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Reddit OculusNSFW, aka r/OculusNSFW! Reviewing Reddit subs is always a pain in the ass because they’re 100% community-driven, and by the time I’ve finished my review, they could have changed completely or even been removed. Sure, some subs stay afloat for years, but I’ve seen others that disappeared overnight with no explanation. Either way, we’re here to talk about OculusNSFW, which is the place you want to be if you own an Oculus brand VR headset.

Oculus has been at the forefront of VR since the very beginning, and in recent years they’ve been going hard into cheap and affordable headsets. Other companies seem to want to crank up the quality and go into four-digit headsets. But, Oculus just wants you to fap. There can be no other explanation. They’re bringing cheap-ass VR headsets to the masses that just work out of the box, with no complication. That’s exactly the kind of shit I support. I want everyone to fap to high-quality smut, and Oculus definitely gets my recommendation thanks to this.

Well, this here sub is an unofficial home for porn lovers who also happen to own an Oculus device. Most of the people here own either the original Oculus dev kit or the newer Rift S. Some of them were crazy enough to buy the headless Quest, but in recent months that one’s gotten a ton of updates, so I guess everyone’s a winner. Plus, all the biggest porn websites support the Quest same as they do the Rift, so everyone’s very much included. And, no-one’s going to stop you from playing porn videos on your VR device anyways, so I guess we’re all set to enjoy ourselves.

I don’t know if the Quest’s built-in computer can handle 6k porn videos. I’m running on the Rift S, so I can only hope. But, either way, websites like VR Bangers, SexLikeReal, and VRHush are very much Quest compatible, so the future is now. So if all these sites are ready and we’re living in the future, why do you need a dedicated Oculus sub? Well…

One Stop Shop

There are more than just three mainstream porn sites that are making VR porn around the clock. It’s really hard to stay on top of things, especially if you want to make sure that the content that you’re viewing is compatible with your device, specifically. That’s the first and probably main reason why people love to browse OculusNSFW. This is a singular place that draws in content from all over the web, specifically for Oculus devices. Just think about it. Countless VR porn websites all aggregated here, so you don’t have to browse anywhere else. And, given that people usually post the hottest smut, the kind of smut they’d jack off to, that means you also have an unwritten guarantee that you’ll see nothing but the best smut on this sub.

But who’s doing all the posting? Well, that’s where this sub gets really interesting. I haven’t really seen this kind of inclusion on other subs, so it was a bit surprising. Most of the posts on this sub come from the owners or employees of mainstream VR porn companies. The actual marketing teams of these sites come to OculusNSFW to post about their newest videos and even share promo codes and sales. They even post about recent events of the site and any updates you need to know about in advance. It’s kind of like a ticker-tape for all things VR, under the Oculus umbrella.

Perverts Working Together

I don’t think I’ve seen this on any other sub – a community-driven gathering where corporations are invited and welcome to constantly market their products to the masses. Most of the shit that they post is commercial. Hell, all of it is commercial if you don’t count the short snippet demos. For reasons that I do not entirely understand, the community loves these posts. I mean sure, they comment their asses off, usually critically if they don’t like the content, but they never get mad at the original poster for being there. They expect those kinds of posts, and they start long-winded discussions about the quality.

There’s always someone complaining about the chicks not being hot enough or the director not knowing what he’s doing, but the most common complaint, by and far, is that the camera isn’t powerful enough for high-quality VR video. I’ve seen so many people complain about this to damn near everyone. It seems the current standard is some sort of wide-angled 6k recording camera, and the community refuses to settle for less. Personally, I like porn standards so I can get behind this message, for sure. Plus, I’ve tried 6k porn in VR, it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

Top Quality

With the greatest mainstream VR websites posting their top content here directly, the day it comes out, you can imagine that this sub is stuffed to the brim with high-quality VR porn. I would argue that the hottest, most worthwhile, most fap-worthy videos can be found here. But, I need to warn you. They don’t actually link the videos here; they link the subscription fees. You have to sign up to enjoy these videos. You can’t just follow through a Reddit link and see them immediately. That’s not on the table. I guess the bottom line is that this is not a pirating sub, in the slightest. I don’t know if they condone piracy or not, but I haven’t seen any. If there are any pirated videos here, they are very much getting buried by the expensive stuff.

These high-quality videos absolutely blew my fucking mind. I’ve seen some content from these websites before, of course, but it was so nice to find a place where I can see large image previews of the hottest content that’s currently being offered across the web. I tried out a few of these videos on my Rift S, and I loved most of them. One thing I gotta note is, the sub gets regular posts every single day. That means that every video you check out is likely to be recorded in the highest quality possible, that given day.

It really was the case with the videos I checked out. They were far better than older videos from the same website. These sites sometimes hide the fact that some of their videos are inferior to others. They’re probably afraid that people will flock to the newest stuff and ignore all of their old vids. Well, you can get around that problem by sticking to OculusNSFW. The newest and hottest videos can be found on this here front page.

You’re free to sort by top instead of newest if you want to see what the community finds hot, but I didn’t find this to make that much of a difference. People’s personal preferences get in the way, and it just mixes things up too much. Whatever types of chicks are most popular are the kinds that will float to the top of the sub. There’s no need for that. I prefer to sort by new and decide for myself what I consider to be the hottest chick.

Some Bonus Stuff

Since this is a general Oculus porn sub, there are a few posts here and there that have nothing to do with triple-A porn. These include but are not limited to 3D renders of hot scenes featuring some popular, recognizable characters. The Overwatch girls show up quite a lot here, in SFM-made VR videos that are hotter than I thought they’d be. I was a bit hesitant to consider these, because they’re animated, and I prefer flesh-and-blood chicks. But, they were super-hot to fap to. Plus, the whole flat colors and textures actually look a lot smoother in VR, given the small resolution.

The Oculus Rift is great, but when you watch actual videos of real-life things, it can get a bit … blurry, I guess. The resolution is still kind of low, even when you’re watching 6k videos. Well, the animated shit doesn’t suffer nearly as much. It’s got this thick contrast between the different colors that are mostly matte, especially with the SFM videos. I very much recommend that you check these out. They’re a lot more fun than they seem once you’ve got the headset on.

If you own an Oculus device and you’re into jacking off, you should subscribe to this sub and follow the regular updates closely. There’s so much content that gets posted here regularly, and most of it is top tier smut. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking this place out, at least once.

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