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Booty Farm

There are times when you have a bad day, and you think that there’s nothing that could put a smile on your face, and then you remember Nutaku exists, and all your troubles just fade away. These guys work harder than anyone else in the industry as far as I can tell. First of all, they’ve got the biggest collection of quality porn games out there. Second, all of their games are up to par. It’s not like those other sites where a handful of games are worth playing, and all the rest is just library padding. Every single Nutaku game has serious titties, and they’re all worth a fap.

Rural Non-GMO Titties

This game is basically Nutaku’s answer to the calling of the FarmVille. That game took the internet by storm when it came out, so I understand why Nutaku felt the need to have at least one FarmVille clone. Now, I hate that game, just to be clear. I think it’s repetitive, and I do not enjoy farming potatoes. If I wanted a potato, I’d just go and buy one. Or hell, I’d order one on Amazon. They’ve got everything these days. Country life is not for me.

That is, unless there are titties. You know me and titties, I’ll plant, water, and sow any crop as long as I get sucked off. Like with every other Nutaku title, Booty Farm comes with a ton of story that manages to stay out of the way of the fun. It’s not some kind of next-level RPG writing. It’s mostly there to give you some context for the various ladies that you’re going to be trying to penetrate six ways to Sunday.

In a way, this game is the only FarmVille clone I’ve ever played that has made sense to me. I often think about the amount of money someone would have to pay me in order to get me to actually farm a crop. I want to believe that there isn’t enough money in the world to get me to go rural. The guy you play in this game is a millionaire, technically. I mean, he wants to sell the farm as fast as possible, cash out and fuck right off. He sounds like my kind of bro. The thing is, at the promise of a ton of pussy, I might plant a potato or two. There’s no length I wouldn’t go to, to fuck an entire village’s worth of women. So, I pretty much relate to this guy on a deep and spiritual level.

Rural Pussy is Best Pussy

Downtown chicks are all well and good, but these days they’re very conceited and hard to talk to. Not that I care much about talking to them, I’m just waiting for them to wrap up their shtick so we can get to the good stuff. That mouth ain’t made for talking. Still, they’re challenging and high maintenance. Plus, I don’t really feel like city chicks really appreciate my cock as much as they should. I feel disrespected most of the time, more than anything.

Now, country pussy, that’s where it’s at. Country girls have a deep appreciation for family values, and they have a general lust for life. I can get behind that mindset, and I can get behind them as well, preferably with a hard-on. Every single girl in this game acts like I would expect them to – they’re flirtatious, fun, and down to fuck. Now, they’re not magic; you still have to earn the pussy. This ain’t that much of a fantasy game. Again, the things you have to do very much line up with the FarmVille style content I mentioned.

To fuck farm chicks, you have to be the best farmer. You can think of it sort of like Pokemon, except instead of collecting little critters, you’re harvesting crops of vegetables and fruits, and your reward comes in the form of organic, homegrown pussy.

A Ton of Fun

This game is lengthy as fuck. It’s the kind of shit you can keep coming back to over and over again. I’ve said this about Nutaku games before and I’ll say it again – they’re great for your commute. If you travel every single day, whether it’s to the gym or to work or you’re a college boy whose dorm is far away from school, this is the game for you.

All Nutaku games have amazing interfaces that make the games really easy to play, so it’s no wonder that Booty Farm looks great on a mobile screen. Plus, it’s pretty much common knowledge that 2D art looks much better on a phone than it does on a computer screen. I don’t know what it is about mobile screens; they just make the pussy look that much better when it’s two dimensional.

So I recommend that you keep coming back to this game as frequently as possible, but not spending too much time on it per session. It takes a lot of investment, and your farm grows very slowly, much like a real farm might.

Now, when it comes to the actual pussy and the sex scenes, I got a different recommendation altogether. Save these for later. Think of them as precious gems, because they’re the hottest the very first time you see them. Yes, you can rewatch them later, but it’s not the same. You know what I’m talking about. Seeing a chick take her panties off for the first time is a golden moment that you want to savor. Don’t go watching that shit on the bus. Save it for when you get home. Unzip your fly, pour yourself a drink, preferably not in that order, and go wild for a half an hour or so.

Freemium or Premium?

Let’s dive into a bit of notoriety with the ways that this game tries to encourage you to pay real money. I mentioned about a hundred times so far that this is a farming game that really gets under your skin and makes you play for a very long amount of time before you get to the good stuff. There’s a bit of teasing at the start to get you hot and bothered, but after that, you fall into a bottomless pit of addiction, hoping to get to the next pair of tits to reward you for your hard work.

This is not technically a bad thing; it’s nice when a porn game teases you. That makes the erection harder and the payoff even bigger. Plus, if you wanted free porn that just gets thrown at you, then you wouldn’t be playing a porn game, you’d be watching hentai.

Still, some people are impatient, and these are the people who need to keep a close eye on their coin purse. Chances are that if you can’t wait for the payoff, you’ll dive right into the micro-transactions that help keep Nutaku afloat. On the one hand, you’re supporting the site and the game, on the other hand, you might overspend. It really is up to you. I mean, if you’re drowning in disposable income, why not burn a portion of it on virtual pussy? You’ll get no judgment from me.

The Art and Technical Stuff

This game will pretty much run perfectly in any browser on any computer, and I would assume that any modern phone will run it great as well. Nutaku doesn’t drown their games in unnecessary graphics that bog down your computers and phones. They want you to have fun. Plus, it’s all pre-rendered 2D assets that you’re playing with, so you’re not going to wait for any of it to get processed or whatever. It’s all set to go right off the bat.

As for the quality of the art, Nutaku will never be beaten. You can see that most of the money, love, and care went into the art of the game. Where most of their games are hentai inspired, though, this one’s got a stronger western vibe. The girls don’t necessarily look like nubile hentai chicks. They’re a lot more grown-up. I really like this. Their proportions are still insane, with giant tits and asses for miles, but their faces actually look properly adult. I love that. Plus, a ton of them are really strong female role models, and those are the most fun to fuck, in my experience. They’re not innocent and helpless, they actually want the cock, and they aren’t afraid to ask for it.

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