than her own goddamn leg. The damn thing bulges all the way down to her stomach. That ain’t anatomically correct dick physics. I couldn’t care less, though. This is what I’m here for. Sexy impalements. This game appeals to my inner sex freak, and I praise it for that.

The Price We Pay for Smut

This game costs money, a lot of money. For a game that’s basically a brief animation of two chicks having sex in various positions, you’re going to be overpaying, and you’re going to enjoy yourself. This is one of those games that you buy at the end of a particularly hard work week, to reward yourself for being a good boy. There aren’t other video games like it, that’s for sure. Affect3D have proven themselves to be the best of the best at what they do. So, if you’re going to be paying for quality, you’ll be going straight to them, you wouldn’t be looking for a better alternative, because there isn’t one.

You can get the whole game, plus DLCs for only $40. Did I say DLCs? Yes, I did. They crammed the game full of extra goodies and content since the initial release. I guess they figured it wouldn’t hurt. I mean, they already had the amazing models and the core gameplay. Adding new shit is a no-brainer.

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