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Trap Quest

TrapQuest! Strap yourselves in, boys and girls, because you are in for a very wild ride with this one. Coming from me, those words should carry some weight, because I cover some pretty perverted shit on the daily. This game managed to keep me on edge though, so you know I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. This is some quality smut that will spin you for a fucking loop when you get into it. And you don’t even have to wait long. Weird shit happens less than 5 minutes into the gameplay. Now, there are also a lot of downsides with this game, namely how it was built, but we’ll get to that. This is one of the all-time greatest porn games ever made, and you absolutely don’t have to agree with me.

Old Story, Unique Twist

Let’s start this review off slowly with the game’s story. It’s an exciting spin on the old sissification fetish. I’m pretty sure this whole meme of a fetish started with animated gifs that were supposed to make you feel like a sissy. They would flash you pictures of things that would make you hard, like some naked chicks with wet pussies and then mix in a cock or two and some submissive subliminal messaging. I never really liked these because I’m not a sissy, and I don’t want to be, but a lot of people got a huge kick out of them.

For the most part, it was straight dudes that really liked fapping to these animations that tried to turn them into sissies. I don’t think they actually wanted to turn, though. I think it was more of a playful fantasy about something that was just a bit out of their comfort zone. Plus, there were naked chicks everywhere, so it was obviously still a hetero thing. I guess it’s a form of domination by female, and that’s an idea I can always get behind. Any woman is free to take me anywhere she wants as long as she’s naked and attractive.

So anyway, the story to Trap Quest takes that fetish, combines it with VR, and adds actual genital alteration through unexplained magic. I know that’s a lot to take in, but bear with me. You play as a guy or girl who is trying out a brand new VR game at a gaming convention. It’s marketed as a dungeon crawler, but the second you get in the game, you realize that it’s anything but mainstream.

Apparently, you’re inside a VR game that is going to work its hardest to turn you into a sissy, and you are expected to resist these efforts any way you can. Cocks will get thrown your way, and you will try your best to keep your mouth closed. Women will try to bend you over to shove their manmeat in your ass, and you will try to keep your knees straight. The longer you play, the higher your score, but the bigger the risk you get turned into a sissy.

You can leave the VR experience any time you want, but every time you do that, you lose your most precious item. You very much have every incentive to stay in the game and fight hard against its efforts to break you mentally.

Some Transgender Bonuses

Porn games don’t usually come with any political implications, and I guess the same can be said for Trap Quest. Still, I have read a few comments by the developer and some fans, regarding how this game helps out transgender people live out some basic fantasies. And I don’t mean pornographic fantasies, either. It’s more like this game lets people who are confused about their gender identity get immersed into the idea of their body morphing across the board.

Personally, I can’t relate, but I guess that’s sort of the point. Either way, I’m glad that so many people are extracting value from this game in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. So, if you’re a transgender person and also a pervert like myself, go ham. At the very least, you’ll get a quality boner, or lady boner, from this game. That much I can guarantee.

The Filthiest Sex

The training wheels are coming off. I hope you’re wearing protection because you will not be able to unhear this next part. Once you get released into the VR game in Trap Quest, you’ll awaken in a dungeon that is rife with all kinds of perverted humans and human-like creatures, all of whom will treat you with a bit of respect, at the start.

You start with short hair and modest assets. You’ll have small breasts, or none at all if you’re a guy, and things will get worse from there. That is, if your idea of worse is growing hair and tits and shrinking your member. The idea is that you start off as a prude. You don’t want to be forced into sexual situations, and you’re just going about your day. The dungeon is trying to fuck you up. All the people that live in there will respect you less the more you turn into a cock hungry whore.

It’s not all gay shit, either. I mean yes, the big black cocks that roam the dungeon are an ever-present threat to your anal virginity, but the women carry large packages too. Plus, there’s all kinds of tentacle monsters and four-legged boner carrying monsters to ruin your day also.

On top of that, there are addictions you have to look out for. Those will get under your character’s skin and ruin your purity even more. For example, there’s a marble statue with a giant cock towards the beginning of the dungeon. You can suck on it to restore your health, but that’ll shoot a hot load down your throat, and you don’t want that. You guzzle too much cum in this game, and you develop a taste for it. Your character starts to crave it. If you let this addiction get too far, it can be the death of you.

All of your equipment has some sort of effect and stat. Innocent clothing covers you up and protects your purity. Sluttier clothing will make you more appealing until eventually you are irresistible to most of the other characters, and they can’t resist their urge to bend you over, which only makes things worse. So, let’s say you walk down a corridor wearing skimpy clothing that happens to be covered in cum. Well, you’ll get jumped by a chick with a 12-inch cock who will bend you over and shower you with even more cum, making you even more susceptible to attacks. At first, your character gets really upset at these situations, but get taken enough times, and your character will spiral out of control. You’re always fighting for more control.

Extreme Role Play

There’s only so much you can say about Trap Quest before you have to mention the game engine they built it in and sigh in pain. This game is built on Inform 7. Doesn’t sound familiar? Good. Inform is a game engine that came out in 1993 for the Z-Code. For those of you in the audience who aren’t boomers, this game engine is the text-based backdrop for those old-school textual adventures in which you pretty much get nothing but text in a terminal. The world is described in text, and your actions are written in text. You flat out have to write “Go East” to move a single step. It’s that fucked up.

But wait, Mr. Porn Dude, I hear you exclaim. I thought you said this game has sexy visuals? Yes, it does. And it’s the weirdest solution to the dumbest problem I’ve ever seen. Once they actually coded most of the game in Inform, they added visuals on top of that, to help you understand what you see on screen. That means that the entire game is textual, but you also get art on the side of it to give you a general sense of what’s going on.

It makes this game’s interface an absolute nightmare and the worst interface I’ve ever seen, to anything, ever. In fact, if it weren’t for the shit interface, I’d just flat out give this game first place for game of the century and be done with it. But I can’t do that. The interface is an absolute headache.

To make things even weirder, the game comes with not one, but five different interfaces, each worse than the last. The first four look absolutely terrible, but they’re free. The fifth, made by some smut wizard called Strateg, is paid. You need to buy into the Patreon for at least $5 a month to get access to that one. My vote? Buy it. If you like this game, get the Strateg version so that the interface is at least worth looking at. All the other versions make the game worse rather than better.

This is a controversial title, for sure, but it’s responsible for some of the hottest faps I’ve had this past year. It’s not for everyone, but it’s very likely to be your favorite porn game if you appreciate real RPGs. Just try hard to look past the dogshit interface, and you’ll do fine.

PornGames likes Trap Quest

  • Insane Levels of Immersion
  • Original Perverted Smut Situations
  • Open World
  • Open Ended
  • Tons to Do

PornGames hates Trap Quest

  • Terrible UI