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NewGrounds Gay Games

This is going to be a bittersweet and confusing review, because Newgrounds have managed to stump me. I’ve been a fan of this site since day one, in the early 2000s. They were my main go-to when I needed a quality time-waster. People used to flock to this site to submit all kinds of dog-shit content. You didn’t have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for half-baked content on Newgrounds; the barrel was overflowing with crap. But, we loved it that way, because everyone was welcome to create their own original media and upload it for the world to see. It was a great place to find animations, songs, art, and of course, an unlimited supply of Flash games.

Well, that era has come and gone, it appears, as Newgrounds’ library has been absolutely destroyed. I don’t know what happened, maybe there was some sort of press release that I missed, but their library has been gutted. The site appears to be barely afloat with some recent posts of games that are mostly free to play, but seem to be a way for the website to make money. The old Newgrounds appears to be dead. And, well, the gay adult games section has suffered for it more than any other part of the site, it seems. I seriously expected this site to have a shit-ton of gay porn games. I thought that I would be bombarded with results. Nope. There are currently 13 gay porn games on this site and … I guess I have to play dumb and just review them, even though I’m totally aware of how sad this is.

Solidifying Your Snake

The dudes that are depicted across these games are oddly manly, even for gay porn games. What I mean is, they’re real Chads, but at the same time, they’re depicted as being very sweet and approachable. I review porn for a living, so I’m kind of used to seeing all kinds of tropes and modern genre non-sense, like step-daughter plot lines and slave simulators. Well, this here porn section has none of that shit. It’s mostly just good looking dudes that you want to see naked and maybe feel up a little bit.

Most of them are recognizable characters from other video games. Solid Snake sticks out to me, no pun intended, as the coolest of the bunch. I’m honestly not surprised that gay dudes have a stiffy for him. I mean, he’s called… Solid…Snake. His name is literally a synonym for hard cock. Plus, he’s buff as hell, gritty, a real man’s man who only ever spends time with dudes. I’d venture to guess that he’s every gay guy’s wet dream.

Anime Cocks

There are quite a few anime-styled dudes on here, and they’re tributes to popular characters from games that are, well, they’re anime based, so it’s basically gay hentai. I’m talking about Professor Sycamore from Pokémon and Officer Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright. By the way, Gumshoe’s name is Dick, so there must be something to that. From Solid Snake to Dick, in a single click, all in one section. I’m sensing a pattern.

Anyways, these two are really simple, cute games in which you undress the dudes so you can see what they’re hiding beneath all those clothes. Both of the dudes are really nice and depicted in a very innocent way. The games are barely adult-rated, for what it’s worth. I mean, there’s nudity in them and a bit of cum action, but that’s it. There’s no penetration, no slave motifs, nothing violent or forced at all. There are no roles. They’re just really simple and dare I say, wholesome, stripping games.

Stranded and Gay

The best game on this list has to be Stranded, a simple title with a ton of gameplay hiding under the surface. This game alone has more playtime than all of the rest of the games here combined. You’re looking at hours of gameplay with this title and a bunch of story to go with it. You play as some random-ass, hot ass Chad of a man who is stranded on a space station. I guess he’s an astronaut or whatever. His defining characteristics read like a gym advertisement: Huge pecks, tight abs, and a gigantic penis. Ok, maybe that last one isn’t gym-related, but you get the point. He’s a real man’s man.

Well, he awakens from stasis and finds that there’s one more inhabitant on the station with him. The game comes with a ton of story and dialogue, though I don’t think you can affect the course of the plot very much. There’s a lot to uncover and, well, there are proper gay sex scenes. This game gets my recommendation. Out of all the games on this list, this is the one that makes it worth your time coming to this site for a fap.

Newgrounds is Dying

Again, I have to say; I have no idea what is happening with this site, behind the scenes. But, from where I’m standing, looking for porn games to jack off to, I’m not finding much value on this site. Their gay porn game section is a vision of the near future, when all porn games disappear from the site without a trace. Or, maybe they’ll just archive things and leave the site as it is right now. I don’t know if they’re not making enough money to let the site gather each and every smut title like back in the day. Or, maybe they ran into legal issues, who knows.

Either way, I hope I’m completely wrong, and the site eventually goes through a rebirth and relaunch, with new smut titles from fresh developers. I used to spend a lot of time on this site finding all kinds of fap-worthy content, and it’s a damn shame if we can’t do that in the future. I’m worried about future generations not having quality websites like this one to depend on.

I mean, this was the site where I first discovered Super Deepthroat. That’s one of my all-time favorite Flash games. It could just be my old age showing, and I’m having memory problems, but I don’t think that’s it. I distinctly remember this site being covered in pussy. I’m just guessing that the gay adult section was covered in cocks. But alas, this site is now a shell of its former self. I’d recommend you go there and fap to all the games in one go, then leave Stranded for a proper playthrough, say, for the next day. After that, you probably won’t have reason to come back to Newgrounds for a very long time.

The Best Community

Even though this section only has 15 games and the site has shrunk considerably, this website still has one of the best communities out there. The people that comment on these games are sweet, respectful, and encouraging. They almost make you want to whip your dick out and jack off to this content, even if you’re not gay. That’s how nice they are.

They show appreciation to the developers, they comment on features and give suggestions on how to improve the games, and they give out high ratings where they’re due. I’ve never seen a more wholesome gathering place for people who love animated cock. It’s no different on the straight side of things, either. Newgrounds has the best fans, that’s just a fact.

Oh, and regarding those 15 gay porn games, they all have hundreds of thousands of views. That’s incredible. That suggests that if you’re going to make a new gay porn game, you should probably try cramming it onto this list. If people are that adamant about jacking off to gay games on this site, then you should profit. They’ll appreciate you for it. Hell, they’ll probably upvote the shit out of your game.

Since the beginning of this century, Newgrounds has been here to school people on quality web design and amazing community interaction. They separate all of their sections into neat categories and make it really easy to find more content in the same vein. If you like a particular game, you can bet your sweet ass that Newgrounds will help you find more games that are similar to it.

At least, that’s how things used to be back in the day. The site is still somewhat successful when it comes to regular Flash games, but the pornographic stuff is almost completely gone. With just over a dozen gay porn games, this section is a sad reminder of the kind of shit you could find on the site, but it’s hardly a reason to spend a lot of time here. I hope that this will change in the future. Newgrounds used to be my favorite place to kill time with my dick in my hands, and maybe it’ll be that awesome at some point in the future, again.

PornGames likes NewGrounds Gay Games

  • Some original titles
  • Very nice community
  • Great website

PornGames hates NewGrounds Gay Games

  • Very few games