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Erogames, aka Eroges! You might recognize this website’s name from damn near every and any top 10 free porn game site list out there. I’ve given them positive reviews in the past, and I’ll probably do it again. They’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but in a world of poor excuses for video games, they bring real raw shit to the table.

Powered by Freemium Games

Eroges is absolutely not one of those free porn game sites from back in the day that were littered in ads and free garbage Flash games. You don’t actually have to dig through shit to get to actual quality on this site. It’s all quality. You might be wondering how they can manage to afford that without running any ads, anywhere on their site.

Well, it’s the glorious freemium model. The bane of some people’s existence, and a favorite pastime for others. I guess it depends on whether or not you have disposable income and like spending it, but we’ll get to that. Basically, they let you dump a nearly infinite amount of real-world dollars into Eroges coins, which you can use within most if not all of their games to unlock random shit that makes the game better. Maybe you’re buying crotchless panties for your favorite harem girl, or a dildo that she can use to both beat off her enemies and fuck herself. The porn world is a wonderful place indeed.

So they don’t run any ads, and all the games are polished bangers of extremely high quality. The games are not made by Eroges, which is what still technically makes them a platform and not a developer. But, you can clearly see that they had some demands from the developers in order to make the games fit within their business model. Still, these are the types of games that lend themselves to the formula quite well anyways, so they just had to make sure that everything clicked.

Healthy Competition

You might have noticed that the Eroges coin freemium business model is very similar to how another free porn game platform does business. I’m talking, of course, about Nutaku. Now I’m not gonna get deep into the comparison between these two sites. That would derail the review.

Suffice it to say that they’re very similar, and they’re both proving that this business model does indeed work very well. People like freemium games because they don’t require you to pay anything in order to unlock 100% of the smut that’s hiding within. I can very much respect that approach. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with having bonus goodies thrown in there for people who’d like to throw some hard-earned cash at the screen. To each his own, I always say.

There are some games on Eroges that you can also find on Nutaku, and I have to pretty much admit that I am not sure who owns what or how. I would assume that these game developers try to get their products on as many free platforms as possible, so they went for the best of the best. And, while there’s overlap, both of these sites have exclusives too. That means that Eroges is the kind of website that stands on its own, with good gaming titles that are polished to a fault.

Not All Freemium Games

My favorite thing about Eroges is that they don’t exclusively offer freemium games. Confusing, right? Check this out. They have a bunch of games that are not optimal for freemium purchases, because they have no continuous strategy-based gameplay. You can’t grow your crops or wait for your bitches to get warm and so they had to figure out a way to cash in on these games. Well, they kept it simple. You can buy the games on Eroges. That’s right.

Take, for example, a game titled Lust of the Apartment Wives. This particular smut title is a complete visual novel that is stuffed with smut through and through. There are no breaks, there is no combat, and you don’t build a harem. The harem is already there. Busty housewives want your cock. It’s kind of like roleplaying as me for a day. Think of it that way.

Well, how the fuck are you supposed to pay for a game like this in installments? You’re not. There’s no way to demo this shit. That’s why you can just pay 2000 Eroge coins to unlock it and play it basically forever. There are no limits. Once you unlock this game on the site, you can play it to your heart’s content. That’s basically exactly how shit works on Steam. Except, Steam declared an all-out war on all things pussy a few years ago, so you might as well just stick to Eroges.

In case you’re curious, 2000 Eroges coins will cost you about $20, which is a very fair price to pay for a complete visual novel experience. I’ve tried this game before, and I found it to be an absolute joy to jack off to. The hot scenes just keep coming, and there’s no break to the action. This is the kind of game that you can enjoy in one go. Just make sure to lube up your dick, because masturbating for over an hour at a time can and will cause tearing. That kind of shit takes a week to heal, trust me. I’ve been there. By the way, in case you’re curious, one dollar with always net you 100 Eroge coins, regardless of how many you buy. They don’t bundle this shit. I think they should give you discounts for large purchases, but who am I to tell them how to do business.

A Very Well Designed Experience

I mentioned that I was also a fan of Nutaku, who are very similar in how they do business. I have to say that between them, Eroges and all the other competitors, Eroges have the best website design by far. It hurts my eyes the least of all of them. There’s a growing trend among free porn game sites to see how much crap they can cram into a single screen, and I fucking hate it. I’m just here for the games. You don’t have to bombard me with titties; I’m already searching for the titties. It’s fine. I’ll find my way. Just list my games for me and let me get on with my life.

That’s exactly what Eroges do. Their website features a gray background, a simple home bar that shows you your account, and Eroges coins and beyond that the rest of the screen lists games. That’s all you see while you’re on this site — a long list of games. You can categorize them by free, visual novel, etc. You can sort them any fucking way you want to. The point is, all you ever see is a single splash art combined with screenshots, a name, and a Play button. That’s all I want. I don’t need my games to scream out at me. I just want them listed so I can check them out one by one. This is the kind of design that stays out of your fucking way.

Attack of the Android Games

A few years ago, the world noticed, completely by accident, that drawn shit looks better on mobile screens. Why is this so? I have no fucking clue. Maybe HD resolutions look all the more high-def when they’re crammed into 7 inches. I know I’ve managed to cram a lot of quality into 7 inches in my career. Anyways, most of the games on this site look like they were optimized for mobile devices first, even when I know that wasn’t the case. Some of these started out as browser exclusives. It doesn’t really matter. They are amazing mobile experiences, and Eroges knows that.

That’s why they have an entire section devoted to Android ports of their games. There aren’t that many of them right now; I’ll admit that. But, the stuff they do have is top-notch. They have this extremely high quality feel to them that really seems to give your phone some reason in life. I especially recommend that you check out Monster Cunt, solely because the graphics are fucking awesome. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention, they flat out just give you the APK file to install on your phone. No muss, no fuss, no Google Play Store bullshit.

This is the kind of porn game website that’s really looking out for you. They want to give you top-notch quality games and make a few shekels in the process. I don’t judge them for the freemium thing. I’d rather have that than an all-out assault of ads. Plus, they have actual games that you can purchase, and those don’t have any in-game transactions. So, there’s a little something for everyone on this site. You just have to have a deep desire to fap.

PornGames likes Erogames

  • Tons of amazing games
  • Android games section
  • Expertly crafted site
  • Paid games
  • Free games with freemium shit

PornGames hates Erogames

  • They need more Android games asap