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Extracurricular Activities Game

Well, if it isn’t yet another hentai style visual novel. Golly, am I excited to review this one. It’s a well-developed title like any other, so imagine my surprise when I found out that Nutaku had nothing to do with this. A team of devoted developers combined their efforts to match the greats and create a Nutaku-level quality visual novel, and they did that with quite a lot of finesse.

Extracurricular Activities is a well thought out dating-simulator meets visual novel combo that impressed a lot of people in the porn game community ever since the initial release came out. There are constant updates, all of which are widely accepted by the fans who love to see this gem being polished into a damn masterpiece.

I am not the biggest fan of visual novels, mostly because there isn’t much gameplay to them. If I wanted to wait patiently through an hour of someone talking and then pick one thing that eventually leads to sex, I’d just ask my side bitch out on a date. That could easily be turned into an R rated visual novel. She will spend an hour talking about shit I won’t even pay attention to, eventually give me an option to pick between two places, I’ll pay for it and next thing you know I’m balls deep. That’s not quite the case in Extracurricular Activities, however, since the choices you make in this game are more frequent and have a larger impact on the story as well as your relationship with the characters.

The Team Behind the Dream

Extracurricular Activities is a game mainly developed by DyneWulf, but the team behind the project is so much bigger. The developer himself heaps praise to the devoted artists and designers that are helping him bring his idea to reality. Every single contributor is worth mentioning as all of them left a unique handprint, having slapped this project’s ass all the way to release.

The writing and programming are done directly by DyneWulf, and from a development point of view, this game has an amazing story arc. It can easily be compared to Morenatsu, the first of the furry kind to break the ice and become popular. The story is mostly safe for work, decision driven, and interactive. It keeps the player interested as well as aroused, instead of annoyed. That’s something that most visual novel creators fail to achieve. Maybe because the story is so well written.

You start out as the only human player on your tennis team full of anthropomorphic teammates. You have the option to choose which one of them you are going to romance, with your actions having a huge impact on the flow of the story. Currently, there are five possible dude-interests, including the coach, with many other planned to be added in the future. That means that the game, in its current state, has at least five different all equally ball-dropping endings. Keep in mind that this is a gay game. You are a dude. The story flow is smooth, and the actions you take all have clear and acceptable consequences. It is so well written, I felt like I was bonding with the dudes on a bro level. If I ever bond with a girl in that way, I will both like it and put a ring on it.

Another great contributor to the team is the character designer. I don’t know why this dude has such a vigorous attraction to muscles, but he did a very good job of bringing his super-jacked character fantasies to life. The designer is known as CaptainGerBear and has quite an extensive portfolio of amazing artworks and designs. Every single character has specific traits and quirks, all of which are put perfectly on display in the scenes. This designer brought life to the characters and to the game in general.

Last but not least, this game has a pretty decent background artist, known as Gavel. I’ve seen many visual novels focusing on the characters, not giving a lot of fucks about the background details or how the story is set in the game world. That’s not the case in this game. You actually feel like your character is on a tennis field doing practice or on a date with a dude. Even the scenes where you get to bang a dude’s brains out are all romantically set, and there is a background to them that speaks volumes about the setting.

This is one of the main perks of the game that kept my attention for so long. You can feel the love and devotion put into the development. Every single scene is unique, and every conversation has a suitable venue. This dude managed to adapt to the unique designs of the characters and the unusual flow of the story and matched them perfectly to create perfect fucking harmony. It’s like one person made this game. The synchronization among this team is unreal.

Bromance Turned Romance

There are five super-hot dude-bros you can romance in Extracurricular Activities, all of which are a part of your tennis team. You can pick a path and focus on one of them or play around and explore your options.

First on the list is Chester, a friendly bull. He is an average hot-tempered gym freak that also wants to eat a lot. He is a bull, after all. This is a dude your character can rely on when it comes to staying motivated and staying buffed. I found that to be pretty important in real life too. I don’t doggy-style my mates, though. I usually aim for their sisters. This dude’s specific trait is that he is a proud geek, something that not many buffed, good looking single dudes can relate to.

Next on the List is Spencer, a charming wolf. This is the prodigy, the one that is good at absolutely everything. DyneWulf was kind not to make him snobbish too, I wonder why. Spencer is your character’s long-time friend, which is also his character’s main trait. The developer made him an important member of the tennis team too, so you can imagine him being the most attractive interest to pursue. There is a lot to say about the transition from an old friend to a lover, but it’s best to just play the game and experience the drama yourself.

Another very intriguing character is Dozer, the bulldozer of a gator and the strongest member of your team. His personal trait is that no one knows anything about him other than the fact that he is super strong. He stays quiet and keeps to himself. DyneWulf made him a tough nut to crack, but also worth the effort. His actions speak for themselves. Romancing this dude takes a lot of man-hours and a lot of courage. If you are up for the task, the reward is pretty huge.

Much like with every male team of any sport, ever, there is a pervert among the ranks. In Extracurricular Activities, that’s the character named Darius. This flirtatious lion tends to hit on everything male. At first, it seems like there isn't much this dude takes seriously, but when he does choose to apply himself, he demonstrates some remarkable skill. DyneWulf makes it hard to find this character loveable, unless you can relate to him in some way, in which case you can bang each other’s brains out quicker than with any other love interest in the game.

Last, but not least comes the coach of the team, Harold. He is smarter than the average bear and much older than the other participants. This FILF is the authority figure everyone looks up to and respects, so you can imagine this dude being mostly unavailable, especially for the romancing part. Once you do get him to go out with you, however, this dude becomes the most stable partner out of all the other characters. The most devoted one too. His character trait is strictness, so make sure to stay on his good side.

What the Future Holds

The developers went as far as making a Tumblr page where users could interact with the “characters” and ask questions. Sadly, it featured adult content, and it got removed. DyneWulf also had the idea to make merchandise out of his project, which is a pretty fucking bold move, but it seems to be working out pretty damn great. People are buying the merch left and right, asking for more variants and sizes. It baffles me to see just how much this team managed to get their fans hooked up until the point when they ask for a “Coach Harold hug pillow, size XXL, fully nude, uncensored”. It’s commendable, to say the least.

There are constant updates coming out twice a month for patrons and a lot of promises to be kept for future releases. DyneWulf has yet to disappoint, however, so the future of this game is looking bright. A lot of characters are just waiting to be added, so even if you managed to get through all of the possible outcomes, keep on the lookout for new content.

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