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You’ve seen a million of these types of sites before, but you know me, I’m Mr. Thorough. I have to go through every single one of these bad boys for your benefit. I’m like the proverbial princess that can’t sleep if there’s a fucking pea under her mattress. Except, instead of a pea, I get triggered by unreviewed porn sites, especially when they offer actual fucking content that the common man can enjoy. You can think of me as your digital savior. I find the smut, I review the smut, I move on to more smut. In this case, we’re looking at AndroidMo, a website with a very clear mission statement. They’re here to provide you with an impossible number of free Android porn games.

That much should be clear from the fucking title. This is a website that provides you with literal thousands of free porn games for your phone. Mobile gaming can be a bit problematic, even in current year, in terms of minimum requirements and the like. Not everyone can afford the latest flagship phones. Luckily, Android porn games are usually built in Ren’Py, which for the uninitiated in the audience simply means that the games will run on any goddamn toaster you throw at them. As long as you’re on Android, you’ll be able to run most if not all of these games. A few here and there are made in Unity so they require a bit more oomph, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re all relatively lightweight titles.

3D, but Not Really

This is not a criticism of AndroidMo. This is more of an observation of porn gaming trends in general – when they say 3D, they rarely mean 3D. Don’t get me wrong, there are many proper 3D porn games out there. I’ve played my fair share. Hell, every VR porn game is 3D by default. You know the drill. With regular porn games though, 3D is more of a genre than it is an actual descriptor. It refers to games that are comprised of pre-rendered stills of a 3D environment. In other words, someone modelled bitches and environments then put them together. A powerful PC was then used to render high resolution stills and those stills were strung together into a game. The Ren’Py engine was basically made for this kind of crap.

So, to reiterate: most if not all of the 3D games on this site feature an abundance of still images and no actual 3D environments that you can explore freely. Some of them luckily have a few animations here and there, especially during the money shots, when you’re dicking some random girl or whatever. It’s good enough. This approach is the main reason behind how and why these games can be run on damn near any machine. All the processing’s already been done. All you have to do is plop them on your phone and enjoy the action. It’s that fucking simple.

Completed Games

This is a first. I can’t say I’ve seen this kind of split on other similar websites before. AndroidMo lets you sort the games on here by their development completion status. It’s the very first option on the site, on the left-hand menu. I think it’s genius. Porn games are notorious for being crowdfunded and abandoned, in that order. The developers get to a certain point of development, then they take the money and run. Or, hell, maybe they die or some shit, I don’t know. The point is, one out of two porn games end up unfinished and in a digital dumpster. On the one hand, it’s great that we can play them regardless, on the other, they’re a boner killer when they’re mixed in with proper finished titles.

Thank AndroidMo for separating the two categories so that you don’t have to check out a single unfinished game if you don’t want to. There are currently almost three thousand games on this site and I’m willing to bet that at least half of them are finished, so there’s that. I’m sure you’ll find the selection to be fucking abundant. That being said, I can see they’re taking their sweet time actually sorting the damn games into the two main categories. There are only a couple hundred of them, but the entire selection is, like I said, much bigger than that. So, they’re not done sorting. I hope they don’t stop. Maybe they’re just fresh and still setting up the site, who knows?

Some Quality Titles

The quality of games on this site ranges from bottom of the barrel to recognizable triple A content. I mean, they’ve got Smutstone as one of the top results on the general adult sex game section. A few games below that I’m also seeing Insexual Awakening. You show me that kind of spread, I know you’re serious about your business. These two games alone are enough to carry the whole website and you’ve got thousands more to go through. If you want to cram your phone full of high-quality porn games worth playing, well, you’ve found the best place to do just that.

If you’ve got a ton of storage space you could probably download hundreds of these bad boys. These kinds of games are famously very tiny. Take Insexual Awakening for example. That game has hours of content with high quality writing and extremely depraved sex scenes. It’s fantastic stuff. It’s not even 100MB across. That’s insane. The game has music and sounds as well, with animations and a bunch of chicks for you to romance. Still, you get a ton of quality content in that tiny file if you just download it to your phone.

Installing Android Games

You get the games from AndroidMo in the form of APK files. Some of them also come with download links for their Windows variants, where applicable. The Windows files are a bonus, though. This is an Android focused website. Those APK files are roughly equivalent to executable files on Windows. They’re loaded with all the files the game needs and they do everything that needs to be done once you run them. There’s a downside here, of course. Executable files can take just about any action they want to within the permissions you give them. When you install an APK file like this you pretty much have to give permission for it to access your files so it can install the game.

When you do this, you also allow the damn APK to do whatever the hell it wants with your files, including but not limited to copying your personal shit and sharing it with whoever the fuck it wants to online. This is standard Android bullshit. It’s also why it’s recommended to use app stores where this kind of code is carefully vetted to ensure that there’s no spyware or similar crap inside the games you download. Alas, you have to use APK files if you’re doing a third-party installation. These games are simply not available on app stores.

AndroidMo is Safe

The whole thing about APKs being dangerous has nothing to do with AndroidMo. They don’t put any crap in their APKs as far as I can tell. They’re legit. The problem is that APKs are inherently magnets for spyware, so you’re going to have to do your own antiviral scans on these games manually if you want a guarantee of safety. AndroidMo only upload good quality shit, but if something slips through the cracks, you’ll be the one paying the price.

This is the general recommended approach to installing APK files in general, mind you. Stick to trusted sources and vet the files manually using online tools. I won’t be making any specific antiviral recommendations, because that’s not what this review is about, but consider yourselves warned, all right?

It’s A Decent Website

AndroidMo have some work to do before their categorization spans all of their games, for easy filtering, but either way they’ve got a ton of free Android games ready for you at all times. You’re free to download them all if you’d like and given the relatively small average size of an Android game, you’ll be downloading them pretty quickly. That being said, I’m not very happy about the fact that I have to wait 15 seconds for a third-party website to load, but hey, it’s the price of doing business.

On the flip side, AndroidMo’s reliance on third party hosting for the files makes higher download speeds a certainty. I didn’t have to wait for any of these games for more than a few minutes across. And, I’m pretty sure you can download as many games as you want in parallel. No-one’s keeping track. This is simply one of many online locations where you can find free hardcore crap for your even crappier Android phone. Happy fapping.

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  • Countless quality games
  • All free to download
  • High download speeds

PornGames hates AndroidMO

  • Categories need more work