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Reddit AndroidNSFWgaming, aka r/AndroidNSFWGaming, is a subreddit for sexy android games. Maybe you’re one of those rare cucks who didn’t spend over a thousand dollars to have a glorious PC setup, or maybe you actually get out of your house every once in a while and like to take your content on the go. Either way, you need some hot porn games that you can take with you. Hell yeah, we’re talking about kinky mobile gaming this time around. It’s an ever-growing market with tons of new games coming to the platform every day.

There are plenty of mobile operating systems and devices, but I’ll narrow it down to the most accessible platform for this review. Sorry Apple users, but Android games are much easier to get your hands on. It’s too bad. iPhones kick ass in other aspects, but imagine getting cock-blocked by your own operating system. There are very few games that you can get on there without having to root that shit.

Whip Out Your Phones and Play These Hot Android Games on the Go

Anyway, you probably guessed correctly that I’ll be talking about kinky Android games. That’s why I’m taking you beta cucks over to It’s a subreddit that will give provide you horny mobile gamers with all of the links, discussions, and images from new, old, and upcoming Android NSFW games.

The subreddit is relatively new. It launched back in 2017. For a porn subreddit, they have some pretty solid numbers. There are usually a few hundred active members online out of the 31 thousand total members. Not too bad at all. Especially for an NSFW subreddit. Often times, these communities are so niche that the number of active users will be in the single digits. I am looking at you r/SubwayHentai.

Make a Free Reddit Profile and Dive Deep into the NSFW Goodness

In case you’ve gotten this far without knowing what the fuck Reddit is, then let me be the one to enlighten you. It’s basically a cesspool, but what site isn’t? Reddit is a massive site with loads of smaller communities called subreddits built-in. Anyone can make one. Each community functions as its own entity as long as it adheres to the base Reddit rules.

Easy shit. There are tons of hobby and political subreddits, but we’ll be diving into one of the thousands of NSFW subreddits on the site. To view the NSFW subreddits, you’ll need to make an account. You just need to stop rubbing yourself raw long enough to plug in a username, password, and email. I hope that you betas can at least handle that on your own. I also recommend having an SFW and NSFW profile, just so you can keep that shit separated.

Subreddit With Only 2 Moderators and Lax Rules

r/AndroidNSFWgaming is pretty lax when it comes to, well, any fucking rules at all. There isn’t any sort of sidebar that gives you a rundown on what is and what isn’t allowed. Listen, I’m not some fucking nerd who needs a dozen rules with subsections for each.

But at least drum something up so that you don’t get shitty posts. Having some sort of loose requirements makes the subreddit more cohesive and makes it so you can filter out the bullshit posts instantly. Fuck, I could be a Reddit mod if I was still a virgin. I’ve got the eye for it.

This subreddit sure needs a skilled moderator to soup this shit up. They’ve only got two moderators, but it’s pretty apparent that they aren’t doing a whole lot for it. The page doesn’t even have a fucking logo, banner, or any useful links in the sidebar. That’s basic shit right there.

Check out Frequent Posts With Links to Kinky NSFW Games!

Despite this lack of leadership and guidance, r/AndroidNSFWgaming seems to be chugging along just fine. You’re getting very frequent posts for it being such a niche community. So many NSFW subreddits only have one or two posts trickle in a day, but you can expect upwards of a dozen posts to scroll through every single day here. And most of the posts have content!

That’s the real shocker. I’m surprised that the subreddit isn’t more flooded with inane bullshit. Sure, there are quite a few request threads and discussions, but the vast majority of posts happen to be on-topic. I think this is because the mods pinned a request post back when the subreddit first began. You can look through there to see if the game you want to fap to has already been requested before you go ahead and make a post.

Not a Whole Lot of Community Engagement on Posts

Though I wouldn’t post here and expect lots of engagement or even upvotes for any posts you make. Most posts seem to cap out at around 100 upvotes, barring a few exceptions. And you’ll be lucky if you get one or two comments on your post. The community isn’t very eager to discuss much of anything. Everyone is too busy loading up hot NSFW Android games to jerk off to. I can’t say I blame them. I’d rather jerk my dick than talk to most of you betas.

Most on-topic posts will give you all of the information you need to download the game and get fapping. You’ll get a title, screenshot, version number, and whatever else the uploader decides to include. There is a mix of links, videos, and images to get off to even if you don’t download the game itself. But the best part is that most of these games are fucking free. It’s not like the developers can sell them on the fucking app store. So, most links will provide you with a free download.

Browse on Mobile Using the Official Reddit App!

But can you browse this kinky subreddit on mobile? You bet your acne-riddled ass that you can. It’s fucking Reddit. Just go to the app store or whatever and download the official Reddit app to get started. Type in r/AndroidNSFWgaming; you’ll be good to fucking go. And if the official app isn’t to your snobbish taste, then you can make use of any of the dozens of third-party Reddit apps out there.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This subreddit was surprisingly active. Other subs with a comparable number of users are often ghost towns, but this Android gaming subreddit is going strong. You can expect plenty of new posts to keep you satisfied every day. Developers love to fucking post on here, so you’ll get the first look at new and upcoming games.

I was also glad to see that the subreddit stayed on topic for the most part. I still think that things will get out of hand pretty quickly if they grow at all, but, for now, the sub is on a good track. Most posts have links to the game, descriptions of the game, and all of that good shit. There were only a few shitty, off-topic posts. Definitely not as many bad posts as I would have thought, given that the mods haven’t even bothered to write up rules.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Basically, what I’ve been going on about above. Get some moderators in here who actually give a damn and have them draft up some rules. Why even start a subreddit if you aren’t going to do a damn thing with it beyond just letting it run? All that this subreddit needs is a good hour or so of work from a single mod, and it would be so much better. Not having rules or active mods is really the only thing that can go wrong with a subreddit. It all comes down to those factors. So, I hope they get their asses in gear and make some changes.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is worth checking out. This subreddit is full of hot content for you to download and fap to. You may not get any engaging discussions or anything like that, but you can lurk all you want with ease. For now, the subreddit is in a sweet spot where the lack of moderation and rules isn’t a big deal, but any further growth will likely put a strain on that. That being said, go join r/AndroidNSFWgaming and see what sorts of kinky porn games that you can find!

PornGames likes AndroidNSFWgaming

  • Posts with direct links to free & premium NSFW Games
  • Get the latest updates directly from the developer
  • Pretty active community
  • Frequent daily posts and uploads

PornGames hates AndroidNSFWgaming

  • No rules and minimal moderation