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Today we’re here to talk about Virt-A-Mate, sort of. I’ve reviewed that game in detail on its own dedicated review page, and I gave it flying marks. It’s easily the best VR sex game that’s currently on the market, and I stand by that. I literally took a dildo in my hands, with my grasp and stuffed it into a super-hot realistic-looking chick, over and over again. Her ass was ready to take it, her pussy too. Her mouth even reacted responsively when I crammed the damn thing down her throat. That game literally makes you feel like you have a woman in front of you, and she’s willing to do whatever the hell you want her to.

But, my review for that game lasted no more than an hour after I pretty much-exhausted everything there was to do in that game. And, keep in mind, I paid for the Patreon backer version, which lets you edit scenes and change whatever parameters you’d like within the game. So, why did I get bored quickly? Does the game have a very small amount of stuff to do? Is it limited and repetitive? Actually, it’s the exact opposite. It’s an open sandbox in which you can do whatever you can possibly think of with as many men, women, and furries as you’d like. So what went wrong? Well, I ran out of women and rooms to fuck them in. And, that’s exactly where Reddit’s VAMScenes comes in.

More Than a Fan Sub

All the great porn games have their own subreddits, or failing that; their developers have their own subs. VAMScenes is a bit different, though, because it’s not just a place for fans of the game. Hell, its main purpose has nothing to do with admiring the game and everything to do with making the game playable. I wasn’t really clear on this when I first made the review for the game itself, because you can easily squeeze a few hours of playtime out of the base game. It’s very replayable. But, after a while, you start wanting to bang some new bitches and maybe get some new rooms. The rooms I don’t really care about too much, but still, I wanted new content.

Well, I discovered VAMScenes and also found out that this is the place where people hand-craft content for the game. Now, don’t think it’s just a place where people share slider information for characters that you can recreate like people do with Dragon Age and Skyrim. Nah, this is far more advanced. They make actual 3D models that are extremely polished and, in many cases, superior to the ones you get by default inside the base game. These bitches defy expectations and look hotter than you could possibly imagine. They’re everything you ever dreamed of, stuffed into a VR simulator that lets you manipulate them all day, every day. It’s like your very own legal sex dungeon plus harem, and you don’t even have to pay them or feed them.

Money Talks

Sure, you don’t have to pay the girls you download and add to your game. But, you do have to pay the people who made them. What if I told you that to fully experience VAMScenes properly, you need to spend several times more money there than you spent actually purchasing Virt-A-Mate? That’s fucking absurd. I mean, you’ve paid for the game, you’ve backed the Patreon, you’ve set everything up, and now they expect you to pay for models? Well, as annoying as that might sound, it actually kind of makes sense. I hate this, but it’s the truth.

You’re not paying the developers; they have nothing to do with the sub. They are on the sub, but they don’t control it or anything. No, these regular visitors are a countless crowd of perverts who also bought the game, and they’re now using their 3D modeling powers to make better models so that they can fuck them. The main reason they share them with you on VAMScenes is so that you can pay them a few shekels and get the girls yourself. Yes, they also want bragging rights and opinions, and they’re open to discussion. But, the bottom line remains; you have to pay money to get your hands on any of the custom-crafted pussy in this sub. It sounds like the biggest scam of the century, but it’s the price you have to pay for quality pussy.

At the very least, most of them are on Patreon as well, as individual content creators and the owners of Virt-A-Mate don’t seem to mind. I don’t know if they’re happy about people making money off of their product, but they have to buy the game first before they can insert chicks into it, so I guess this is a form of marketing that they get for free. They get rich, the modelers get rich, and the rest of us get to fuck virtual women. It’s a late-stage capitalist wet dream.

The Hottest Women

I don’t throw words around, so when I say that the hottest women in existence can be found here on VAMScenes, you know I’m dead serious. Yes, they’re fictional, and yes, they’re not real women, but they’re the absolute closest we’ve ever come to pussy perfection. Even though there are hundreds of dudes that make different kinds of models with their own personal preferences, they all have one thing in common – quality.

Yes, if you dig far enough, you’ll find a few shit additions, but most of these goddamn models are perfect. It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see how far the technology has come. A few short years ago, they used to say that VR was just a fad and it was pointless, because there’s nothing you can do in VR. Well, Virt-A-Mate looks like something I’d do in VR over and over again, until they come out with a sequel.

What Makes a Perfect Woman?

As for what makes these girls super-hot, I can’t quite put my finger on it, even though the game lets me put my finger anywhere I want. First, there’s the texture quality. It’s the first thing you notice in this game, to be honest. You’re inches away from the chicks when you fuck them, obviously, so you tend to look at the finer details. You want to look into their eyes and feel like there’s a real person in front of you. You definitely get this vibe while you bang these girls. Plus, they look you in the eye, even when you move their heads around or bend them over. They try to look at you as much as possible. They know you love it.

So, imagine that gameplay, but with a super-hot perfect woman with giant cans, a fat ass and an insatiable thirst for cock. And imagine that you pick her out of a lot of equally gorgeous girls. These guys are really devoted to crafting women who are either imaginary or recognizable. So, you either get a perfect woman who was crafted from scratch or an actual celebrity. They’re not allowed to name them after the celebrities, for legal reasons, so when you download “A Witch” who happens to look suspiciously a lot like Emma Watson, you know what’s up. You get to bend her over all day and all night.

The Community

Even though the guys on this site are mostly trying to make some money out of their work, they’re still very respectful and will answer any questions that other members seem to have. They explain how you’re supposed to install the chicks into the game and give you hints on improving the game in general. They’re real fans of Virt-A-Mate, and they’re welcoming to new users. It makes sense, given you’re going to be paying them for their work. Still, it’s always nice to see people getting along.

They also seem to talk about their Discord channel, and they recommend that you join it for some reason. Even though it’s popular among the VAMScenes community, it’s not technically Reddit, so that means it’s not a part of this sub. It’s another place for more private discussions about the game. I won’t review their Discord for obvious reasons, but since they talk about it so much, it must just be an extension of the awesome work that they do here, in the open. I doubt they’re hiding anything. They probably prefer direct chat to the forum website concept of Reddit. In conclusion, I’ll say this, if you’re playing Virt-A-Mate, but not following VAMScenes, you’re doing something wrong.

PornGames likes VAMscenes

  • Tons of hot chicks
  • Very active community

PornGames hates VAMscenes

  • Too expensive