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Wolf Girl With You

I think it’s safe to say that most of you fucks out there have dreamt about having your own wolf girlfriend. It’s that first step to becoming a furry. It’s right on the edge of degeneracy. You know the kind of wolf-girl I’m talking about. No, not like your full anthro dream furry named “Emerald Claw” or some shit.

I’m getting at those hot sluts with just the wolf ears and a tail. Like that babe Holo from Spice & Wolf. Yeah, I read that shit. How could I not? You open up the front cover, and it has her laying their all seductively. Plus, every cute anime weeb babe worth her salt has clipped one of those wolf tails to their pants at some point. Just you wait until you get a slut who’ll take one of those tail plugs up her ass. Now, that’s a dream come true. Unfortunately, the rest of the book wasn’t nearly as sexy. Talk about misleading.

Anyway, you won’t have to worry about getting blue balled by the game I have for you today. Wolf Girl With You is a Flash game that you can purchase from or find for free on a variety of platforms. It was created by this dude named Seismic, and fuck does this game have a bit of history.

It started development all the way back in 2011 with very infrequent updates that led to the first official version becoming available in 2016. During that time, the developer became a bit of a meme on sites like 4chan, especially when he announced that he lost many of the game’s assets with his infamous “never ever” tweet. People thought the game would “never ever” come out, but eventually, it did. To everyone’s surprise, Wolf Girl With You was a fucking home run. It is still one of the better selling eroge flash games on the market.

Game is Straight to the Point and Throws You Right into the Action

The game is all about chatting with and fucking a hot wolf girl named Liru. Apparently, her character model and personality is semi-based on a character with the same name from an anime called Renkin 3-kyu Magical Pokaan. By “semi-based”, I mean they look pretty much exactly alike. And that’s about as deep as this game gets. You get thrown right into the action.

Hell, you don’t even have a fucking name in this game. Liru calls you “Mr. Customer.” So, I don’t know who you are to her. I guess she’s some whore that you’re paying to fuck. It sounds like the only way you cucks would get laid anyway, so get used to the idea.

If you download the game and wonder why the fuck she is chatting with you in Japanese, don’t worry. You can toggle the language over to English by hovering your cursor down at the bottom right. There’s a hidden menu there that lets you change the graphics, language, and sound options. Up in the top left corner, there is another hidden button that will let you full-screen the game.

Unique “Shout” Feature Lets You Control the Game With Your Voice

Oh, and the game will also ask you to allow it to use your webcam and microphone. No, this isn’t the NSA trying to watch you jack off your micro-dick. Nobody wants to see that shit. Wolf Girl With You has a unique feature called “Shout” that lets you control the game with your voice. Now, that’s awesome. Talk about a truly hands-free experience. You can lean back and just shout shit at your microphone when you want the scene to move forward. I’ve never seen another erotic game do this, and holy fuck is it fun.

The game has a very basic loop. You meet up with Liru and can choose if you want to have dinner, take a bath, or hop straight into bed and go to pound town. After you do that, you’ll get looped back in. The meal changes sometimes, and you’ll get a couple of new options to explore in the bath or bedroom as you progress. And that’s really it as far as gameplay goes. The dialog is very basic and doesn’t give you too many options. Most things you say are scripted and don’t change as you go back through the loop.

Gorgeous Animation, Hot Voice Acting, and Sexy Sound Effects

But this isn’t a game that is focused on gameplay. What really ropes you in is the fucking fantastic art and animation. This is one of the most fluid hentai games I have ever laid my eyes on. Simply watching Liru’s tits bounce while she rides your cock is like looking at a work of art. And this game hits you again and again with the sex scenes. It’s all about fucking Liru. There’s no bullshit keeping you from doing that. 2-minutes into your first playthrough, and you can have her deepthroating your dick.

Not only does the art look like it comes straight out of a high-budget anime, but it also has full voice acting for Liru. Her moans, gasps, and Japanese lines are all well done and super hot. Even the sound effects sound realistic and sexy. You can tell that a fuck ton of effort and passion was packed into this short little flash game.

Short but Very Replayable Game

And this game will probably leave you wanting more. Play for a half hour or so, and you’ll likely have unlocked every sex scene. You can revisit those by finding the hidden menu up in the top left corner of the screen. There you can hop right back into any of the scenes and see if you’re missing any. Though it makes sense that there aren’t hours upon hours of content here. The level of quality you get from the short time you have with the game is insane.

One of my few gripes with the game is with its English dialog. It’s pretty lame. It sounds like the shit you cucks would say to a chick. But even that doesn’t really take away from the experience. Your character probably gets like 20 different lines of dialog total. And it’s all shit like “Boobs” or “Let me cum inside you.” The focus really is on the art and animation.

And you don’t really get many choices aside from a couple of different position options when boning Liru. Don’t go into this game expecting any fetish content either. You get vanilla sex positions like doggy. Ha, doggy. Get it? Fuck, anyway, you get to fuck her in some basic positions, get your dick sucked, get a tit-job, receive a handy, and that’s about it.

BestPornGames' Favorite Features

My favorite feature that Wolf Girl With You had was the shout feature. That shit was awesome. It makes the entire experience so much more immersive. I know you cucks will finally get to feel like you have an actual girlfriend by talking to Liru. If only there were more options. I would love to see a bigger game explore that feature a little more. I also thought the art was super fapworthy. This game is so fucking nice to look at. Few porn games blow me away with their animations, but this one did.

BestPornGames' Suggestions

More content! Man, I wish there was more to this game. But I guess that’s a good complaint to have, right? If I want more, then you’re definitely doing something right. It is a bummer that this game is so damn short. Hopefully, Seismic comes out with a sequel or something in the future. Though, with his track record, that shit probably won’t come out until 2030 at the earliest.

BestPornGames' Final Thoughts

Overall, Wolf Girl With You is a hot flash game worth at least a few faps. It’s the kind of game you fap to all week and then come back to months later for the nostalgia. Few games out there can match the level of quality art & animation that this game brings to the table. That shout feature alone makes this a must-play in my book. If you like hot wolf sluts and great games, then you need to check out Wolf Girl With You.

PornGames likes Wolf Girl With You

  • High-quality animation and art
  • Unique shout feature adds another layer of immersion
  • Packed with lots of hot sex scenes
  • Sexy sound effects and full voice acting

PornGames hates Wolf Girl With You

  • Censored sex scenes
  • Very short game