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Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is a stealth murder game developed by YandereDev, an independent game developer who’s working with numbers of volunteers to keep the game running. Although the game hasn’t exactly been released, users can only play the simulator through PC by visiting the game’s website and downloading the simulator.

Get ready to stiffen your ass cheeks because the game doesn’t end. You’ll have to go through classes to strengthen your murder skills and eliminate different targets every week. Keep in mind that the game consists of extremely violent content that’s not suitable for young people and pussies. So if you’re craving for blood and murder to keep the person you love all for yourself, then get ready!

Craving For Blood and Murder?

Are you? Well, for sick, lonely fucks who have nothing good to do with their lives other than murder defenseless women to fulfill your acts of obsessiveness and possessiveness. Just from the name of the game itself, Yandere Simulator, you can already feel the violence that’s about to come only from reading the word ‘Yandere.’


The gameplay starts with a dialogue where a stranger speaks with Yandere-chan through text, that another girl will confess her love for her Senpai. All your targets will come from the same stranger every week, saying that a girl will confess her love for Yandere-chan’s Senpai. Your task is to track down that girl and to eliminate them stealthily.

Failure to eliminate your targets stealthily can still provide you with various alternatives to make sure no evidence will lead to you. By staging an accident or framing someone using the power of social media is the best way to go through, in case there are witnesses during your hunt.

You can also interact with all of the students by doing tasks for them, compliment, and apologize. In this way, you’ll be able to increase your reputation points to make sure that the teachers and prefects won’t be suspicious of you and your acts.

Aside from all the killing, there are also arcades you can play in the game, such as a dancing machine. The dancing machine feature helps you calm your nerves and to get you off of slaughtering your targets for the meantime.

Keep in mind that you should never be caught by Senpai committing murder. If your Senpai witnesses you killing those who gossip about you or other girls who also like your Senpai, then it’s game over, since your Senpai will never love a murderer.


The main focus is about Ayano Aishi, otherwise known as Yandere-chan, and how determined she is to gain the love of her Senpai. Given that Ayano Aishi is a lonely girl who doesn’t give about other people’s feelings, only herself. Her feelings towards her Senpai is overcome by jealousy, obsessiveness, and possessiveness to make sure no one comes near her Senpai.

At one point, Yandere-chan will find several videotapes in her basements that involves a conversation between a girl who tied her Senpai to a chair in the same basement. The reason being is that the girl is also madly in love with her Senpai. It's strange, since they haven’t spoken to each other, even once.

As Yandere-chan listens to the videotapes, you’ll discover that the girl in the video is Yandere-chan’s mother, Ryoba Aishi. Ryoba did the same murderous acts to several school girls since they were also getting in the way of her and her obsessed possessiveness with her Senpai, which is Yandere-chan’s father.

You will also discover later on in the game that history will repeat itself since Yandere-chan was born through the same act her mother did with her father. Ryoba Aishi forced her Senpai to marry her and to fuck in the same basement.

What I Like About The Game

The best part about the game is the voice-overs that come with every dialogue. The moment that you start playing the game, the main character, Ayano Aishi, immediately speaks with another girl who’s asking for panty shots. You’ll be able to see panty shots and up-skirts throughout the game, which is what you scumbags always want to spice up your single lives.

Yandere Simulator is a murderous game that contains extremely violent content. The blood that gushes out of every target you stealthily murder makes the killing feel more realistic. In connection to this, the developers also added in a sanity system where you have to calm yourself and prevent committing uncontrollable violent acts against every student you come up against.

Another feature that makes the game playable is the tutorial system that you can either keep or turn off. The tutorial system is your only guide to getting through the game. However, make sure to remember all of the guides. As you progress through the game, all the tutorial notes will disappear.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The Yandere Simulator is close to being perfect. The developers aim to make sure you sadistic loners experience the essence of the game. However, being a gamer, I’m not too fond of the fact that every student produces the same reaction when witnessing the murderous acts I commit.

Another disappointing feature I experienced when playing the game is that the teachers were still able to apprehend me even though Ayano or Yandere-chan’s sanity reached zero. The reason why it was an utterly disappointing feature is that no one should be able to get a hold of you whenever you’re in maniac mode.

Further, although the dialogue includes different voice-overs for different non-playable characters or NPC, there are still a lot of missing voice-overs in numbers of interactions. As a result, whenever you interact with NPCs who don’t have any voice-overs in their dialogue, there’s a dead silence where it feels like the game had stopped.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

Yandere simulator is still a work in progress, even though the graphics improved entirely over time. The developers are still working on the game to make sure that you, sadistic losers, can finish the game after mercilessly killing innocent high schoolers. One factor that made me kept exploring the game was the dialogue.

The dialogue can change entirely based on your reputation. However, the developers should add more to the way the main character interacts with the students, teachers, and prefects to gain a good amount of reputation.

Another problem I faced when playing the game was the indicators. The color of the indicators are light pink, and you won’t be able to see it most of the time. As a result, whenever you commit a murderous act, you’ll have a hard time to prevent yourself from getting caught if you won’t be able to see the indicators.

My Conclusion

The game still needs a lot of improvement, given that the developers are still working on finishing the game. However, you will still be able to enjoy the game and kill a lot of high schoolers in various ways, depending on the weapons you have and the methods you use. You sadistic cocksuckers can still murder plenty of high school girls like they were responsible for breaking your lonely-ass heart.

The gameplay of the Yandere Simulator is also closely similar to the Hitman game series, where you’re put into a large environment, filled with a lot of NPCs. The original gameplay suggests that you use stealth to kill your targets and prevent them from getting close to your Senpai.

The main reason why you have to use stealth to kill your targets is to prevent yourself from getting arrested by the police. The fun part about killing stealthily is disposing of the corpses of your targets, cleaning up the bloody mess, and getting rid of the evidence. However, you can also use the power of social media to frame other targets for your actions.

Always remember that the person you love should never witnesses you killing your schoolmates. If Senpai ever witnesses you, he will never be able to love you, and then it’s game over.

PornGames likes Yandere Simulator

  • Free to play
  • Has its simulator
  • Has a variety of weapons you can use to kill your Senpai’s lovers
  • Amazing anime-like graphics
  • You can choose between various hairstyles
  • outfits
  • and color
  • Cute Japanese high schoolers
  • Unlimited view of panties
  • You can take up-skirt pictures
  • save them
  • and fantasize about them
  • Endless possibilities of exploring the game due to having no objective
  • No absolute chance of winning
  • Has a lot of easter eggs that you can use to spice up the gameplay
  • You can connect controller/gamepad/joystick to play

PornGames hates Yandere Simulator

  • No clear instructions as to what you’re supposed to do early in the game
  • Can’t access the settings in-game
  • No controls options for the keyboard
  • Frequently goes ‘Not Responding
  • ’ especially during loading times