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X Story Player

X Story Player! Get the fuck out of your mom's basement and experience the world, you retarded little fuck… Wait...What? Virtual Reality games are a thing now? Virtual Reality PORN GAMES?! Holy shit, get back inside! Now! This is probably the next best thing after the last internet phenomena where the nudes of celebrities got leaked for the whole world to see and jerk off to. It's like the industry of porn, gaming, and Virtual Reality had an unholy offspring out of it. Anyway, what we're going to review this time is the game called XStoryPlayer from Xmoonproductions. The game's programming revolves around the idea of using VR equipment, such as the Oculus or the VIVE headset, to fully immerse the players in an exotically beautiful world full of your lewd desires. Let's not waste any more time, so without further ado, let's get on with this fucking review.

The Basics

Let's start with the basics of XStoryPlayer. First of all, the game implemented a storyline for it, not to mention that they also added some sort of sandbox dungeon to do all of your erotic desires. In this dungeon, you get to do some lewd things to the babe that you desired, you get to do things such as abuse, strip, and interact with them sexually. Yes, you heard that right, motherfucker. You get to fuck the girls to your heart's content, and in VIRTUAL REALITY! Moreover, there are also different stories to choose from, and some of the older stories run under the second variation of the game. Choices include a story in taking revenge on your sexually hot boss lady, convincing some babe to fuck you by using a photography gig, or conducting a lesson of sex education to some reluctant girl from school.

Sex Rooms, Puzzles, and...Dickgirls?

XStoryPlayer is still a role-playing game despite having the majority of the gameplay revolve around the idea of doing lewd things to women. However, when you finally get past the adventurous element of the game, you get to fuck around and have some really hot sex moments with different women. Not to mention that whenever you're with some hot babe, you get to choose from different sex toys, in which it includes nipple clamps, dildos, and whipping toys. Wait… what? It sounds like you get to be the dominatrix. Don't you know what that is? Wait, let me drop some fucking knowledge into your broke-ass head. A dominatrix is a person who dominates your sexy time; whether it's a woman or a man, the dominatrix is in complete control over the other as you perform some sexually sadistic things to your partner while they can't do anything about it. I know it's fucked up, right? Well, there are actually people who prefer it that way, it's like a fetish to them, similar to the ones who love BDSM. Moreover, there's a feature in the game called fast mode where you get to choose from four sex scenes that are currently available. You also get to choose from a variety of options such as dick size, skin color, and even a rag doll more. In the puppet mode, you'll approach a girl, and they would suddenly fall on the floor, and you get to do all sorts of things to her while passed out. I don't know; some people actually prefer it that way.

The Graphics

It's a Virtual Reality porn game; it would only mean that you're going to get up close and personal with things in the game and, of course, the fuckable babes. If you're wondering what I think about the graphics of this game? Then all I can fucking say that I'm impressed with the outcome of their hard work. With the game's outstanding animation, it gave the means to exceed beyond being called a basic 3-Dimensional game. Moreover, let's talk about the hair, character movements, and the skin texture of the models. I can clearly see that all of those have been designed close to perfection (nobody's perfect, bitch). However, with the recent uprising of technological improvements, the developers should consider using it for their advantage as it could bring the game closer to the top list of the best games in the industry.

Is There A Price Tag On This?

By the time you're reading this, XMoonProductions has already released their latest update for the game, the version 3.5. It pains me to say this...but, the game is not fucking free, but who am I to blame them? They actually made a game around the technology of Virtual Reality that's actually good and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and dicks of everyone. XStoryPlayer can be played either by getting the free demo or by paying a staggering 18 dollars to get the full version. However, I fucking hate the people responsible for fucking deciding to ask the players to pay an additional 9 dollars just to get the update version. Who in the fucking hell does that? Money-hungry people? Don't look at me; they're the ones who fucking made a cheap-ass porn game. Fucking sons of bitches.

What I Like About XStoryPlayer

Despite my rants about the bitchy parts about the game and the people who made it, there are still a lot of praises to go around as there's actually a lot of things to love about this game. First of all, it's a fucking role-playing game, it's like, one of the fantasies of every child, which is to experience every aspect of a role-playing game through your eyes. Since it's an RPG, you should expect to have outstanding interactions with your surroundings, and XStoryPlayer excelled in that element. I mean, can you imagine? You get to fuck bitches anytime in the comfort of your own home. On top of that, the game also has some challenging gameplay that comes with it; it's not just your typical role-playing sex game where you only roam around and fuck bitches. Moreover, since the game was made with the conditions that it should be played with VR equipment, XStoryPlayer has some truly immersive gaming experience. You get to experience sex in fucking Virtual Reality. If that doesn't get you excited, then I don't know what will.

My Recommendations To Improve XStoryPlayer

Holy fuck! There are so many things that I want to talk about the game that needs improvements. Literally, there's a fuck-ton of it. However, I'm only going to talk about the essential elements of the game that needs improvement. So, without further ado, let's begin with the first one, which is the game's animations. Since XStoryPlayer is a Virtual Reality game, in which you're required to use four of your five senses (especially the sight), you're going to experience fucking up close and personal. However, since some animations are quite problematic, it resulted in my fap session to be also quite problematic. So fucking do something about it. Next would be the game's overall content. Look! I know that the developers have put a lot of their fucking worthless efforts into making this game. But, come on, they've put a lot of time into the minor details but never bothered with the game's content? In which it's really quite repetitive as fuck. Oh! And don't even get me fucking started with some of the models not being able to move, not even a fucking flinch. Moreover, have you ever heard of the 6DOF controllers? The thingamajigs that are accompanies the Virtual Reality headset? No? Well, go look it up, motherfucker! I don't have time explaining this shit to you in detail. Anyway, regarding the 6DOF controllers… How am I going to say this? Well… THE GAME DOESN'T FUCKING SUPPORT IT! Playing a VR sex game without the use of fucking controllers? I'd rather watch some fucking low-quality porn in 3D with my fucking VR headset.


I can't steer off from the fact that XStoryPlayer is still a sex GAME, rather than a simulator. However, I still find the game to be really appealing as it offers some ridiculously difficult gameplays that would result in players wasting countless hours into it. To my surprise, the game is actually full of in-game content that can either keep the players entertained or bored out of their fucking asses for hours on end. In conclusion, if you play a role-playing game and always look for solutions to a game's challenges, then skip this game as it's absolutely not for you. However, if you're the type of person who actually likes wasting countless hours to explore the game to its full extent with its seemingly endless options, then XStoryPlayer is the perfect porn game for you. Not to mention that its programming is revolved around Virtual Reality technology, which means that you get to have the experience like you're the one who's actually doing lewd things.

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  • It's a role-playing game
  • Very interactive
  • Immersive experience
  • A challenging gameplay
  • Experience sex in virtual reality