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Whenever I review a subreddit, I get these mixed feelings of confusion about how to cover the damn things. They’re just small parts of what is basically the best forum on the planet. I’m not reviewing Reddit itself, that would make no sense. It’s kind of like Reddit is its own little world with tons of little countries that have their own rules and regulations. The only rule shared across all of Reddit is “don’t post illegal shit”. Other than that, every sub is different, and it kind of feels like diving into the culture of a large group of people who are brought together by a common interest. This makes subs hard to review, because I’m basically reviewing the actual topic of the sub and the people themselves.

In this case, I’m covering Futanari Games, a sub for video games that feature chicks with dicks, but also vaginas. It’s written right there in the rules. You can post and talk about any video games you want to as long as they feature futas. Futanari Games isn’t technically porn-exclusive, but it is an 18+ sub, so I sincerely doubt they’re gonna be posting child-friendly content.

Futa Love

For the most part, this place is a holy ground for dudes and chicks that like jacking it to all things futa. Throughout my years of covering smut content, I’ve seen countless people who seem to be absolutely crazy about chicks with dicks. Fans of t-girl porn also tend to overlap with this community, but that’s technically a different story. There, the girls have dicks, but no balls. Here, they have pussies in place of balls. It’s kind of confusing at first, but I think the general idea is that you want to be able to fuck these girls in any position, including having them bareback you.

I guess futas are the perfect sexual beings. They have one of each type of sexual organ, and two tits, of course. Plus, they’re usually super-hot, and their dicks are gigantic. So, the way I see it, they could properly pleasure anyone in the world. I’ve seen some futa content in which the dicks could magically go back into the torso, so they don’t get in the way while you’re plowing the pussy. I would imagine it would be kind of hard to fuck a chick from the front if she’s got a 12-inch anaconda. That thing would flop around like crazy; it might poke your eye out. Maybe she could just tape it down or hold it in her hand. Oh, I got a better idea! You can hold onto it like a stick shift for balance. That might help.

A Gathering Place

This sub is far from my favorite place to find futa games by browsing. It’s more of a club for people who love futas, where they can come together and chat about games that they love, while also posting links to their favorite smut titles. I say that it’s hard to browse, because the layout really isn’t made for this kind of content. I mean, you can’t sort the posts by genre or whatever. You’re here to see what the latest hottest conversation is. Whether that conversation will actually lead you to quality games, that’s always uncertain.

So the futa lovers gather here, and they exchange hot new video games that they’ve found in places like Patreon. It’s worth noting that you can get most of these games from their original sources, straight from the developers, but that’s irrelevant. This isn’t a pirating site. It’s more like a church, if you consider futa cocks to be a religion. These people certainly do.

The Kinds of Games

You’ll see games from every kind of genre here, but the dudes here clearly prefer the 3D pre-rendered type of games as well as triple-A wannabes that actually render hot girl dick on the fly. I don’t fault them for liking the modern style 3D in new engines, but it’s kind of sad. There are tons of smaller 2D games or even text-based adventures that have done a lot for the dick-girl genre. Trap Quest, for instance, is one of my all-time favorites, and that game looks like dog shit.

Well, you won’t find Trap Quest here, I checked. They’re more focused on really recent releases that are pushing for graphics more-so than anything else. In a very real sense, this place is more about the realistic 3D penises than it is about quality gameplay. It’s like a hybrid between a porn tube and a gaming sub.

Super Active Community

The dudes on this site post several times a day. Given there’s barely seven thousand of them, that’s a lot of games. Sure, they happen to post the same game twice, here and there, but generally, it’s all-new shit. The people on here respect the basic unwritten rule of not making new posts for no fucking reason. Sometimes you’ll get a guy who uses the sub in order to find a specific game or start a discussion, but one way or another, you still get a game out of it. It’s not like they’re gonna start talking about their feelings or writing fan-fiction. You learn about new smut titles in every post.

They also post videos sometimes, and this makes it super easy to jack off. The videos are, of course, short scenes from the actual games, which they always make sure to link or at the very least title with the game’s name. You don’t get these kinds of previews on game sharing sites. Hell, you’re normally lucky to get screenshots. Here, you get actual sex scenes. And, since they’re coming from fans of the actual game, you can rest assured that they’re the best scenes, not some random tidbits from the tutorial or whatever. These guys actually care about these games, and they’ve probably played through them several times over.

The Kinds of Futa Games

I’m seeing a few distinct genres that are very popular on this sub and in the futa genre in general. First up, we’ve got the aforementioned 3D porn games that have high-quality models of chicks with extremely detailed dicks. It’s all very high class and hard to produce. Then, we’ve got the hentai. Those games have been around almost as long as Reddit itself, but they’re still in production. There are huge differences in style between the old-school hentai futa games and the more recent stuff, but overall, they follow the same vibes. The futa in the sex scenes is either a dominatrix, or, far more frequently, she’s coy, shy, and very loud. Pleasure moans are very much on the table when you’re playing hentai futa games.

Then, we’ve got the modern indie shit, which draws inspiration from both of these. You might get some prerendered 3D cutscenes, but no 3D gameplay or 2D hentai art, but altered so much that it really doesn’t look like a hentai anymore. This is the zone in which you’ll find the countless Flash games that have been slowly dying in popularity. These days those types of games tend to use more modern engines, but the homemade 2D graphics are still retro as hell.

A Great Bookmark

This is the kind of sub that you keep coming back to if you’re a diehard futa fan. You can contribute to the sub with some game posts, if you’ve got some favorites. Hell, head on down there and show them Trap Quest. They might like it. Or, just subscribe and stay in the shadows. It’s not like they mind you checking out the goods. You can upvote your favorite futa games and stay on top of the newest updates.

You might even learn a thing or two about players’ preferences in these types of games and use that to make your own indie futa game. Who’s going to stop you? Most porn games these days are homemade anyways, you might as well give it a shot. And, if you’re modeling futas, there’s no better place to get some honest feedback on how hot they are. I mean sure, models aren’t games, but they probably won’t hate you too much for asking a question or two.

There’s not much you can say about a subreddit that has a clear and concise purpose. This right here is the home of futa game love on the mainstream internet. If you want to get weird and wild, you’ll have to dig deeper, but for some straightforward futa game appreciation, you might as well hang out on this sub. They’ve got everything you might need to have some fun if you’re bored and they’re a great place to find new content.

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