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For those of you who have seen my review of Bound to College, you must know that I am quite a fan of the indie game developer, Pride Drawing's work. If you have not, you'll have to read that review when you are through with this one.

Anyway, while the title of this particular game might seem confusing, the popularity of this sex-centric graphic novel is not. As we will see it is a delightful dick-filled, fun interactive adventure with the same level of story depth and a few other twists that make it just as good as its spiritual predecessor.

As we will see, it could be considered even better, but the only way you can know for sure is by going through this whole review.

Pride Drawing Has Conjured Up Another Creative, Carnal Work

The name of this game is not quite what you think it is. No, it is not referring to some species of tiger, but is a funny play on German words. You see, 'engel' means angel which is appropriate given all of the angelic guys you'll interact with. And 'bengel' is the word for brat which certainly is fitting for a couple of these guys given their behavior.

But not all of them are quite so contentious.

The main character is your average, boy-next-door type named Tim. He's got a raging crush named Jeff who, as far as we can tell at first, is straight. In a sudden twist of fate, Tim is sucked out of his ordinary life and into a larger drama involving angels, demons, and plenty of supernatural shenanigans which, you the player, will have to sort out. If you play it right, a lot of these encounters will result in plenty of dude-on-dude shagging.

The plot may start with trying to get naked with the neighbor boy but you might end up pursuing other relationships (or just carnal relations) with other fellas. Since this is a choose-your-own-adventure story the choice of how holy or deviant you are going to be is up to you.

The Aesthetics Of This Nudity-Filed Novel Is Superb

When it comes to how this video game looks, it is just as fantastic as its series' predecessor. The 3D renderings are a cut above most other independent games out there. The guys tend to be mostly of the twink build though there is a fine amount of variety. To put it in simpler terms, if you like younger men with extra large wangs, you'll be pleased with the model design.

Also, this is one of those rare interactive novels that has voice acting, or at least sort of. The game's creator has used Speechelo which actually sounds pretty good.

Becoming A Patron Of This Person's Work Pays Off

If you have a few dollars extra each month then consider sending them to Pride Drawing's Patreon. I do have to tell you that to get all of the nudity scenes to be unlocked, you will have to pay the minimal amount for that. But since that only means $1.50, I do not think that is too bad.

You'll also be able to get access to the Discord server and hang out with Pride's growing community of gays, gamers, geeks, and sex freaks. You'll find out about new events going on all the time which is great considering there are new additions being made all the time. For $6 a month, you'll be able to see drafts and additional images you cannot in the game. For five and a half dollars more, you'll get all of that and get access to the Board of Directors' Posts. And at the highest $23 Good Samaritan level, you'll have your name in the next edition's game in the credits and get an "Avatar-image of an in-game character of your choosing."

Another option is to choose the amount of money that you want to spend each month. Depending on the pledge, I am not sure what that gets you. However, I am sure that a custom monthly patronage would mean you could ask for whatever and Pride Drawing would be willing to negotiate.

This Is An Ongoing Project That Is Approaching Perfection

Pride Drawings is apparently only one guy and last I knew, still working a day job. Based on his monthly Patreon subscribers this not-at-all-hobby but not-yet-a-job seems to have helped him work on his craft, but people have pointed out a few issues with BEngel have been discovered.

One example would be how Android users noticed that sometimes the game shuts down upon activation. Fortunately, Pride Drawings managed to come up with a fix within in less than two weeks. Considering how long it takes professional developers comprised of teams of full-time designers to iron issues with AAA titles, I consider that impressive.

(Anyone remember what happened when Mass Effect: Andromeda came out?)

It seems like most of the other bugs are minor and have been or are being addressed. But if you run into an issue or just have a buggy version of the game, then leave a comment on Pride Dawing's page courtesy of the link I have provided above.

When It Comes To Downloading And Playing, You Get Options

Typically most adult games are either written in English or sometimes Japanese. No matter what the case is, they do not always read well, especially if they are translated from one language to another. BEngel is available in both English and German and is quite a fun read. Occasionally, there are sentences here and there in English that might read as "odd" but I think it adds to the game's charm.

Another issue that other games might have is what computer language they were written in and how that impacts what sort of machine you can play them on. BEngel can be played on PC, Android, Apple, and even Linux systems. As long as your machine has been manufactured and includes software that has been around since Windows 7, everything should run smoothly.

Like Bound to College, you can pay the requested $3 or more or less or even nothing at all. <strong>Pride Drawings believes in providing a quality product and allowing the player to decide what it's worth in the moment, or even after downloading and playing</strong>. Naturally, PayPal and major credit cards are accepted.

This heavenly interactive erotic experience is getting four and a half hands out of five. Since this game is so fine, I am going to definitely say that you should give this one a try.

PornGames likes BEngel

  • The graphics might make you spontaneously spunk on yourself
  • Advancing the plot through sensual dialogue is delightful
  • There is some surprisingly convincing automatic dialogue
  • This game is originally German but the English translation is great
  • You can download this game in many different ways, and get it for free

PornGames hates BEngel

  • To see the sex scenes, you'll have to pay for the game
  • Android users have and still report certain issues
  • The game's maker is continuing to iron out some bugs