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After Class

The world of furry porn is a vast and complicated place filled with regrettable choices and weird sexual situations. On the other hand, the world of gay porn games is even bigger and far less weird, but a less familiar to me. I try to learn as much as possible about gay porn games, since it’s a part of my job and all, but they’re really not made for me, so it’s no wonder I find it kind of hard to dive into them sometimes. Well, for the best gay porn games list on this here site, I knew I had to cover a few specific gems that blew me away, even though they didn’t necessarily give me a boner.

After Class is one of those gay porn games that blow my mind with quality and attention to detail. This right here is nothing short of a masterpiece. The game is also furry-themed, so you can imagine what it must mean for me to give it such high praise. I don’t fuck with no furries, but this game right here… This game’s got heart. The guy who made this game Andy Peng, currently has a successful Patreon account with over 350 patrons backing him. He’s done the hard work. If we’re to take his word for it, he was basically destitute before this game took off. This right here’s the kind of respectable guy who believed in his dream and worked hard to help the world jack off. I tip my hat to this absolute legend. Now, let’s dive into what makes After Class a timeless classic.

Primo Art Style

The art of this game defies expectations. I mean, when was the last time you downloaded a furry game and found it to have quality art within? That’s just not how this works. Most furry games look like they were drawn by a potato with a potato. After Class looks like it was weaved into existence by art gods, then sent down to Earth on the wings of art angels. And, both the art gods and the art angels were furries, but that’s inconsequential. What impressed me more than anything in this game were the character sprites. There aren’t a lot of them. The game is pretty static. I don’t even know if you get any animations. I don’t think so. But, the character models are so amazingly beautiful that they make up for damn near every shortcoming.

They have this cartoonish style that is some weird mix of mild anime vibes with western Disney influences. I don’t honestly know how to describe it perfectly, but suffice it to say, all the characters look really cool. They look like chill dudes you could grab a beer with, even though they’re animals. That’s probably the main reason I respect this game, where I usually make fun of furry games. It doesn’t look improvised. All the characters in this game might be animals, but they look likable and relatable. I don’t feel like I’m watching bestiality here. I feel like I’m watching a cartoon from an alternate universe where people just happen to have fur. That’s a lot easier to stomach than Sonic the Hedgehog rule 34 art.

Impressive Story Writing

The dude that made this game is not a native English speaker, and he made sure to apologize for that on his Patreon, in advance. Personally, I don’t think he has anything to apologize for, to anyone. Yes, the writing has some common mistakes here and there, but that doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that the story is actually interesting. It builds very nice immersive vibes and gets you caring about your character. This is, first and foremost, a visual novel, so the writing is absolutely key. I’d rather have a gripping story with a few grammatical errors, than read a pristine pile of shit that drones on and fucking on about nothing.

If I were to criticize the writing, I’d say there’s just a bit too much mundanity and minutiae. Big words, I know. What I mean is, there are too many lines of dialogue, or monologue, about the main character’s everyday life. The milk is spoiled. The clothes are wet. Do you want cheese or bread? Don’t forget to brush your teeth. The cheese isn’t spoiled. It smells nice. Throw out the trash. Put the food into the toaster.

These kinds of minor details can add a lot of flavor to a story, but when they’re sewn throughout the entirety of the game, they can get very tedious. I mean, I didn’t exactly play this game for the pussy. There’s no pussy. But, I’ll admit, the dudes in this game are fun to talk to and hang out with. Granted, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing their dicks or anything, but I really wanted to progress the story.

Your Chad Furry

You play as a furry character that you name yourself. He’s a pretty chill dude and a lot more likable than the protagonists in male-centric porn games. I’ve noticed this before, and it kind of grinded on me something fierce. In straight games, the ones I love playing; the main character is always a walking sob story with no real personality. Chicks sleep with him because he’s persistent and pitiable. I’d love to play as a main character who’s a proper hardcore womanizer, and those games do exist, but they’re rare. In visual novels, the main characters are usually self-insert protagonists.

The main character of After Class is much more fleshed out and has real emotions. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds really gay. Yes, this is a gay furry porn game, what did you expect? Gay people really know how to write proper men, what can I say? The rest of us are so focused on the pussy; we don’t think straight.

The Story

After arguing with your parents about your autonomy and your place in the world, you tell them off and insist that you can make it on your own. You want to move out of your house at the age of 18. They agree, but they give you a condition. You have to move to a place called Highwell, where you are to attend college.

You get started and meet some of the new faces that you’re going to be spending time with in the coming months. They’re all really friendly and interesting, and they’re quite different from one another. Not just in personality – they’re literally different species as far as I could tell. No-one really addresses this in the game. I guess it’s a furry world in which all the advanced furry races live in harmony. If I remember correctly, there’s a lion, a bear, a bull, a dog, and a tiger. Lion-bro was my favorite, cus he looked the coolest and pulled of a mean pair of spectacles. Tiger-bro reminded me of me, because he’s fucking jacked. You know I hit the gym on the daily.

Smut Scenes

I mentioned that this game doesn’t have any real animations, and that’s true for the smut scenes as well. In fact, there aren’t smut scenes, technically. Once you get to a point where you and an animal bro really care about each other, he takes his clothes off, shows off his schlong, which is usually pretty huge, and then the screen goes black.

The sex scene then plays out in text. It’s described to you in great detail, and it’s quite hot, from the looks of things. Once again, it’s not my cup of tea, but I recognize fap-worthy writing when I see it. The problem is, it’s kind of hard to fap to a black screen covered in text, when you’ve been treated to the amazing art that this game has to offer for hours. It would be very nice if they at least threw in a couple of sexy stills to go with the action. As it currently stands, the porn in this game is entirely text-based, and the rest of it is just a dating sim. That’s not bad, but it is definitely lacking. However, the game is still in development, so who knows? They might add proper smut scenes and even animate them, eventually. Only time will tell.

This right here is one of the best gay porn games out there, especially if you’re a furry. The art is fantastic, the story is gripping, and you’re gonna have a damn good time playing it. I guarantee it. As for jacking off to the smut scenes, well, good luck. If you form an emotional connection to the characters, maybe you could pull it off. Try it.

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