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Video games are great, and the commonality of those of the NSFW variety is even better. However, I am sure many of you are lamenting the fact that there are not that many gay-themed gays. There are mainstream titles like Dragon Age and The Sims where you can play queer characters and slowly build up to dude-on-dude relationships and relations, but there is hardly any truly graphic sex to be seen. Sure, you can find plenty of sex-centric games on sites like, which I do not discourage. If you look at the rest of my site, I've reviewed plenty of excellent video games on that platform.

However, you may notice that I've only gone over and endorsed a small percentage of the total number of titles in that library. To make up for this, I have been scouring other platforms on the net to find the best only gay character games online for a while. When I started doing this, I started reading rumors about an upcoming game called Dik Journey. I cannot be easily hyped, but when I looked into it, I started to get more excited about this game than Ryland Adams getting bedroom time with Shane Dawson.

By the end of this review, I think you will be, too.

Although A Bit Cliche, The Premise Is Super Fun

The artist known on Twitter as @Unikorn10128168 has come up with a game with themes that seem familiar but have been done very well. The plot initially follows a knight named Duncan who has to bring peace to the world by uniting all of the five Dik crystals. As it happens, this magical land inexplicably but fortunately is comprised overwhelmingly of hot men. Further, as part of the cultural practice, they tend to engage in sex in honor of the Divine One all the time.

There is a dark sorcerer hell-bent on conquering everything with the intention of replacing passion and love with unbridled aggression and lust. And no, that does not mean that the good guys in the story are shy about their bodies or anything.

Now, on this site, we go over adult games. There is never a need for a well-rounded plot, but it is nice to see some effort going into the story to justify all of the butt fucking.

Naturally, he has to travel to five continents to find these supernatural stones and, in so doing, friends (and fucks) five other helper hunks. You'll need their help considering the fact that the gameplay is easy to understand but gets a bit difficult as it goes. The idea is simple: you match crystals of three or more of the same color side to side, up and down, or diagonally to gain points. With those points, you protect your life points and cast magic to slay ever-fearsome hordes of monsters.

This is where your party members come in. They have unique skills to help you out, and as you advance the plot, you'll have the opportunity to cum in them. And rather than using simple cut scenes, the game's sexual episodes are quite interactive.

The Characters Just Might Drive You To Become Insanely Honry

There is a host of hot hunks that you get to play as and play with their asses – or the opposite. A ton of work is put into their design, what they add to the story, and how they advance the plot. As that is the case, it only seemed right to do a quick rundown on who these guys are and how hot I think you'll find them on a scale of five hands.

Duncan Carpenter

Okay, we already touched on this guy, but we'll go over his backstory and looks a bit to whet your appetite for this game. He's a brunette son of a blacksmith turned angelically powered knight. Just about the only armor he wears are pauldrons and gauntlets, which doesn't make sense logically but does show off the rest of his perfectly sculpted, nearly naked body. Being the first character you acquire, you'll get to learn the opening mechanics, including how to seduce and enjoy a steamy time with the other guys you acquire.

Rating: six hands out of five

Jamison Avalon

Have you ever wanted to play Lord of the Rings Legolas, only much more magical, muscley, and, well, a version who is into men? Well, that is pretty much a description of Jamison. From a gameplay standpoint, he acts as a defender, which is reflective of his personal story. While interested in helping Duncan and company, he is conflicted about giving in to his carnal feelings, given his reserved nature. Will he surrender to those impulses or not? Well, the only way to find out is by experiencing the Dik Journey.

Rating: six hands out of five

Xander Hran

This fit twink is an amnesiac who has been wandering the world. When he meets up with the party, he is exceptionally useful for absorbing sickness and damage by using some sexual healing. It is rather fitting that he is a fawn-inspired humanoid with antlers, as he is always horny. While trying to find his way back home, he'll entertain himself and you by pleasuring himself with a magic dildo.

