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Blush Blush

Pussies are wet, the sky is blue, and Nutaku makes great porn games. Just when I thought that every single porn game idea had been squeezed dry, these guys come up with yet another amazing title that has everyone talking. Well, everyone in the porn game community, at least. It’s one thing to dominate the straight aspect of the porn game world; it’s another thing to completely perfect the concept of erotic lewdness and lustfulness and constantly deserve your audience’s awe.

Blush Blush is described by Nutaku as a fun, flirty adventure, but it’s so much more than that. It is a dating simulator; it features all kinds of amazing hentai artworks, and it has furries. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a gay title? Yep, it ticks all the boxes, even the “what the fuck” ones. This game is a teenage girl’s wet dream. It’s has a unique story, and the gameplay behind it is pretty interactive. At least as far as dating simulator games go. Let me get into it a little deeper. Hey, that could be this game’s slogan, easily!

Straight Out of Nutaku’s Folklore

The story behind this game is pretty fucking unique. And by unique, I mean weird. And by weird, I mean what the actual fuck did I just play? The very description that Nutaku has posted about this game had me trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. Some of the phrases used are “You need to track down the Man-imals” and “It’s Frog Prince meets Brazzers” … Now, I understand trying to do something different, especially when targeting the LGBTQ community. But much like Professor Utonium, they went full blast on that chemical X, perhaps added a bit of cum in there too. Instead of Powerpuff Girls, they got guys in their early 20s turning into animals and craving for the cock. My initial reaction still stands.

You start the game as a zoo worker in a new city zoo on the first day of summer. Day one at the job, you stumble upon two dudes straight up going to town on each other. After spending 20 minutes simply watching the action, you mess up the only thing the zoo hired you to do: you take the magical, super-juice transformation water package instead of the regular one. And guess what, it’s non-vegan. It turns people into animals. After you hand out a water bottle to every single pretty and handsome young boy you stumble upon, they all turn into an animal version of themselves, and the fuckery begins. Now, I didn’t see a sign at the zoo entrance saying: “Only gay boys allowed!”, but I might have missed it. Maybe because I am used to seeing pussy everywhere, but that’s just me.

Dating Furries

Now naturally, you feel bad for what you did to these guys. I mean, the first one you encounter turns into a hare. What’s fucked up is that these guys are not even mad. The first dude is baffled by the presence of magic in the world. Somehow, in a strange and magical fucked-up way, you realize that dating these “Man-imals” and giving them gifts is the key to breaking the curse or spell or whatever it is that water was laced with. And for some fucking reason, you are super excited to do it.

This is an idle game, which means making progress does not necessarily mean that you have to be actively playing the game. After learning that the key to a hare’s heart is intelligence, for example, you take up reading as a hobby to boost your IQ. Also, dating them requires fancy dates and expensive gifts, so you have to take Rihanna’s advice and just “Work, work, work, work, work”. You raise the boy’s arousal levels, you get on their good side, and soon enough you get to tickle their insides.

However, there are several problems in this game that make it more of a waiting game than a dating game. As you make progress, the dating requirements become more and more demanding. It’s counter-intuitive as fuck. At one point, the gifts became so damn expensive, the fact that I was making 47 million dollars an hour was super irrelevant. A freaking neck pillow cost 18 million—a neck pillow for fuck sake. I wonder if it was made of angel feathers with the scent of John Travolta’s hair gel from “Grease”. I felt like a sugar daddy, paying for everything.

Blush Blush turns a simple concept into an unnerving repetitive waiting game. You need money, and that leads to you needing a job. To get a job, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Some of those requirements require special skills. To acquire special skills, you need to find some hobbies. Are you tired yet? There is more to this bullshit. Both work and hobbies take up time slots. That usually means that you need to pick between working for money, studying for intelligence, or chasing some ass. Chasing ass, however, also has some requirements regarding money and skills. Do you see where the waiting game becomes a key part of the scheme?

Don’t worry if waiting is not your style; Nutaku’s got your back. If you don’t want to wait for hours on end to get a date and progress further, only to do it again and again, you can just throw money at it. Pretty much what the freemium model is all about. You can buy timeslots; you can boost your character stats, almost everything you can get by patiently playing the game, or just leaving it on for a while. That’s the idle beauty behind the beast.

I’ve seen hundreds of reviews from players with 100+ hours on this game, all complaining about how the game plays heavily in favor of people who decide to invest money in it. Most of them were moaning about how they only managed to hit a home run with just the first of the boys. Now, I only invested a few hours of active time in this game, not including the passive game action, so I can’t really say if they are absolutely right to complain or perhaps are doing something wrong. Either way, it’s a well-known fact that this game makes you work your ass off for the smut.

Focusing on The Positives

Okay, maybe I went a little hard on the game in terms of gameplay. This game has its positives too, and quite a few to be honest. One of the most commendable things about it is the art style. Blush Blush features an amazing, beautifully drawn 2D hentai style art that is very easy on the eye, beautifully mixed with a hint of cartoon vibe decorations. The end result is something the developers can be proud of. This game has a ton of positive reviews, most of which focus the praise on the art style.

Another huge plus is the sense of accomplishment Blush Blush gives the player, once you actually manage to take a boy home. The fact that the grind system is tough, and the game requires patience very much underlines the player’s success and makes it an achievement worthy of praise. What really gives the game its X-factor is the variety of the characters. Every single one of the ten dudes has his own story and separate animations and contributes to the game’s uniqueness. You can see the amount of love that was put into the making of this game.

Blush Blush leaves a great impression, and it’s a game very much worth playing. The overall impression is great, as shown by the countless positive reviews this game receives daily. Even though the gameplay may become repetitive and straight-up annoying, the rewards are sweet and worth playing for. Plus, it’s a great game for people who like frequent casual gaming, instead of long porn game sessions. If you’re constantly on the move, or you work on your computer, and you’re frequently alt-tabbing, so to speak, this is the game for you. It’s like a sexy pet that you keep in your laptop. It just keeps growing and eventually takes its clothes off for you. It’s more of a great hobby than it is a video game title.

PornGames likes Blush Blush

  • Beautiful hentai-cartoonish art
  • Tons of gameplay
  • Amazing game design

PornGames hates Blush Blush

  • Waiting instead of Dating
  • Heavily favors people who invest money in the game