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Reddit FuckGaming, aka r/FuckGaming! Imagine having a beautiful woman ride your cock or pleasure you with her tongue and a pair of thick, full lips. Pretty fucking amazing, huh? It’s hard to think of ways to improve upon these exquisite sexual joys, but I’ve got a proposition: what if that woman sucked your cum out of your shaft and down her throat while you killed 99 other motherfuckers at Fortnite? That’s the kind of shit that goes down at r/FuckGaming.’s FuckGaming community is one of the biggest NSFW subreddits on the massive website, and it’s all about getting laid while playing games. They’ve currently got almost 150k members, and that only counts the people who click the Join button. I’d bet the real numbers are at least twice as high, probably much higher, but people are cagey about what they jerk off to. The sub hasn’t even been around that long, as far as Reddit subs go, having been created in 2018. Maybe it has something to do with their simple and to-the-point tagline: Fucking, Sucking, Gaming.

Fucking, Sucking, and Gaming

I make a lot of jokes at the expense of the Reddit community as a whole. This is a website that gets 35 million visitors from around the world every day, so they’ve probably got a fairly diverse userbase. That said, I ain’t the only one who pictures a very specific dude whenever anybody says, “Reddit.” You know who I’m talking about, because maybe he’s you: overweight, unwashed, White, living in mom’s basement and really good at video games, but he’s never spoken to a girl because they’re scary.

Did I nail it? If you’re butthurt by my description, take it up with the neckbeards, incels, and r/NoFap cretins who make you look like a bunch of fucking dipshits. On the other hand, you’ve got to give some props to Fuck Gaming for making you look like some sexy multitask masters.

To be fair, you can learn all kinds of useful information browsing the boards on Some people use it to learn coding, others research true crime, and I’ve found some good porn games on r/LewdGames. The educational material in r/FuckGaming is all about the levels of efficiency you can achieve through multitasking.

There’s a similar, more general subreddit called MultiTaskers, but around here, they’re typically combining the same specific tasks: fucking and gaming. The newest video, posted under an hour ago, shows a hot Pinay getting fucked while playing a Nutaku game. A little while before that, it was an incest scene of a brother distracting his sister while she tries to play a mobile game. Instead of smacking the phone out of her hand or tapping the screen, he annoys sis by sticking his big ol’ dick up inside her.

Has SkyNet Infiltrated FuckGaming?

Like any sub of this size, Fuck Gaming has a bit of noise. I’m not complaining too hard, because it’s noise you can beat off to; about 1 in 5 movies is just a regular porno without any video games. Still, when you visit a website specifically to watch a girl get fucked up the ass while playing Mortal Kombat, you don’t necessarily want to see one doing anal without the prop. That’s the whole fucking point of this place!

You’ll mostly see these misfiles if you’re sorting the posts by Most Recent. The default Hot view tends to show some of the very newest, posted within the last few hours, but the upvote/downvote system mostly ensures topical material. Mostly. You’ve got to figure; it’s hard to downvote good porn, even if it’s slightly off-topic.

Case in point: right now, a couple of the hottest videos are amateur porn clips posted yesterday. One is a broad with tattooed legs getting her pussy licked clean while playing Minecraft. The other is a POV blowjob movie featuring a really hot blonde chick wearing glasses. Minecraft girl has 480 upvotes while blondie has 500, even though there are no video games in the 11-second scene.

I dug into the comment section of the blonde beej. A couple of commenters want to know what the video has to do with gaming, but most of them are talking about how hot she is or saying things like, “I’d cum in her stomach.” That guy probably thought she’d read the comment, and he’d finally touch a girl, but somebody else in the thread explained what the problem is: bots post random, unrelated porno to Fuck Gaming. I wonder if they’re responsible for those upvotes, too, because very few posts are even in the double digits.

Gamer Girls in Hardcore Porno

Let’s talk about all that glorious porno that does fit FuckGaming’s checkboxes of Fucking, Sucking, and Gaming. Dozens of totally NSFW porn-and-fucking videos are posted every day. One of today’s Hottest posts is a little something called Gamer Girl Multitasks. In case you were worried you’d see some girl playing an idle clicker game while in the office, let me reassure you that she’s actually a filthy pervert like you and me. The thumbnail, in fact, shows the bitch with a boner in her mouth as she stares at a screen with a controller in her hand.

The link itself leads to PornHub, where I took a 10-minute break from writing for personal health reasons related to all the blood rushing directly to my raging hard erection. Jesus fucking Christ, I was a little annoyed by the (probably fake) upvotes for that non-gaming porn video, but this one proves the Fuck Gaming nerds know exactly what they’re talking about. Sometimes Reddit’s upvote/downvote system really shines, and this is a ludicrously bright example.

I thought the chick might be faking the gaming, since she wasn’t hitting the controller too hard. When she takes dick from behind, and the camera came with her, we see she’s actually playing the intro to the newest God of War. You guys remember how slow that game starts off, so it’s probably an ideal game to play while smashing.

Another one of today’s FuckGaming videos shows a girl in D.Va cosplay playing Overwatch while bent over her gaming desk with a big dick up her cunt. There’s something so incredibly fucking sexy about how she keeps playing after he finishes, cum dripping out her sweet cunt.

Those are both PornHub links, as the tube is a massive source of content for the sub. Other ‘Hub vids posted today include a dude getting head while playing FIFA, and a babe sitting on a dude’s face and whipping him while playing some survival horror game I didn’t recognize. I had a moment of serious nerd weakness and interrupted my fap session to post a comment asking what game it was. Fuck Gaming has fewer actual discussions that most subs, but you have a much better chance of having your questions answered on Reddit than any free tube or premium site comment section.

Nerd Babes in Incredible Amateur Porn

Users also post a lot of animated GIF loops of fucking and gaming. My favorites are the amateur ones where some lucky-ass dude is getting head while legit playing PUBG or Red Dead 2. A lot of the girls are phoning the enjoyment of twiddling with a controller while taking dick, but it’s okay if you admit your biggest fantasy is finishing off a boss in Doom Eternal while finishing in your girlfriend’s mouth. (Once you get one who ain’t an anime broad printed on a pillow, I mean.)

I have a major weakness for amateur porn because of how real it is. It can seem pretty contrived to combine sex and gaming sometimes, but other times it’s incredible. I don’t whack off to a lot of still photos, preferring 4k Ultra-HD videos, but one of my favorite pieces of content here is a DIY sex photo. The dude who took it is smashing his big-assed girl from behind while she lays on her stomach, playing Animal Crossing in bed.’s FuckGaming community has a relatively slim focus, but fills it with more free and relevant content than most people realize even exists. All-day long, people post videos, photos, and animated GIFs of people getting fucked, sucked, and licked off while playing video games. I’d bet money that just about any straight pervert can get off to the free gaming smut hoarded here. If gamer girls turn you on, this is going to be like a fucking paradise to you.

PornGames likes FuckGaming

  • Thriving community devoted to fucking while gaming
  • Tons of free vids
  • pics and animated gifs
  • Great amateur material
  • Best stuff rises to top
  • Dozens of updates per day

PornGames hates FuckGaming

  • Bots posting hot
  • sexy
  • off-topic porn