Rating: six hands out of five

Kostas Ulluvar

Being another retainer in your party, this guy is described by the game's creator as "loud, brash, and profane." He is the strongest stud in your party, and his beefcake physique reflects this. He'll also swear to be Duncan's ward in hopes of becoming his mate eventually. I won't spoil any intimate encounters with this guy, but this barbarian is every bit as ferocity as you might think while still being rather intimate.

Rating: six hands out of five


As the name suggests, he is the angel of thunder, and I imagine you will be thunderstruck by his combat skill and by how Unicorn rendered him. From what I have seen online, he seems to be a fan favorite for this reason and does add quite a bit to the plot, given his backstory.

Rating: six hands out of five


Being the yin to Ramiel's yang, this demon dude might just have the biggest wang in the series. He adds even more flavor to the story since he is on a quest for love to free him from a curse that makes him seek out depravity and pure lust. While technically an antagonistic force in the story, you'll probably think that such immorality is not so bad.

To put it another way, you will wish you could ground pound down onto his dick like Mario. At least your characters can do that without the massive amount of prep work, industrial levels of lube, and specialty condoms that you would need to use.

Rating: six hands out of five

The Graphics Are Among The Best I Have Ever Seen In An Indie Title

Having reviewed and played hundreds of adult online video games, I have a pretty good gauge for what constitutes a good render. So, when I say that Dik Journey has some of the best graphics that I have ever seen in an NSFW game, you better believe I am not exaggerating. From the slick cutscenes to the high-resolution sprite battle animation to super high-detailed sex scenes, all of the visuals are consistently crisp. I challenge anyone to find me independent video game project, gay-oriented or otherwise, with better visuals than this. I would like to be proven wrong, but with my experience, I doubt I will be.

There Are A Few Trailers And Demos Floating Around Online

Want to preview even more? Heck, at this point, you probably need to see even more.

You can see even more free previews of this guy's work all over the net. First, look up how Twitter account by searching for @Unikorn0128168. There are loads of lovely publicity pictures of the game, along with Unikorn's other scandalously sexy 3D art. You can also see a full trailer on Moreover, you can also download a free demo, too.

I typically only focus on a game when it comes to the sites that I review. However, I was so impressed by this guy's work, and because it'll help sell the game, I'll recommend you look up his Deviant Art page, Golden Unicorn Studio. You will have to get an account since his pics are too deviant to be publically seen, though. ;)

The Price And System Requirements Are Just Fine To Me

Of course, the best way you can support this guy is by buying the game itself. You can do so on Unikorn's website through the use of my link above. Make sure you leave a quick review and tell him that I sent you.

As far as system requirements go, all you will need is a Windows 7 operating system or higher. Other than that, if you have eight gigabytes of RAM and two gigabytes of storage space, and an internet connection, you should be good to go.

Normally, this game is $9.99; however, on holidays, I have seen Unikorn drop the price to $6.99! For a game like this, you really cannot beat that price.

You Are Going To Want To Join The Affiliate Program

Is your joystick erect yet? I don't know if I can sell this game any better. If you want to see even more previews of Dik Journey, then look up Unikorn's Twitter account and save his website to your browser. You'll see lots of uploads of screenshots and trailers of the game. Furthermore, if the game goes on sale, you, as a follower, will be the first to know.

Besides, you'll be supporting the sole creator of this game and encouraging him to do more. Speaking of support, if you appreciate what I do, then share this and any other article I have uploaded. I promise it'll keep me going to find you all even more incredible independently made and small company-brewed games.

Now for the final score. If I could, I would give this game a rating of six hands, but I guess we will have to settle for a perfect score. Good luck on your journey.

PornGames likes Dik Journey

  • This game has graphics superior to any gay NSFW RPG I've seen
  • The gameplay mechanics are easy to learn but very in-depth
  • You get to play as and (sexually) play with a rooster of hot characters
  • As far as sex scenes go, they will appeal to any gay guy
  • This game is so affordable, plus you can earn money by promoting it

PornGames hates Dik Journey

  • Other than the lack of Mac or Linux compatibility, nothing!