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Oh hell yes, Reddit’s NSFWGaming, aka r/NSFWGaming. I love this place. You know how, when I review other subreddits, I get all pissy about how I’m better, and you should just come to me instead? Well, that’s true here too, because I’m the best and I know everything about porn, but that’s not the point. The point is, NSFWGaming is one of those subreddits that’s so large and so generic that you never know what to expect, but you always know it’s going to make your cock hard. Their rules are simple. This is a place for gaming that you can whip your dick out to. That’s it. Those are all the rules. There’s nothing else holding this place together, since it’s entirely boner fueled.

As you can imagine, the lack of specific rules means that you’re going to see all kinds of random nonsense here, and that’s exactly why I love this sub. If I was in the mood for something specific, then I’d know exactly what I want. I’d just get the thing that I want instead of getting other people’s recommendations. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? This entire fucking subreddit is like a giant ball pit of plastic surprise eggs, and you never know what you’ll find inside them. Remember that scene when Scrooge McDuck dove into his money vault, headfirst into the cash? That’s what NSFWGaming is. And the best part, it’s entirely community-driven.

The Kinds of Smut

How the fuck do I even cover a subreddit that literally has every single type of smut that you can imagine all under one roof? If you can imagine it, it’s here. If you can’t, someone else will imagine it and make that game; then, you’ll come back and find it here. NSFWGaming is less of a hangout and more of a bottomless pit. People don’t technically come here to share porn games and talk about them. No, they come here to throw porn games on top of other porn games as if this entire sub is a giant pyre that’s been burning since 2013, and only the addition of more porn games will keep it ablaze. I get really poetic when I’m staring at tits, don’t fucking judge me.

All right, let’s scroll down the main page and see what we got. First up, a nude mod for Resident Evil 2. Perfect. I’ve seen a ton of nude mods for video games, and while they’re not technically porn, they do improve upon these games tenfold. I’d rather play a video game that’s covered in tits than one that has no tits to speak of. Claire Redfield is hot, so why the fuck shouldn’t she be naked. It’s my game; it’s in single player. Why the fuck shouldn’t I enjoy myself?

Next up, I’m seeing a number of high-quality indie smut titles, in different styles. We’ve got one that’s comprised of 3D renders of hot, realistic bitches. Then, there’s one that’s very cartoony but comes with a lot of story and branching paths. Next, there’s a visual novel that’s kind of … loaded with thirsty hentai babes that are sticking their tongues out, and also their tits are covered in Cheetos? Oh… the Cheetos are used for censorship purposes. All right, that confused me for a moment. Don’t worry, though, the game isn’t censored. This is a public link to a regular video tube, so naturally, they had to cover the nips. God forbid the mainstream sees uncovered nips. They might pop a gasket. So, as you can see, NSFWGaming welcomes safe-for-work links, as long as they’re ultimately about pornographic games. That’s pretty neat, I guess.

No Holds Barred

I’ve seen a lot of general porn forums and game lists. Usually, they make sure to have strict rules about the kind of smut that isn’t allowed. Like, for instance, you won’t see hardcore BDSM unless you enable that filter. Or, the vore and gore will be removed, unless you flat out search for it. By the way, vore is a porn fetish that involves a person being eaten alive by another person. Not in like a cannibalistic way, more in like being swallowed whole by a whale kind of way. There, now you know that that’s a thing.

Anyways, on NSFWGaming, you don’t have that problem. This sub seems to be so painfully unfiltered that if you so much as scroll down on the main page, bam, you’re seeing some high-quality incest games. Beyond that, a few bondage games where the girls are more or less being ripped apart by tentacles. Further down, chicks are drowning in cum. After that, some random furry gay porn game, because why the fuck not? This place is the definition of equal opportunity porn love.

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the worst best part yet. There’s a ridiculous amount of rule 34 crossovers here that honestly don’t belong anywhere else. I can’t think of a single place where these silly ass posts would look… appropriate. I’m not talking about pornographic versions of D.Va from the Overwatch franchise. Those belong everywhere, especially in my heart and also on my dick. No, I mean… where else are you going to find porn mods for Animal Crossing? Nowhere, that’s fucking where. No-one wants this. No-one needs this. And yet, here on the first page of NSFW gaming, you can see an Animal Crossing character with her tits out.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would see sexualized versions of Animal Crossing characters. I know that in the world of porn, nothing is really sacred, but come on, this game is the polar opposite of sexy. It’s like putting tits on a brick or a remote control on a sofa. Then again, I shouldn’t be so dismissive. There’s probably someone among you who’s tried to fuck a sofa before, so I might as well just roll with it.

It’s Huge

This place has been spiraling out of control since 2013, when it was first created. There are currently 105 thousand members, and they’re pretty much posting around the clock. If you sort posts by time, you’ll see a new game or discussion every couple of hours or so. I mean, this is the kind of place that never runs out of content. The fact that it’s unfiltered just makes it that much more interesting. You’re diving face-first into a barrel full of random smut that’s all interactive in one way or another.

They don’t discriminate. You’ll find visual novels, adventure games, RPGs, even some animations with basic single-button controls, like we used to have in the early 2000s. There’s no end to this content. The dudes and chicks on this sub are constantly posting new shit. I think that whenever these people find something that’s worth jacking off to, they feel the need to share it with the world. I’m like that too, honestly. Sure, it’s also my job, but I do it with pride. I want to know that when I find a real gem of a game, I share it with the world.

Random as Fuck

The same thing that makes this place amazing, also makes it a nightmare to navigate. It’s so fucking random, I swear, it’s impossible to find specific shit. You literally have to search through the sub if you hope to find anything relevant to your fetish. I guess that’s why these kinds of subs get less mention in porn forums than more specific shit. Just imagine browsing through this place as a furry, or a hentai fan or a gay dude. You’d be shit out of luck.

I don’t mind using the search bar. Plus, most of the content is already catered to me. I’m a straight dude who also happens to be a pervert. I feel right at home here. The problem is that Reddit doesn’t really offer any threads or tags. You mostly get one game per post, so there’s no real way to sort other than by popularity. I guess some subs have to remain general. No complaints. At its best, NSFWGaming is the place to find new games. I think that’s where it shines the most.

A new porn game can’t stay hidden for long before someone posts it here. That’s probably what this sub does best. These guys are super active, so you know that you’ll find out about new releases pretty much instantly. It’s definitely worth subscribing to NSFWGaming if you want to stay on top of things. Just remember, with every game comes an hour of gameplay, at least. Don’t overdo it. Or go ahead and jack your dick clean off, what do I care. Above all, remember to have fun. That’s what porn gaming’s all about.

PornGames likes NSFWGaming

  • Super active sub
  • Tons of regular redditors
  • All kinds of smut are welcome

PornGames hates NSFWGaming

  • It’s random as all hell