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Vixen Wars

Are you ready to look at some hot chicks and go on a fantastic fantasy journey filled with goblins and ogres? If so, then Vixen Wars is the perfect game for you. But what makes this game so enjoyable? Well, I’m happy to report that the game clicks on all cylinders and will have you cleaning up the jizz in no time at all due to the sexy animation.

Thy Kingdom Cum

Not all games have a great story. While some games thrive on no story at all, the games that attempt one need to be captivating enough for you to invest in it. And, since this is a sex game, you have to make sure that your dick is hard almost the entire time. Vixen Wars does both of these things and does them both well.

You start the story as a horny motherfucker who wants to do nothing but pound pussy all day (no, the main character isn’t you). Anyway, you have this wickedly hot step-sister that you really want to bang. Like, you’re constantly talking about how you want to get in her pants and make her cum like there’s no tomorrow. But, she’s a bit of a tease. She only lets you have it when she decides you’ve waited long enough.

With that in mind, your land comes under attack from a variety of fantasy creatures. You’ll encounter many goblins and ogres in this game, and they all want to destroy you and get to your precious resources. Which makes sense, considering this is a tower defense game.

Defend Your Pussies

So, the gameplay is broken down into a simple premise. Creatures attack and try to tear down your precious resources. You try to stop them by placing team members in their way. Every map is similar but also completely different. Your enemies will always hunker down a well-worn path to try and destroy your resources.

Once this wave of enemies starts, you see that there are designated spots along these trails where you can place defenses. In this case, it’s women who would love nothing more than for you to creampie them.

Strategy becomes a significant factor as you slowly learn the ropes of the game. Each teammate you have is either a Melee or Ranged class (in full disclosure, this is a game that seemingly has no end, so I only know of these two classes. There may be more). When the enemies eventually arrive at your defense, they start auto-battling.

This is where you come in, as you observe and resupply your teammates with spells that are on cooldown timers. For instance, if one teammate is dealing with three giant ogres and the other with a steady line of goblins, you can use something like “Deal 240 damage in a 400 m radius” to destroy those ogres pretty fast.

However, each one of these spells works on both a cooldown timer. And, you can only use them so many times during one match. You can see how strategy begins to really show itself even in the early stages of the game.

Along with these special abilities comes a slew of teammates that you can gather throughout the game. Starting out, you fight with both Melee and Ranged builds. You might gather different types later in the game, but these are two you run into at the beginning of the game.

You can even change the outfits of your teammates to suit your own dirty desires!

Survival of the Sexiest

Once you’ve defeated all of the creatures with your horny crew of soaking wet gals, you get rewards! First, you get supplies. What do the supplies have to do with these sex-hungry women? I’m not quite sure, but you get them none the less. I was awarded with wooden planks that I think are used as some kind of resource. Again, as far as I got into the game, I didn’t see the use for them. However, I’m going to guess that these come into play later on.

I was also awarded Golden Dildos (which I’m assuming would be used to fuck all of these hot bitches? I would hope so!)

But, outside of these material rewards, you do get rewarded with a slew of stuff you probably came to the game to really see. What’s that you may ask? Well, I know you’ve really come to this game to whack off and stroke your throbbing johnson, so your other rewards for completing these levels are some sexy pictures.

These pictures come in the form of story, and you typically talk to one of the women you have as a teammate. Or, you may talk to your step-sister. It really depends on the direction the story’s going, so you’ll normally start talking to these chicks and your object is to end up fucking them until they can’t take it anymore.

The fucking isn’t a mechanic of the game, but you do get to see some pretty nicely animated tits and pussy. Speaking of nicely animated tits and pussy, the narrative of the game that leads you to this fucking is pretty interesting.

A Story Worth Reading

The story is actually quite interesting, and it’s something you may not want to skip over. You may be tempted to just glaze over the story because of your raging hard-on, but you may want to rethink this. You speak to the characters in an intelligent way and you actually have a say in how you respond.

Typically, you can respond with a strictly sexual answer where you take full control, an answer that doesn’t really focus on sex at all, or one that’s a little more tender but still oozes sexuality. The best part is that the characters will respond differently depending on your dialogue choices. It’s a pretty intricate system for a browser game that’s focused on tits and ass.

In terms of the game’s story, you weave you and your teammates through a series of levels that you can complete in terms of efficiency. You are rated from one to three stars depending on how well you completed the level. It’s similar to popular games like Candy Crush with this format, so keep that in your head as you progress throughout the game.

What I Like

I really enjoyed the game mechanics. They aren’t super simple so it’s incredibly easy but not overly complicated, either. It strikes a fantastic balance of skill and timing, and it’s an incredibly fun game to play.

I also applaud the story aspects of this game. Many tower defense games don’t heavily dive into a story (especially ones based on fucking and making your dick hard), but Vixen Wars presents you with an interesting story that strings you along while also rewarding you with some amazing animations of girls showing their pussies to you.

I also really enjoyed the abilities you can gain. Setting these abilities on cooldown timers is a great move since it makes sure that you aren’t overly powerful. With a great cast of characters and character classes, this game has a lot to like.

What I Hate

The only thing I dislike about this game is the business model. It’s similar to Candy Crush, and that’s not always a flattering comparison. Once you run out of energy for the day, you either have to wait a set amount of time or pay through microtransactions to gain back this energy.

Other than the microtransactions, there’s not a lot to hate.

My Final Opinion

Play this game. Even if tower defense games aren’t your specialty, it's worth your time to grab some Jergen’s, whip your dick out, and have fun staring at the gorgeous women while also devising some interesting strategies to take out the enemies.

If you ignore the microtransactions, you’ll have a fantastic time with this game.

PornGames likes Vixen Wars

  • Game mechanics are fun and easy to learn
  • The story is good
  • It provides a little bit of a challenge
  • The animation is great

PornGames hates Vixen Wars

  • The microtransactions is what holds this game back