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Comix Harem! Do you fuckers remember HentaiHeroes? Of course, you do. That game damn near changed the internet when it first came out. Everyone and their grandmother were getting ads for it. Then, years after its initial release, it was bought out by a bigger company who pretty much started shoving it down everyone’s face because it’s that good. That site is still up, with the original game that features everything that was loaded with the initial release plus a ton of updates from over the years.

But we’re not here to discuss HentaiHeroes, my friends. We’re here to talk about ComixHarem, the new addition to these developers’ short portfolio. To my knowledge, they haven’t made more than a handful of games, most of which are just a copy of pre-existing titles. There was Gay Harem, which was just Hentai Heroes but with cocks. They straight up left every single line into the story, as it was before, except now there’s no pussy. There’s also Hentai Clicker, which is so light and forgettable that I won’t even bother talking about it.

But, ComixHarem isn’t just another cash grab trying to piggyback on the success of HentaiHeroes. On the contrary, this is a brand-new game with brand new smut and a fresh story.

It’s all about the superheroes these days. Ever since Marvel started shitting out their long-running superhero movie franchise, everyone seems to want to fit inside spandex and jump off a rooftop. I suppose I get the appeal. When you wear a mask, everyone wants to see your dick. I think that’s how that goes.

A Superhero Game

Anyways, this game is a hilarious parody of all those superhero tropes with so much smut going around; it’s crazy. The developers actually figured out a way to make the story work with the sex. HentaiHeroes was a bit all over the place with the story. Everyone was horny for no apparent reason. In ComixHarem, you get a significantly better explanation for why everyone’s so eager to take your cock.

You play as Cock-Man, a man with a superpower penis with the ability to cure all diseases and restore the superpowers of the super-women that he bangs. I’m kidding about the name; it’s actually Wildman. But the rest of it is true. The bitches in this universe need your cock, or more specifically, they need your cum. It has healing properties or something. I love this story. It could just as easily have been immersion-breaking and silly, but they play it really well. The characters are all kind of on edge about the whole thing. They’re aware of how ridiculous it is that the main character has a magic penis, but when they’re in trouble, they have to make use of it.

So Many Bitches

As you can imagine, there are a lot of bitches in this game that are going to need your help. When a superheroine has been beaten down and bruised, the only thing that can bring her back to feeling like her old self again is your magical penis with its superhero powers. I like this premise, and I like this writing. It kept me playing the game. Not that there’s anything wrong with the core gameplay loop, mind you.

Now, we need to talk about the various ways you can experience ComixHarem because, like its predecessor, it can be very deceiving. When you first start the game, you are thrown into the story. There are no buttons to press except for the one that moves you over to the next scene. All right, so far, so good. It’s basically a storybook, but I don’t mind one bit. The writing’s good, the pussy’s magnificent, and I want to fap to these drawings.

You Gotta Pay

Then, the story comes to a grinding halt, and you realize that you’ve been playing the game’s adventure mode, which is sort of like the main campaign. It’s the main reason to keep playing. However, there’s so much more to ComixHarem, and not all of it is good. Apparently, like the other game, it’s a harem RPG. You can think of it as Pokémon with tits, but without the open-world exploration. Instead, you just press a button and go where you need to go.

You equip items on the bitches and buy new things to impress them further so they can give you more of their assholes in the sack. All right, sounds like a plan. The problem is that most of the game requires you to progress the story, and to progress the story, you need to play the game. It’s a nice loop. That is, it would be a nice loop if the game were free. You see, this free porn game actually costs a ridiculous amount of money if you want to experience it all in one session. Once the intro is over, you can’t even see the second part of the first chapter if you don’t pony up the dough.

Seriously, It’s Expensive

Every time you watch a single image with a single line of dialogue, your stamina meter goes down. That bad boy only has about 70 points to it, and they drain really quickly. Those 70 points don’t even net you 70 images. You pay 4 points per image, on average. Long story short, you can play for about 15 minutes before getting stuck. Then, you have to wait an hour to continue, or you can just pay real-life currency. That’s not cool. I’d rather they let me pay for cosmetic items or some shit than charge me for experiencing the main story.

Then again, coming from the developers of Hentai Heroes, I’m not surprised. Did you know that this game is available on Nutaku as well as this main URL? Yeah, no surprise. It’s a fucking gacha, as in they got ya with the promise of pussy, then they slap you with the dollar signs. You have to pay the big bucks to see the whole game. Otherwise, you’ll be playing it for a very long time. I don’t think it’s worth it. Plus, the longer you play, the longer they’ll tempt you. <strong>The more you play, the more you want to pay</strong>.

It's a Fun and Sexy Game

So, we know that gachas are a bit scummy. Is the game worth playing otherwise? Absolutely. It’s much better than the previous one in both story and art. And granted, the art style is exactly the same, but that’s a good thing. The art was the best part, after all. However, the art within the actual game when you manage your stats and items is different, obviously. They reserve that part for another team of artists. It’s how they do things. I’m used to it by now, and it doesn’t really get in the way.

They wouldn’t be the first developers to mix high-quality sex scenes with low-quality art for the actual core gameplay. And speaking of the core gameplay, there is a lot to be done here. The whole item and stat logic run deep. You’re encouraged to mix and match babes and equip them with the best gear so that they’re ready for battle. The battles are actually superfluous. The whole point is to get back to the story and jerk off to the art. The actual gameplay isn’t hot on its own.

That being said, the art is hot – very hot. It’s more of HaremHeroes; what more could you ask for? The shit is uncensored, and it’s all high quality in a high resolution. Plus, the game runs in a browser, and it remembers everything you’ve done before. It’s streamed to a server, so you never have to save your game. You do have to make a free login, though. Make sure you do so on the main site and not on Nutaku, else you’ll have two different accounts. Then again, you’re free to do that too, if you’re a regular on Nutaku.

Worth Giving a Try

All in all, <strong>I give ComixHarem nine boners out of ten</strong>. It’s close to being on my top 10 lists, but the gachas are way too relentless for me to give it a free pass. The game has a lot of potential, and the art is gorgeous. You’ll definitely be able to fap to it. But you’d be best off just playing the game casually now and again for the stamina bar to replenish without you having to pay for it.

On the flip side, if you’re some sort of millionaire, fuck it, pay real money for this shit. Dump hundreds of dollars into it. If you do that, you’re sure to get all of the game in one serving, and you’ll never have to wait for a single scene. I prefer paying for porn once or not paying at all. Regular deposits for virtual coins aren’t really my thing. But nerds can be relentless with their passion for porn gaming, so I won’t hold it against you if you decide to dump your life savings into ComixHarem.

PornGames likes ComixHarem

  • Tons of babes
  • High-quality sex scenes
  • Very long story
  • It’s free to play

PornGames hates ComixHarem

  • It’s a gacha
  • You either pay, or you wait