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Waifu Academy

Let me guess. You are one of those lonely high school boys who went straight home after school and had nothing to do better in your life than stay in your darkroom or your mother’s basement staring at your computer while masturbating. If I’m right, then you’re fucking lucky. The game that we are going to talk about here will surely make you relive your high school life again, but this time, you will be having sex with everyone.

With that said, it is time to lock your door, turn off the lights, take out your lube and some tissues, and play the game. With over thirty characters to interact with, no doubt, this will be one of the best games that you will enjoy for a long time. Now, read my review of the academy sex paradise - Waifu Academy, right here.

Want to relive your high school life?

Waifu Academy is the perfect game for all of you sad losers who finished high school but did not have the opportunity to fuck their hot schoolmate. Yes, you read that right, you miserable fuck. Waifu Academy enables you to attend a private high school full of sexy bitches without leaving your dark empty room, you horny bastard.

Okay, for those slow idiots who don’t understand what I’m talking about here, Waifu Academy is like your own private high school paradise where the outcome depends on the actions that you make towards your schoolmates. In other words, it is how you treat your schoolmates that determines whether you get to have sex with them or end up going back to your room playing with your small dick, just like how you always do.

Waifu Academy requires a little bit of patience and some strategy. Don’t rush into things as it will lead to an unfortunate outcome for you. You wouldn’t want that to happen, right? Building up good Karma is the key to completing your objectives. Waifu Academy is available for download on Mac, Windows, and Android. So, what excuse is there not to try the game?

Lucky you, I went ahead to take one for the team and downloaded the game, so I can give you an honest review you lazy bitch. I had very high expectations from this game, and when I clicked the game icon, I was amazed to see how fast the game loads. It wasn’t that interesting at the start, but when it came to the scene where I was introduced to my step-sister, my dick suddenly got hard while thinking of fucking my step-sister. Isn’t that fucking awesome?


The gameplay of Waifu Academy involves a lot of dialogues, which means there will be a lot of reading. The game follows a certain storyline, and it is affected by a point system called Karma (which is basically your lover/neutral/evil route options). The choices you make will have an effect on the storyline. So, if you want to get laid the fast way, you better start building up that positive Karma!

The storyline of the game starts off in a scene with the main character on the train narrating his unfortunate experiences in the past. His life is about to change when he saw his mom. Then, me being the main character, is taken into their home after meeting George(mom’s husband) at the train station. Upon arriving in my new home, I am greeted by my mom and my step-sister. Holy fuck, my mom has huge tits, and my sister is fucking hot in that uniform!

I am then given a tour around the house and showed me my room. A couple of minutes later, I already get to see some action with my step sister. Seriously? With only minutes into the game, I already get to see my step sister on her underwear? Fuck yeah! Wait, that’s it? Only on her underwear? Well, that’s only the beginning you horny fuck. Things will start to get better as you progress in the game.

The next day is where things start to become interesting. It is your first day in the Waifu Academy, bitch! Yes! Where you meet all the bitches that you will have sex with. This is the part where you get to fill your erotic desires with your classmates. I personally liked Elizabeth. She has huge breasts, long white hair, and a cute face. I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

The outcome of the game is affected by your actions and decisions. The more positive your Karma is, the chance of you fucking the bitches will be higher. There will also be some exclusive scenes that will be unlocked because of bad choices. But in order to enjoy most of the scenes, don’t choose actions that will lead you to have negative Karma.

What I like about the game

One of the many things to like about this game is you get to interact with the other characters in the game. I was given different scenes with the different characters, and honestly, this is what makes the game better. The characters in the game turn me on so hard because they have big titties, and I can imagine being drowned in between them all day. What made it even better is that they are schoolgirls!

Another reason why I like the game is because of the graphics. There isn’t a lot of movement in the game, but the details on the characters, the environment, and the scenes are just wow! I was also given different choices, which is also good because although the game has a storyline to follow, I am able to decide where I want to go and what I want to do. It’s also impressive how fast the game loads. My dick was so hard the whole time I was playing.

What I don’t like about the game

To be honest, there are only a minor of things that I didn’t like while playing Waifu Academy. One of them is the background music. Over time, the music becomes annoying to the point where I temporarily lost interest in the game. I could have easily disabled the music, right? But I kept it on hoping that it would help build up the mood while I wait for the much-awaited scenes to arrive. But no, all I got was annoyed.

In addition, the people behind Waifu Academy could have given us idiots an easier time by decreasing the number of words that come up on the screen. I mean, us horny idiots only want to see some action and masturbate. We don’t want to waste almost all of our time reading words. If you are looking for quick action, Waifu Academy might not be the game for you, but with patience comes with great rewards.

My recommendations for improving the game

As I have mentioned above, the developers of Waifu Academy could have lessened the dialogues that follow the storyline. Added to that, the game could have been better if the background music corresponds to the scene or the situation to add a little spice to the mood. Also, add some more animation so that the user could somehow connect with the situation. But, if you are into this kind of setting, well, go ahead and do your thing.


Overall, the game is really good and worth spending time on. Especially if Japanese subtitles are part of your fetish. It is super easy to navigate through the game because everything is already laid out for you. All you have to do is click. The game does involve a lot of reading, but you can fast forward every dialogue. That way, people like you who has difficulty in reading a simple story make it easier for your sorry little ass.

Waifu Academy is super easy and quick to download. The link for the game is available online, and it doesn’t require a high-end computer to access the game. The only thing that the game requires is a lot of patience because you will be reading quite a lot of dialogues before you reach the sex scenes.

If this great game sounds exciting and something that you will enjoy, then what the fuck are you waiting for? Download Waifu Academy now and start going around the academy and have sex with the schoolgirls! It only takes less than ten minutes to download the game to your phone or computer.

PornGames likes Waifu Academy

  • Great storyline
  • Schoolgirls
  • Huge titties
  • Schoolgirls with short skirts
  • A lot of characters
  • Sex scenes
  • Graphics
  • Sex with step sister

PornGames hates Waifu Academy

  • Too much reading
  • Dialogues
  • Background music