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Oh, the things you find on PornHub by accident truly are amazing.

Just about every half hour you can refresh the main page and see several new uploads of lovely content. I checked PornHub once and randomly stumbled across a vid called "I'll do ANYTHING for an 'a'" and was intrigued. Turns out it was a playthrough with commentary on a game called Bound to College. Created by an independent game developer who calls himself Pride Drawing, and it is a fun fag friendly romp that is a tad wry and very raunchy.

As far as genres go, this one is an interactive story filled with plot twists and uncensored sex which might not make this game sound terribly unique. However, it does have several neat aspects to it as you'll see me go on about below.

As Far As Plot Goes, This Interactive Novel Is Intriguing Enough

They say that college is the time to experiment, and that's true for more than those who are taking science lab courses – and the hero of our story certainly is!

There is a main love interest who appears early in the story but there are other plot points that stick out and relationships (or at least relations) to be pursued. There is a fine cadre of characters like the horny schoolmaster who you might just have to impress with your sex skills to up your grades. There is a repressed jock-type guy who acts like an asshole but only because he wants to stick his dick in your character's hole.

Almost everything is driven by dialogue interactions and they flow pretty well. The conversations have a nice amount of depth and humor without being simplistic, but you will not have to deal with a text fest of dialogue. 

The Graphics Really Help Sell This Smutty Game

As far as indie games go, this one's graphics are absolutely gorgeous. While there are no full-motion scenes, you do develop a form of appreciation for the stills and the artistry behind them. Rather than appear flat like a lot of other CGI characters in other games, the characters are rendered with exceptional shading which gives them a sense of depth.

The creator also has a knack for using the right digital tools to make elements like sweat and cum look highly realistic. Most of the lighting is done in such a way as to look natural, though at dramatic points a character or action will be highlighted which enhances the story.

As Far As Pricing And System Requirements Go, You Could Not Ask For A Better Deal

I have found that erotic games fall into three categories. 1.) Free to play all the way through but short, very shallow, and sometimes kinda sucky. 2.) There are freemium games that you don't have to pay for and are pretty fun and original, but you'll have to pony up a pretty penny to win. 3.) The most famous title that triple X and would be considered triple A costs about the same that a "normal" game would.

These have the best plot, superior graphics, and excellent gameplay, but can be a tad pricey.

Bound to College is one of those rare exceptions where everything from the graphics to the gameplay is almost as good as erotic games made by teams of people but does not cost too much. In fact, you don't have to pay anything at all if you want. Apparently, Pride Drawings is so proud of his work that he thinks you might tip him after you download his product for free.

I would say that you probably should at least skip the suggested three dollars. You probably also should become a Patreon because for only $1.50 you'll get the completely uncensored version of the game and also be a part of the Pride Drawing community and get updates, receive advanced access, and see exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

You only have to pay that once to get the full Bound to College experience and can cancel after that, but I think you'll want to stay a paying supporter.

The Creator Is Still Refining This Interactive Experience

Ages ago when I first found this game, I did find that there were a few issues that kept cropping up. There were lots of little but pesky bugs, the text box design was a little dated, and there were minor spelling issues at times.

If I were writing this review way back then, my assessment of Bound to College would not be as positive. Fortunately, the game's creator has been paying attention to everyone's feedback and making improvements. Moreover, there are new stories and even game mechanics still being made based on Pride Drawing's imagination and user feedback.!

I cannot say exactly when the next expansion is coming, but if you want to take the adventure even further, Pride Drawings has released the Afterparty DLC. At this moment, Pride Drawing is also adding a wrestling subplot to the game as well.

According to one post, your success when wrestling one of your classmates is weightless. If they are heavier than you, you might lose. But you could change things if your relationship status is different. They might go easier on you, or a hell of a lot harder. There are also dialogue exchanges that can give you an edge if you pick the right ones. Not only that, but you can redo the match over again in its steamy glory if you save beforehand.

As I am writing this there is a new character who has been added to the story not too long ago, Ron, and he seems to be a fan favorite. As this publication ages, I would be willing to bet that even more men will be added to this growing, erotic story.

Other People Seem To Have A Positive Opinion Of This Game

For every heterosexually inclined porn game, there seems to be a gay parody of it. But there are always exceptions and Bound to College is one of them. Just like Grindr-inspired Tinder, this game seems to have been the reason another group of developers created the straight equivalent version of this game called College Bound.

There are those out there who might say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and others who look at spoofs as being unoriginal. I tend to side with the former opinion and I think that no matter your orientation, you will as well. That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to semi-professional game reviewers on the net. As I mentioned, PornHub gamers including KuroTsubassa, and also YouTuber Rare Gamer have done reviews of this game.

If you are not familiar with those names, they are probably the biggest gay game reviewers online. Not only are they a great free way to get a preview of the gameplay. Plus, these guys and others seem to all endorse Bound to College as being a great game.

My Final Grade For This Game Is…

As far as indie games go, gay or otherwise, this one is not going to appeal to everyone. There is not much in terms of gameplay, and some of you might find the dialogue options to be too simple. <strong>However, if you look at Bound to College as an interactive novel, then this one is damn good</strong>.

What sort of computer system do you need? If you are reading this you almost certainly have the needed technology to enjoy this erotic adventure. In addition to being playable on Androids, this game runs on all modern Windows, Apple, and Linux systems.

Due to its engaging plot and gorgeous graphics, I am going to give this one four and a half hands. So, give it the ol' college try.

PornGames likes Bound To College

  • The plot is easy to get into and has a nice amount of depth to them
  • For an indie game, the graphics are massively impressive
  • You can get this game at any price you want – even for free
  • This game is compatible with Apple, Windows, and Linux products
  • The developer is still making improvements to this day

PornGames hates Bound To College

  • If you are not into interactive novels, this probably is not for you
  • Sadly, all of the sex scenes are a simple series of stills
  • You might have issues unlocking all of the nude galleries
  • Aspects of this game are still a little buggy