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Big Bang Empire

BigBangEmpire! From the dark ages of porn, the industry really had come a long way. Back then, the highest form of pornographic content was from CDs and DVDs that you usually see somewhere in the public market. But now, you only need to fire up your pc or turn on your phone to play one from a massive list of sexy, erotic, pornographic games, and most of them are even for free. Moreover, there are various types of porn games to choose from as there are RPGs, Virtual Reality simulators, card games, and the most common flash games that you can easily play from any web browser.

The one that I want to talk about now is the game called Big Bang Empire. It's a flash game, and as you already know, you can play it in any web browser from any computer. You've probably heard or seen the game one way or another as it's frequently shown in advertisement banners from various porn sites. has been around for almost five years now, and it's still relatively growing as the website still gains more than one million visitors every month. Anyway, without further ado, let's get on with the fucking review.

On The Road To Be Next Top Pornstar

When you initially open, you're then redirected to the account registration page as it is needed for you to play the game. The process is relatively easy and hassle-free. However, once you have created your account, you can now create a pornstar, in which this is the part that gets very interesting. The character customization is really flexible as I've enjoyed wasting so much time during this process. However, you can't change the actual shit that matters the most, which is the boob sizes, body types, ass sizes, dick sizes, or anything like that.

After you've created the slut or jock of your dreams, you can finally start the game and live out to be the best pornstar who has ever lived. The main goal of your character is to go through a series of events just to get out of the god-forsaken town that you fucking call home. However, you need to move to a large city and make a name for yourself as a pornstar. In order to achieve this, you need to complete various missions and earn diamonds, cash, and experience as much as you can.

Battling Against Other Pornstars

Aside from missions, your character would also make a name for itself by battling other players, yes, you heard that right, motherfucker. You can duel other players to get more rewards, even more from the usual missions itself. However, the duel feature is quite boring as you and the other character would, kind, deal damage to the other without any animation whatsoever. After you've beaten the character, you'll be able to receive rewards and shit that are not all that exciting. Anyway, if you're the one who's looking for something to pass the time between doing other shit, then this would work...I guess.

Finally! The Game Has A Mobile Application

As you progress through the game, the next BIG feature would be when you finally reach level 8. Because by that time, you can finally create pornographic films on your own. After your first video shoot, you finally have enough cash in hand to start decorating your own apartment, which is quite nice...I guess. However, the more that I play this game, I get that same feeling when I play flash games from fucking Facebook.

But wait, here comes the best part! You can finally play this game from any mobile device, but the thing is, you need to get the game from a separate application, in which you're only going to get by downloading it from site itself. I would consider this interesting feature a plus because playing it on a mobile device actually makes a lot more sense than playing it in a web browser. Don't worry, though, as all of the features that you'll see in the browser version; you'll also get on the mobile application.

What I Like About

I know, I know, I'm a bit negative about this game, but I can't deny the fact that I honestly wasted countless hours playing this game, even more than what I initially intended. Aside from it being free, the game is actually quite easy to pick up as it can be a perfect habit to pass the time whenever you're not doing something. As a matter of fact, there's actually a lot of features in this game that I fucking adore.

Let's start with the game's customization feature, as I actually find it to be quite enjoyable to play around with. To be honest, I've spent more time in the game's avatar customization, even more than the actual game. Personally, I went with a bust hot chick for an avatar. Why? Have you seen porn lately? You barely see any male pornstars on the other side of the camera, it's always been pussies being penetrated and asses getting destroyed. Anyway, I can recommend this game just with the avatar customization alone because you can create any pornstar avatar to your liking, regardless of body types.

The other good thing that I like about this game is the content, it may be lacking, but the experience you're going to get from it is on par from the other porn game titles. Sadly, I only went to two locations, but with those two alone, I've already wasted countless hours that I'm not gonna take back. But wait, there's more, there are also eight more locations for you to explore and enjoy, and since this game is still being developed, you should expect a lot more content in the following updates.

My Recommendations To Improve

Holy fuck, there's a lot of things I hate about this game, but I can give my fucking recommendations to improve the game. I swear to god, if the developers don't take this into consideration, then I would literally go to their houses and fuck their assholes. Anyway, let's get on with the things that I want to be improved in Bigbangempire. For starters, I want the developers to improve on the gameplay as there's actually not a lot to play around with, not to mention that the fucking sex scenes are lacking. Can you fucking imagine? A fucking sex game that lacks sex scenes? Holy shit.

The other thing that I would recommend to improve the game, as I can't fucking stress this enough, is that I want the microtransactions to be removed entirely. Gone. Spoof. Vanish… I mean, what's the fucking point? I know that the game is free and all, but really? Did you put microtransactions in the game? Not only that, the microtransactions are the particular items that you need to progress through the game. That's one hell of a dick move from the developers.

Moreover, you need the game to be a bit sexier. Fucking how? Well, add videos and lewd images, for starters. What the fuck am I saying? I actually have doubt that the fucking idiot developers of the game would take my suggestions into consideration, but a fucked-up guy like can dream, right? Anyway, to add to that, I would like to see more gameplay in the game, to be more specific, I would want to see some mini-games, puzzles, or anything that would get me a little bit excited. And… I think that's about it.


If you're one those fucking losers who like to keep it casual, then I would definitely fucking recommend this game for you. Aside from the game being hot, you actually get the once in a lifetime chance of becoming a pornstar, well, except it's only this virtual world. Moreover, the game has a lot of interesting features such as the capability to actually customize your pornstar; there's no other fucking game like that!

However, the game is quite easy to get used to, and because of that, the game actually gets boring really quickly, not to mention that there isn't that much porn to go around as I would actually feel that the game is more focused on the "plot." To add to that, as you progress through the game, you would encounter things like needing a particular item to get past the scene, and you can't acquire it from anywhere except buying it in their in-game store. I fucking know, right? Motherfucking microtransactions. What a bunch of fucking assholes. Anyway, aside from all of my rants, I can still recommend this game.

PornGames likes Big Bang Empire

  • This one is fucking hot
  • Become an actual pornstar
  • Flexible character customization
  • It's quite easy to get used to
  • A good game to waste your free time
  • Did I mention that it's free? Because it fucking is

PornGames hates Big Bang Empire

  • There are microtransactions for specific elements
  • Not much porn to go around
  • It gets boring real quick