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Time to talk about the most influential porn game website ever made. – Well, second most influential if you count yours truly. Nutaku is officially a game platform where you can find free online porn games. On the surface, that almost makes them sound like a Flash game site. But Nutaku is the real next-gen deal, and they have some damn impressive standards. They don’t bring free games together from across the web. They host games that they also have a hand in producing. I’m not sure if they just fund them or if they get involved in the creative process, but the standards of quality and art style are the same across all of their games. For those reasons and a hundred more, this is the hottest first class free porn game website out there.

RPGatcha Games

If you’ve played any Nutaku title before, you’re probably familiar with the term gacha. It’s a type of slot machine that’s kind of like gambling, but with a childish touch to it. If you’ve ever put a quarter in a ball-shaped gum dispenser and wondered about what color gum you’ll get, you know what it feels like to play a gacha machine. It’s the same thing. You plop some money in, pull a lever, and get a random prize. Why am I talking about this?

Well, almost every Nutaku game has a gacha machine built-in, and as most of their games are RPGs, the community calls them RPGachas. These gacha mini-games within the games usually give you a chance to spend your in-game currency to try your luck at unlocking items and characters. In Nutaku games, unlockable characters are always naked, sexy bimbos who are going to suck you off at some point in the game. It’s like a slut lottery.

The Nutaku Formula

If you don’t think gambling is very sexy, though, you are not alone. The main criticism that Nutaku receives on the daily is that their games are a bit cash grabby, and they kind of are. Now bear with me, because I gave them a lot of compliments and I stand by that. Yes, these are the kind of freemium games in which you can spend a lot of money and also gamble it away, but you don’t have to. The games are built around the idea of being played for a long time. They encourage you to come back to the games regularly and play bit by bit.

The entire website is built around the idea of your personal Nutaku profile that you sort of take with you across different games. When you buy Nutaku coins, for instance, these can be used within any game, but they’re locked to your site-wide profile. It’s kind of like there’s a relationship between all the games. Plus, since they’re all built to keep you coming back and playing bit by bit, you pretty much have every reason to play a bit of many games at a time, instead of dumping all your time and cum into one game.

So this is very much a website for people who love to come back to a sexy video game that they’ve invested love and faps into. It’s not a casual one-click fap location. If you’re looking to kill 30 minutes and never game again, then you’re better off looking up Flash game sites. This is not Nutaku’s flavor of smut. They’re building a porn game community. So I can guarantee this much: If you like one Nutaku game, you’ll like them all, and you’ll definitely stick around for more.

The Most Bonerific Art

You guys know that I like to say that hentai isn’t my thing, but the truth is I find time to jack off to it at least five times a week. It comes with the territory. It’s a popular form of porn, and a lot of people love it, so I might as well rub one out to some quality drawn shit once in a while. Well, Nutaku has taken all the best parts of hentai and sort of developed their own style.

They didn’t adopt the shitty parts of hentai, like blurry pussies and hairy vaginas. That kind of retro shit died out years ago. But, they did figure out how to draw really fuckable pussies and asses and push the limits of just how hot a drawn woman can be before she literally sets your screen on fire. Plus, they spun the art style a little bit with a few western tricks here and there. I know I’ve said this before, but I like the way they draw the noses. Yes, the actual noses.

They use some sort of western art approach when they draw the girls’ faces, and it makes them all the more fuckable. They look like a mix between hentai babes and western cartoon characters, and they never fail to get me hard. Now there is a bit of variety here and there. Like I said, Nutaku isn’t actually a game development company; they’re a platform. They do have a few games that seem to have come in from third-party developers who had their own artistic vision. Booty Farm stands out more than most, with art that just flat out looks like a western cartoon gone wild.

But then you’ve got games like Chick Wars where you can really see that ultra boner-inducing chicks with giant tits that I was telling you about. I think that the reason they turn me on so much more than standard hentai babes is that these girls look a lot closer to real-life women, while still having magical double-D cups that manage to stay up and about. I’d bang them all if they were real, I’ll say that much.

Tons of Different Games

You’d think that with all the money they’re making off of their flagship titles, Nutaku would have every reason to retire. Instead, they’re putting out new material all the time. Every single game that comes out on this site has some implied guarantee of quality. You know that the art’s going to be great. You know that there are going to be very hot sex scenes. You also know there’s probably going to be gacha, but it’s just the price of doing business.

I like that there’s an even spread across several different genres and then also a huge number of RPG games. It’s kind of like you go to Nutaku to either get your fill of tons of RPG games or to play literally anything else. I’m not surprised though. I mean, if you’re going to keep coming back to the same game, it makes sense that it be an RPG, right? The girls like you more the more you play them, and it feels like you’ve really made a difference in a virtual world.

If you don’t like getting swept up in role-playing, though, you can dive into some casual or puzzle games. Imagine Tetris, but with tits. Or Fruit Ninja, but with tits. Or maybe you’d like some Candy Crush, with tits. That’s what’s on offer here. Sometimes the mini-game will be separate from the smut, and it will give you points to unlock sex scenes. Other times it’ll be mixed in, and you’ll have to feed colored pellets into a girl’s gaping vagina to get her wet enough to take your dick afterward.

Great Pastimes

If you don’t like the idea of sitting down on your PC at the end of the day to play freemium games, then there’s still hope for you and Nutaku hitting it off. Check out their selection of Android games. They’re the same old games, but Nutaku has made sure to port them properly so that they’re the perfect mobile experiences. As of right now, most of their flagship titles have Android ports, and I can’t recommend them enough. Think about it. You’re on the bus, on your way to work, bored out of your mind with your headphones in. Then, you jump over to your virtual harem of battle babes and make sure they’re just a bit wetter than they were before. Then, on your way back home from work, you amp them up a bit more until finally, you get home to cover your phone in cum in appreciation for all their hard work. It’s a great way to keep your fingers busy.

On the other hand, if you’ve got too much free time on your hands and you like all things hentai, well you’ve got no excuse. Dive right into every single Nutaku game. Pop open a dozen tabs or so. Click away until your mouse starts to give in and jack off to every single sex scene they have to offer. They’re all going to get you rock hard anyways, and a lot of them have really high-quality voice acting too. This is truly a temple of interactive smut.

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