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Fire up your time machine, boys and girls, because we are going back to the Flash era. Sprites are 2D, League of Legends doesn’t exist yet, and the world is generally a better place. Also, women don’t call me a sexist pig when I suggest that they get the hell out of my house after we’re done banging. It was a simpler time; it was a nicer time. Today, we have no appreciation for the little things in life. Flash games were one of my favorite little things to appreciate back in the day. They genuinely started off the porn game development fire and kept it burning long enough for real game engines to take over in the later 2010s.

Today, we’re looking at Bedplay, one of the most amazing Flash games ever made. It came out in 2015 and absolutely blew away everyone’s heads over on Newgrounds. The game has been played over a million times, and the reviews for it are stellar. It’s the kind of five-minute experience that leaves everyone hard, no matter what their preferences are. This would be impressive enough on its own, but when you consider that it’s actually a furry game, well… You know how I feel about furries. I’m not a fan. But, if I’m telling you that this game is literally a masterpiece that pushes the capabilities of Flash player to the extreme, you know there’s something big going on.

Three Dimensional 2D Animation

I’ve seen this trick done in video games before; it’s nothing new. What makes it impressive is the way that it’s implemented. It’s called parallaxing. It’s when you take a bunch of 2D sprites and move them at different speeds to give a feeling of depth. So, the sky doesn’t move, but the clouds do, and the mountains move faster and the buildings in front faster still. You get the point.

In this game, you’re confined to a close-up view of a bed with a furry in it, so there are no clouds. But, the feeling of depth is still there with the furry’s legs and body. With a very tiny script that moves the camera and a few of the assets on screen, you get the feeling like you’re really in a 3D environment. It’s the most amazing use of 2D sprites I’ve ever seen in a Flash game so far. Super Deepthroat would have really benefited from this approach.

The Art

The art to this game is top-notch, and that’s about all you need to know about. Just kidding, of course, I’m gonna go deeper. Deeper than I went up this furry’s ass with my giant horse cock. Oh God, it hurts to even write that sentence. I really dislike furry shit. Anyways… The first thing you’ll notice in this game is the fucking resolution of the art. It’s huge. I mean, next-gen huge. This game looks crisp no matter what screen you play it on. Now, I know that Flash is mostly vectorized, so any old Flash game should look great no matter what.

But, other games that use vector art just don’t look this good. I don’t know what it is they did, exactly. It would appear they just drew some hot ass titties and called it a day. But, for some reason, these titties just look better than other titties in the same genre. And they didn’t just skimp out on the non-porn art either. The entire bedroom view that you get is absolutely gorgeous. It doesn’t matter much, but shitty background art can ruin your immersion very quickly. It’s one of those things that you don’t notice until they’re gone.

The Gameplay

Ok, I’ve prolonged talking about the gameplay long enough, so let’s dig into this bad boy. The game is very simple. It’s piss simple. It’s like Super Deepthroat, but with a ton more features. Granted, you can’t choke the furries in this game until they pass out, but the extra features more than make up for that.

So, you’ve got a furry, spread out on a bed, legs akimbo, arms tucked behind their head. Then, you’ve got yourself a handy dandy mouse cursor, which can serve as one of several tools. By default, this is your hand. When you wave it around, the character moves their head to look at it, and the scene shifts a little bit, giving you a great sense of depth.

You can click on one of many parts of the furry in order to tease and abuse them any way you’d like. You can squeeze their tits, rub their feet, stick a finger in their ass; you name it. If they have a cock, you can jerk it; if they have a pussy, you can lick it. Oh, did I mention that you can swap the hand for a tongue? That’s right. You can use your hand or tongue on most of the furry. Though, I find it kind of funny that you can lick their feet, but not kiss their lips. I guess we’re way past kissing at this point.

Boys and their Toys

There are a few toys in this game that get more mileage than an entire arsenal of sex implements might in another game. You have a dildo, a vibe bullet, a vibe ring, a fleshlight, a ball gag, a cock milker, and e-stim pads. The pads are basically stimulation tools that inject orgasms straight into the skin. Don’t think about it; just go along with it. You can place these on various body parts the furry has and activate them any time you want in any combination. The world is your oyster when you’re fucking furries.

There’s also the option to choose what kind of dildo you want, between a canine one an equine one and human one. But, if that’s not enough for you, you can also customize your dick. You can choose its color and its species, so you can get really weird in this game. Then, you can stick that bad boy damn near anywhere you please.

Mutual Satisfaction

You can work to please the furry or work to please yourself. If you’re really good at sex stuff, like me, you can do both at once. You have a bar that represents their pleasure and a bar that shows you how close you are to nutting. So, if you use your dick in their snatch, you might be able to get both of you to cum at the same time. It’s awesome.

There are also nice semen effects for both you and the male characters in the game, so you can creampie to your heart’s content. Give yourself a few seconds to recover and then creampie another hole. This furry is here for you and you alone. Don’t let them down. Don’t leave them high and dry. Leave them wet, very wet, so wet that no amount of paper towels will ever help them smell like anything but cum ever again.

Three Characters

This game, which I believe was originally a gay game, is now an equal opportunity porn game. You have three characters, all of which are furries, but they’re of different species. Two of them are dudes, and one’s a chick. Since I’m a chick-fucker extraordinaire, I’ll focus on her. She’s some sort of goat looking creature with fangs for nails. I have absolutely no idea which animal this is supposed to resemble, but she looks enough like a human woman for me to get my rocks off.

What makes this game super impressive is that every single character comes with voice acting for all the sex action. It’s mostly just moaning and stuff, but it takes the game from a 9 to a 10. Every character has their own voice actor, and all three of them are professionals in their field. The game makes sure to list them across the game so that you don’t miss them. They’re trying to give credit where credit is due. They also have their own Patreon accounts so you can support them for their hard work or maybe commission them to work for you.

It is these kinds of extra steps taken to polish a game that really push it from basic to masterpiece. I know that Flash games, especially tiny ones with no story, will never compete with the giants of the field. Still, sometimes you just need to fap. Sometimes, you don’t want a story. Sometimes, you want to stick a virtual horse cock inside a furry chick’s asshole while you pinch her nipples and call her Susan. I am not judging; I am enabling. By all means, jerk your horsecock clean off, you furry fucks. I want you to have fun with your fetish.

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  • Amazing art style
  • Wonderful simulated 3D effect
  • Mind-blowing voice acting

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