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Camp Buddy

You guys know that I don’t go anywhere near gay content, even though I have a deep respect for it. It’s not my cup of tea. There’s nothing wrong with jacking your good old dick off to some quality dude on dude content, though, and I gotta cover all my bases. This is a porn game review site, so you bet your sweet ass I’m going to include some of the best of the best across my gay game section. This game right here is the crème de la crème, as they say in France. It’s the top of the line kind of gay porn game that has all the bells and whistles you’ll need to jack your dick clean off.

I was actually kind of surprised when I played it, since every part of the process of buying this game screamed high class. First of all, it’s not on a gaming platform. You have to get it straight from the developer’s site. Now, that’s not that rare with porn games. But, what is rare is that this game was funded on Patreon, but isn’t being funded any more. It’s being sold. And, it’s not on a gaming platform. I can’t say I’ve seen this before. Plus, there’s a very hefty price tag. The damn thing costs $50. If it were any more expensive, I’d expect dicks to literally shoot out of my monitor screen. Or at the very least, give me a reach around. But alas, it’s just a really good gay porn game. So, let’s dive into what makes it a masterpiece.

High Tier Graphics

Right from the cover art from this game, you can tell that it’s a work of art, literally. The artist or artists behind this game were real fucking masters of their craft. And I don’t just mean the smut. Hell, I’ll talk about the smut in detail later. The art, in general, is so ridiculously pristine, it’s basically up to par with triple-A anime productions. This is the kind of shit you expect to see if you pay $50 for a video game. At that price point, you can rest assured that I set my expectations really fucking high.

As for the style, well, it’s anime. It’s just straight-up anime. Though, they don’t really blur the lines as much as you’re used to seeing in cartoons. Everything is very clear and crisp. The characters are very sharp, and their features really stand out. If you’re trying to make the most out of a good monitor, this game would be a good color benchmark.

If I had to compare this game’s art style to another game, I’d say it resembles Danganronpa. Don’t judge me, that game is dank as fuck, and it has a ton of murders in it. The vibe of that game is dark and scary, but the art is just glowing all-over the place. In a porn game, this kind of art fits perfectly.

Not So Original Story

The story of this game is, unfortunately, not particularly original, especially for a game that’s basically an anime. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You play as a young guy with no particularly noteworthy characteristics. You start the game off by heading off to camp where there will be other young individuals such as yourself. No-one seems to be particularly horny, but everyone is going on and fucking on about the value of camp love and learning lessons of youth. Yeah, that’s basically the plot to like half of all hentai games. The other half of them are about rape. Let’s be glad we got the former and not the latter.

So, the plot of this game is that you have to save the camp from certain demise. As the player, you also kind of have to figure out why you should even give a shit about the camp in the first place. Your answer comes in the form of four romanceable dudes. I’m going to go through all four of them, in detail and try my best to play gay matchmaker. Just because I don’t get a stiffy for these boys, doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t.

Boyfriend Breakdown

Coming in at number one, we’ve got your childhood friend, named Hiro. He’s cute, he’s enthusiastic, and he’s always there for you. He’s the type of guy to always lend you a cup of sugar or let you bang his mom if you ask nicely. Naturally, since you’re into dudes and all, you’re not very interested in his mother’s sweet ass, you want his ass instead. He’s got that gym body going on, but I am willing to bet that he doesn’t do a lot of bicep curls. He strikes me as the type of guy who does crossfit instead. He’s lean, not mean, and an absolute feels machine. He’s arguably the cutest of the bunch, and hey, you’re monogamous in this game, so why not go for the guy you got the most history with?

At number two, we’ve got Yoichi, who is a walking, living, breathing trope of a person, with the heart of a champion. I’ve seen female versions of this character in straight hentai games, and I’m very familiar with this approach to character writing. Basically, he’s gritty on the surface and mushy on the inside. And his insides are what you’re looking to explore, so everyone wins, if you decide to date him that is. He’s easily the most interesting of the bunch, and his backstory has a lot of detail and intrigue. 10/10, would recommend to my gay best friend.

At number three, we’ve got Natsumi, whom I found to be very boring, but he’s also the safe bet. He’s the soft type of guy who cares about your feelings, but doesn’t actually talk about it. He’s responsible, dependable, and I found him to be a bit of a drag. But, he’s also very sweet, and like the rest of them, he’s got a lot of personality under the hood. You just have to dig a little bit.

Finally, we’ve got Hunter, the male equivalent to a loli. Or at least, the closest they could get without being sued. I doubt he was ever anyone’s first choice, unless they specifically played this game in order to find a younger boyfriend. I don’t know how popular male lolis are among the gay community, but if you’re a hentai fan first and a gay man second, then I guess you’re vulnerable to the same goddamn tropes. Lolis are inevitable. Lolis will rule the world.

Matchmaking and the Gameplay

Choosing which bro-dude to romance in this game is also kind of the core gameplay that’s going to be saving the camp. The idea is that you manage to succeed in your mission regardless, but depending on which dude you roll with, the solution will be very different. I won’t spoil the actual storylines, but towards the beginning of the game, you pretty much just get to know the individual dudes. After a certain point, you start making some decisions on which dudes you want to hang out with, and romance blossoms from there.

Eventually, you get locked into a path with a specific dude, the one you wanted the most, and the story unfolds in a specific way. You save the camp at the end, but there are four different ways to do that, one for each dude, and there are vastly different endings depending on your choices. The game is basically worth playing exactly four times, before you’ve exhausted everything.

Sex Scenes

Do I complain about having to sit through gay porn scenes, or do I just stay objective? All right, I’ll take a deep breath and just dive right in. The dudes are hot; you are hot; the scenes are hot. The art style is impeccable, and everyone has abs. I don’t honestly know what women find attractive about my dick, and I guess that applies to my understanding of gay people as well.

To me, my dick is a tool. To others, it’s a work of art. And, I suppose the dicks in this game are quite artsy as well. They’re all kind of middle-sized and normal looking, which I kind of liked, to be honest. I don’t really get the whole giant penis penetration of a tiny nubile loli who’s barely 18. I mean, it makes sense if it’s an alien rape game with tentacles, but in a regular romance novel, I’d rather the people be realistic looking, at least in that department.

So, all the dudes are good looking, and the sex scenes really shine. All of you are equally horny, once the action actually starts to roll out, and you get down to some really filthy smut action, though it’s all covered with serious feelings of lust and romance. It’s delicate, but also smutty. It’s the kind of game in which you can jack off while feeling connected to the characters and their personalities.

I warmly recommend that you download the free demo, as it’s loaded with content. If you like it, you can grab the rest of the game on the same site.

PornGames likes Camp Buddy

  • Amazing art style
  • Tons of quality content
  • Really well drawn sex scenes
  • Very replayable

PornGames hates Camp Buddy

  • Needs full voice acting