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bestporngames-man Gay’s Yaoi section! I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this bad boy for a while. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Yaoi fan. For the uninitiated in the audience, Yaoi is how the Japanese say “Gay dude on dude action”. I’m not into that kind of stuff. I’m not gay; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

No, I’ve been jazzed about reviewing this place because it’s a section on Itch.Io, and I love every Itch.Io section there is, even the ones that don’t have porn on them. Why? Well, because this is literally a website where people upload the games that they’ve made so that the world can download them for free. You can toss money their way if you want, but you’re never forced to. At least, that’s the case with all the games on this list. I made sure to include a “Free” filter for you, so we can pretend to live in a world where good things don’t cost money.

This site was clearly made by a bunch of brilliant cookies who organized the hell out of their design. Sure, it’s a bit cluttered, but most of the site is reserved for images of the games that you can check out for free. It’s also worth noting that their site is ridiculously fast. Do you want to check out more new games? Scroll down. The list will update until either you or the website are dead. Either that or you’ll start jacking off. Itch.Io is one of the best places to get your hands on some quality smut, and today, we’re talking about the Yaoi.

Boys Meeting Boys

So, we’re talking about yaoi, but not gay games in general. What’s the difference? Well, in the context of, there isn’t that much of a difference. Both of these lists feature roughly the same games, with gay having a few more random titles thrown in there that didn’t make the yaoi cut. I guess that to the people that uploaded these games; it doesn’t matter where their game ends up as both of these genres are popular among gay men anyways. It’s not like a hoard of lesbians is going to arrive here by accident and be shocked and appalled by all the hard boners. It’s a wholesome place for wholesome gay dudes.

As for the actual yaoi vs gay concepts, well, they’re almost identical in a way. Yaoi just implies that there are going to be hentai inspired themes in the game. There’s going to be a focus on the relationship between the dudes with maybe one of them being a bit too shy or the other being a bit hard to get. These are standard character tropes that you’ll find in damn near every hentai game, especially dating ones.

Gay Dudes Are Sweet

And I mean that in a very heterosexual way. I was surprised to see that most of these games depict the action between dudes as soft, loving, romantic, and all that. I’m no stranger to romantic porn games, I’ve seen a bunch of them in the straight world as well. It’s just, every single straight hentai game I’ve played eventually gets to the part where you fuck the girl so hard that it seems you might be trying to break her pelvis in half. Do you know what I mean? Straight games might ramp up the romance slowly, sometimes, but they inevitably end up in the same place. You’re hatefucking the shit out of the girl, destroying her pussy for all future men.

Well, you get none of that in this section. I got all my information on gay sex from porn tubes, as I’ve reviewed a ton of those. And even though I don’t watch gay porn, I’ve had to check it out here and there to see what it’s like. It’s the hard part of being a reviewer – soft dick in my pants. Well, while those gay videos were busy killing my boner, I noticed that they were all brutal combos of buff and hard dudes who were going at each other like there was no tomorrow. None of it ever struck me as cute. Now, thanks to Itch.Io, my eyes are finally open.

People usually play games to immerse themselves into a better world, the kind of world they’d like to live in. And, since these games are made by gay dudes, for gay dudes, I have to assume that most of them are absolute sweethearts in the bedroom. Who knew that two dudes could make the effort to be romantic. I always thought that romance was the shit I have to go through in order to get to the good stuff. But, I guess I’ve been schooled.

These Games Are Amazing

The very first game I checked out on this site was dubbed Seed of Chaos. It caught my eye because it had this really amazing cover art that just drew me in. It looked like a softer version of Dark Souls, at least, on the cover. Well, I cracked that bad boy open and found out that it is, in fact, a full-fledged video game with a ton of sex scenes that’s available for purchase on Steam for a relatively high price.

Well, the price doesn’t matter, because if the game is on Itch.Io, you can bet your sweet ass that it comes with a free download link. And, as far as I can tell, this is all above board. The developers put their games here on purpose. I don’t really know if they’re using Steam to make money and Itch.Io as a sort of sharing spot for people who can’t afford their games. Or, maybe the version on Itch.Io is older, and it serves as a demo. Either way, I clicked one button and bam, the game appeared on my desktop faster than I could whip my dick out of my pants.

I had a blast playing this thing. It turned out it was an open-world dungeon crawler with RPG elements. But, it wasn’t one of those piss poor excuses for RPGs that you sort of tolerate in order to get to the smut scenes. Nah, this was a proper video game title with art so amazing, you’d think art angels wove it out of pussy juice. Anyways, the game features all kinds of sex, including but not limited to straight, gay, and lesbian. So, it’s an equal opportunity porn game. I guess it was featured under the Yaoi section since it overlaps. That’s a nice touch. It would be kind of dumb if this game wasn’t played by gay people because it had straight sex in it. I know I didn’t mind the fact that it had gay scenes, since I just fast-tracked my way to the pussy penetration. There’s fun for everyone.

Extremely High Quality

Itch.Io is kind of like a gathering place for game developers where they can showcase the shit that they’re really proud of. It’s less of a gaming platform and more of a development home. Yes, you can browse the game, and yes, you can download them and play them on your computer, but for the most part, this is a place where programmers can feel welcome to submit their passion projects and provide regular updates. I am absolutely blown away by the level of quality this seems to invite.

There are all kinds of art styles here. There’s 3D models, old school retro graphics, high-quality artistic painted stuff, everything you can think of. Hell, there’s even weird-ass furry porn, but since we’re in the yaoi section, all the furries got long furry penises. If you’re the kind of gay dude who enjoys high-quality gaming that you can download to your PC, this is the place you want to be.

You don’t have to play Flash games and gachas anymore, because this site brings you the real high-quality smut, straight to your computer, entirely for free.

You’ve got yourself a gigantic library of high-quality games that come with hours of gameplay each. And, from what I’ve seen, most of them are available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. They’re probably using cross-platform engines for their work, and I’m glad. This means that more people can jack off to their hard work.

A number of these games also have Android versions, and, well, if that isn’t the hottest shit you’ve heard all day, you can get out of here. Just imagine it. You’ve got your phone everywhere you go, and in it, you have yourself some quality gay porn games that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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