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WetPussyGames Mobile

Every time I have to review a part of WetPussyGames, whether it’s the mobile section, the hentai games, the clips, or even the site itself in general, I got this huge ass smile on my face. This website was one of my very first porn games favorites back in the day. There was once an age of porn when you couldn’t just go to a Flash game site and find porn games; you had to get creative. Adult games were kept away from kids, so they were kind of hidden under the surface. Plus, it was hard to find quality sites by people who actually cared about the content they uploaded.

But, I found WetPussyGames, and my eyes were opened for the first time to the world of interactive smut titles. There were so many different types of games on this site back then. I think the first time I ever played Super Deepthroat, it was here, on WetPussyGames. Or, maybe I’m thinking of Newgrounds. Either way, this site introduced me to my favorite hentai movie of all time, Temptation, and I still regularly come back here when I’m feeling nostalgic. The site has largely become overshadowed by bigger competitors, but it remains a polished gem for people who want to fap simply, not extensively. They don’t have the biggest library or the best games, but what they do have is spirit and personality. The owner of the site, whoever he might be, has preferences, and he’s constantly uploading smut that he likes. So, if you’re likeminded, you’ve pretty much got this guy working around the clock to bring you new smut titles.

Wet Pussies on Modern Phones

The modern telephone is a far cry from the bricks we used to sport back when dial-up was still a thing, and WetPussyGames were just getting started. Mobile software, in general, was not common. At the most, you had snake on your phone, and you never played it, because fuck that. I’d rather play with my own snake than do that. But, today, your average person owns a phone with more horsepower than their actual PC. PCs are not that important for people who are always on the move, but your phone can have more than enough CPU and GPU stats to run proper 3D gaming titles. So, naturally, WetPussyGames, with all of its 2D Flash action, should be a cakewalk, and it is.

These games all run great on your phone, and they look damn near better than they do on PC. Our phones have roughly the same resolution as our regular monitors, so if you squish all that into a significantly tinier screen, you get a lot more pixels for your inch. Well, WetPussyGames recognized this and figured that they should do their part to market their games to mobile users with a bit more targeting and organization. In short, they made a mobile game section for games that are recommended for phone browsers. Now, this confuses me a little bit, because of the games that I found on the actual section don’t seem to be made for phones.

Random Games

It appears that they literally just took a bunch of their more popular games and put them in a mobile section, but they’re not mobile games. Hell, they could have just picked out the games with a more vertical layout and made those “mobile” officially. But, it appears there’s no real rhyme or reason here. It’s all just thrown in randomly.

The games themselves aren’t bad, and they do, in fact, work on your phone. But, that’s because these are all games that weren’t made in Flash. They’re of the same level of quality, mind you. Well, for the most part. These are the kinds of basic games that would run on a toaster, if that toaster supported HTML5. So, this is less of a mobile games section and more of a “not Flash” section. And this is kind of silly, considering there are ways to play Flash games on your phone anyways. So, you could just as easily browse the entire WetPussyGames website, instead of settling for this tiny two-page section.

Some Real Bangers

It’s time for me to dole out sympathy points and give out some credit, because this section has a few games that redeem its entire existence. I’ll focus on one, because trust me, it’s all you need. Lust Epidemic is here, boys and girls. That’s right, the amazing, mind-blowing, next-gen, 3D sex scene containing masterpiece by NLT Media is here on WetPussyGames mobile, ready for you. You can play it online, as much as you’d like, for free, with no slowdowns. Plus, the game lets you save your progress and turn the browser off completely.

So that means, you’ve got one of the greatest porn games ever made, available on your phone, no matter where you are, provided you have a bit of internet, without having to download anything to your phone. I know I love this approach, because when third-party sites ask me to download an unlicensed APK file and install it, I’m always terrified. I’m not comfortable bogging my phone down with random crap. It ruins the phone. It makes it lag and not to mention lose valuable storage space that I intend to fill with nude photos of the random bitches I bang.

The Site Itself

I love WetPussyGames on PC as much as I hate it on mobile. On the one hand, you’ve got a ton of playable games that run great. On the other hand, none of them fucking look right. They don’t scale properly. And, none of them actually go into full-screen mode. You are literally playing inside your browser, not even using 100% of the screen. You might be able to fiddle with some of the games and make them cover most of the screen, but with others, you can pretty much forget about it.

I tried scaling this random-ass DragonBall game they’ve got on here. The game is a visual novel, and it looks entertaining, but it also looks like shit, because it’s using 40% of my screen when I’m in vertical mode. Ok, so you might think that horizontal mode would fare better? Nope. No such luck. In horizontal mode, the game doesn’t even fucking fit on the screen. It bleeds out the edges, so I can’t even see all of it. There’s literally no comfortable way to scale these games to fit on a mobile screen. It’s a nightmare.

And the site is no better. It fits a computer screen, sure, because on a computer screen, the menus are on the left, the crap is on the right, and the games are down the middle. But, you browse vertically when you’re on your phone. Unless you’re completely insane or you are sitting on the toilet, and you can handle holding your phone sideways comfortably, you’re gonna hold that bad boy vertically.

Well, you can do that, but most of the games will bleed off the edge of your screen. Plus, none of it is actually optimized for a mobile experience. These are regular links that you can easily press by accident, because it’s never clear where you’re supposed to touch to get through. Combine that with the no-fullscreen problem, and WetPussyGames mobile sounds like a trainwreck.

Imagine this. You’re playing Lust Epidemic; you get through the intro and to the very first smut scene. You’re peaking on a random bitch through a gloryhole in the bathroom, and she starts taking her clothes off. Just as she’s about to start touching herself, you put your hand down your pants so you can follow along with her. But, you move too quickly, and your other palm gently taps the side of the screen. Right as the best part of the game is about to start, you accidentally clicked on the menu and got booted back to the main page, without having saved your progress.

The only sensible course of action after that would be to yeet your phone at the wall.

This website remains among my top favorites for when I’m feeling nostalgic, and it’s still great for PC use. As for mobile, I’m not entirely sure. I have tried playing Lust Epidemic on this bad boy on my phone, and it ran great, so at the very least, I can guarantee that’s on the table. But, I did actually accidentally click a menu button and get rerouted. I wasn’t lying about that being a constant threat.

PornGames likes WetPussyGames Mobile

  • Quite a few games
  • A few amazing titles
  • No Flash games

PornGames hates WetPussyGames Mobile

  • Terrible scaling
  • Unfriendly design for mobile