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Nutaku Gay

I’ll bet that all of you straight dudes out there associate Nutaku with the finest pussy this side of the Japanese sea. I know I sure do. But, a little known secret about Nutaku is that they actually have some quality gay games. Well, I say it’s a secret, but really, it’s just me pretending they don’t exist. The games, not gay people. That would be very disparaging, and I have respect for everyone who’s trying to polish their flagpole. I’m an equal opportunity porn reviewer, remember? So, it’s time for me to take another one for the team and dive headfirst into… some cocks, I guess, on Nutaku’s gay section.

I could tell that I wouldn’t have to do a lot of playing when I first opened this section and still be able to cover everything. Why? Well, these games aren’t originals. They’re gay versions of games I’ve already reviewed, games that are famously very hetero. In other words, Nutaku took their best, most successful games and requisitioned some gay versions of them, for all the boy loving boys out there. On the one hand, it’s kind of sad that they didn’t bother to create gay originals from scratch, on the other, why the hell would they? In the spirit of equality, the most popular games on Nutaku are made available to more people this way, regardless of their sexual preferences. It is a bit weird that the lesbian section has nothing but original games, and there’s like five times as many titles. But, I guess lesbians are high maintenance on account of them being women and all.

Anyways, today we’re here to talk about dudes, so let’s dive right into it.

What Men Want

I’ve found that when it comes to fapping to porn games or even porn in general, I have a lot more in common with gay dudes than gay women. You’d think it’d be the other way around, what with lesbians liking women and all. But, as it turns out, I don’t have much in common with them at all. Dudes that like dudes, on the other hand, act exactly like me, except, instead of pussy, they prefer dick. But, the tropes are all there.

There’s no real focus on stories because dudes don’t need stories. Dudes need to jack off to hot ass smut, and the simpler the game, the better. Sure, we like having fun, but we don’t like having our time wasted. If I’m playing a porn game for the fap-sessions, I want to be drowning in smut.

The sex scenes also need to be all about the sucking and fucking. Romance is welcome, but not demanded. And, the more people you can fuck, the better. Preferably, you want to have a harem by the time you’re done with the game, and you want a lot of sex scenes. Well, I say you, but I mean me. If you’re a gay dude, though, you probably agree.

Gay Harem

I’m seeing three distinct art styles across the six available games on Nutaku Gay. Firstly, we’ve got the style to Gay Harem, which is … well, it’s DragonBall mixed with One Piece. It’s no surprise, though. This game is a carbon copy of Harem Heroes, which is entirely based on those 2 anime series, but in a smutty setting. You play as a random young-ass looking dude-bro who quickly learns that everyone in this universe wants a piece of his dick. They used the same assets, as far as I can tell, but replaced all the chicks with dudes. The main dude-bro is still the same guy, though. They didn’t have to do much of anything to make him more relatable.

This game is probably my favorite on the list. Even if I had to pick among the straight versions of these games, I’d go for the Harem game. This game was originally made by some random studio and hosted elsewhere, but this was years ago. The game was super-popular and had a really interesting vibe to it. It had the same visual novel gameplay combined with a sort of character-management concept. Think FarmVille, but with a harem. While this might sound identical to every other Nutaku game, I gotta say, the amount of visual novel scenes makes this game stand out. You don’t get one smut scene per interaction with a ton of dialogue, but you get a bit of dialogue per scene, with countless smut scenes. One bang might get you like 20 screens of different perspectives of the action. Shit’s always moving forward in this game; it’s like watching an anime.

The story’s great and easy to follow, and all the characters are very cheerful and likable. As for the overall gameplay, well, it’s FarmVille. I’m not gonna go into it too much, because at this point you should know what to expect. Suffice it to say that you follow a linear story, unlocking new bitches as you go along, then you get back to the main menu and improve your harem with upgrades and purchases. Optionally, you can dump your savings into the game to make shit go faster.

Men Bang, Booty Calls and Cockville

I’m grouping these two together, because they’ve got a very similar art style. Their gameplay’s really different, though. So, if you find one of them fap-tastic, you’ll like the others too. The real question is; what kind of gameplay are you into?

If you’re looking for an actual literal FarmVille clone with gay porn scenes and dateable dudes, then CockVille is for you. This game is very shameless in acknowledging that it is, in fact, a farm running simulator. You’ve got the coins; you’ve got the progress bars and, of course, the premium gems that can all be used to unlock shit. At the end of the day, though, you’re just planting and harvesting crops. This is the kind of game that mostly plays itself, so it’s great for casual players. You can keep coming back to it for more, at your own leisure.

Then we’ve got MenBang, which is also a periodic auto-playing game, very similar to CockVille, but without all the farm nonsense. If you want a more straightforward game where you get to fuck dudes a lot more often as part of the core gameplay, this is the game for you. It’s also a time-waster, though, so only play it if you intend to keep coming back for more.

Finally, there’s Booty Calls: Men at Work. This one’s a lot more casual than the others. It’s a match-em-up, with Candy Crush and Bejeweled vibes. You play the mini-game as a sort of simulation of the date you’re on with a specific guy. The more balls you crush, the more they’ll let you play with their balls. You unlock nude photos and, finally, hot, steamy sex scenes.

Blush Blush and FAP CEO

The three games above all come with western art, and Gay Harem is a clone of specific anime productions. But, Blush Blush and FAP CEO are unique in that they’re cartoonish. They’ve got this very smooth approach. Everything’s cute, more than it’s hot. The dudes might get naked, but the first thing you notice about them is how overall chill they look. Everything is kind of innocent and child-like, until the smut scenes kick in that is.

FAP CEO is literally just another simulation game in which you ramp up upgrades and investments so that shit goes better for you. In this game, you play as a horny CEO who owns a successful company. You start off slow, with just one employee, and eventually, you’re living the American dream. That is, if your idea of the American dream is having a ton of employees that you bang.

Finally, we’ve got Blush Blush, my favorite game on this list. It’s an incremental clicking game. You remember those, right? Cookie Clicker and the like. Well, you have that same gameplay here, and it’s absolutely addicting. You come back to the game once in a while to use your hard-earned cash to upgrade your character. You can different jobs, skills, and use all of your success to earn hot dudes and take them on dates and shit. There are, of course, sex scenes in this game, but you have to earn them. I like this game a lot because the whole incremental gameplay always makes you feel more powerful than you were the previous day.

Nutaku is one of the most successful porn gaming platforms on the web, and it’s no wonder that they made sure to include the LGBT community with a few explicit sex games. Check them out; they’re all free. It takes a lot of time to master a single one of these games, but that’s the fun part.

PornGames likes Nutaku Gay

  • High quality games
  • Tons of play time

PornGames hates Nutaku Gay

  • Too few games
  • Needs a few originals