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Reddit Hentai Games, aka r/HentaiGames, is an NSFW subreddit with loads of hentai games. If there’s anything weebs love more than anime, it’s fapping to busty hentai bitches getting fucked by tentacles. That’s right; we’re talking about hentai this time around. And you nerds love talking and sharing hentai stories. It’s like a fucking culture at this point. It’s like you cucks have made a science of busting nuts to 2D waifus. Whatever. I don’t get it.

But the fucks over at Reddit do. Those beta males love going deep and talking about the “experience” of hentai and porn. Why the fuck is everyone on Reddit some damn pseudo-intellectual? I don’t need a cited list of sources about why hentai is good, and I’ll be damned if I’ll stoop low enough to thank some “stranger” for a fake internet medal given to me in a comment. Seriously, so many asshats comment on how lame it is to pay for porn when they dish out dosh on these fucking medals.

A Subreddit Dedicated to All Things About Hot Hentai Games

Okay, rant over. But you’ll see why I’m talking about this shit. I’m here to tell you sex-starved nerds about yet another NSFW subreddit that you will love. And this one is for you weebs. You can find it at, or you can just search up HentaiGames in the Reddit search bar.

The sub has been alive since way back in 2012. Fuck, that’s a long-ass time. It’s a shame their numbers don’t seem to match up. The subreddit only has around 7 thousand of your horny weeaboos on here. And the number of active members is usually somewhere around 20. Talk about a dwindling community.

Make a Free Account and Start Earning that Sweet, Sweet Karma

I know most of you fucks have a working knowledge of Reddit, but let me give a basic run down just in case. Reddit is a site with thousands of different subreddits. A subreddit is basically its own thing. It has its own moderators, rules, and all of that good shit. You can follow a sub to keep those posts in your main feed. Earn brownie points called karma by posting good shit. Lose karma by posting bad shit. See? Easy.

You’ll want to make an account. You can’t view NSFW subreddits without one. So, pick a username and join the fucking club. Once you’ve got your profile set up, you can follow r/HentaiGames and enjoy all of the sexy content it has to offer. And I recommend having alternate accounts for SFW & NSFW browsing. You don’t want to get caught watching some hentai bitch get fucked by orcs while you’re out in public...unless that’s your kink. You do you.

Very Little in Terms of Moderation & Structure

What the fuck is it with old-ass porn subs not having any fucking rules or moderation? It’s no wonder that the community here is so small. There’s only one moderator, no rules to structure posts, and no automoderator to offload some of the strain. The single moderator this subreddit has is a mod on like 5 other subs. How the fuck is this dude supposed to have the time to work on this sub?

I’m sure hundreds of you weebs would line up to be a mod on a sub like this. Just throw a waifu pillow into the crowd and see who catches it. Make them a mod and things will already be on a much better track no matter how shitty they are. And the lack of rules makes it so any horny cuck can just go posting whatever he wants. This makes for uninformative posts and request threads that clutter the page.

Only a Few New Posts Per Day

You can expect maybe a couple of posts per day. But so many posts are just posts of hentai gifs and images. Half of the content doesn’t have links or even discussions about upcoming porn games. Sure, some of the gifs are from games, but most don’t even mention what game the image is from. Fuck, man. Talk about a subreddit that is all over the place.

Barely anyone is discussing anything here. Hell, the top post on r/HentaiGames happened a month or so ago and only has 100 upvotes. That’s pitiful. It’s like getting the gold trophy at a spelling bee because nobody else showed up. Don’t expect lots of upvotes even for the highest-quality posts. Don’t expect any comments.

Inactive Community...But a Huge Catalog of Posts to Scroll Through

At the very least, there is a rather large slew of posts that you can look through. After all, the subreddit has been around for over 8 fucking years. There are plenty of posts with hot hentai games to play and jerk off to. You just need to do some digging. Oh, and be wary of clicking on links here. Some of the posts link you out to some sketchy ass sites. These are obviously spam bots or something. Just make sure to check the site name before jumping ship.

Despite all of these annoying factors, I’d still say that popping over to is worth it. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to skim through the posts for the day and see if anything worth jerking your dick to was uploaded. And there usually is something decent. It’s a good subreddit for adding to your feed and hoping for the best. It’s not one that you can really sink any time into.

Handy Mobile App Lets You Take Your Hentai on the Go

Of course, you can take r/HentaiGames with you on the go by making use of the Reddit mobile app. Download it on Android or iOS and have a fucking ball. There is also a wide selection of third-party Reddit apps if you don’t like the official one. The only version of the site I would avoid is the regular mobile site. That shit is clunky as fuck to use. But any app you use will offer you a comparable experience to the regular desktop site.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

There’s content to be found here. I know that’s not the most exciting favorite feature, but I’m honestly reaching for shit on this one. It’s a tough subreddit to engage with aside from lurking. Hey, I guess you shy cucks will have fun with this one. You could post anything, and the odds are that nobody will say shit about it.

Don’t get me wrong; there are links and posts about hot hentai games here. You can find some real gems if you sit down and put the time in. But I know you fucks are impatient like me. And you’ll need the patience to find that good shit. So, it really comes down to personal preference if you’ll love or hate this experience.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Some new life needs to be breathed back into this subreddit. And it wouldn’t be hard. Hell, this sub has been here for 8 years and doesn’t even have a fucking logo or banner image. Get some new moderators. Advertise. Have a moderator whose only job it is to post to the subreddit a dozen times a day. That will bring the weebs in by the boatload. There are niche subreddits like r/plugsuits that bring in nearly as many users as this subreddit that has been here for nearly a decade. It’s a damn shame.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, r/HentaiGames still has some quality content to offer. The posts aren’t structured well, and the moderation is shit, but you can still wade through the shitty posts to find a true hidden gem. I find it’s best sticking to posts from actual developers.

It seems like most cross-post their games here, so you can actually get to talk to these fucks. But, yeah, it’s not the most active subreddit otherwise. I recommend you add it to your feed and just see if you get something kinky to play down the line. I also recommend you fucks get over there and start posting. That subreddit needs all of the life that it can get right now.

PornGames likes HentaiGames

  • Links and posts about hot hentai games!
  • 8 years of content to sift through and fap to
  • Great subreddit for lurking

PornGames hates HentaiGames

  • Nearly a complete lack of moderation and rules
  • Very inactive community
  • Infrequent uploads and posts