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Reddit AdultVRGames, aka r/AdultVRGames! Adult VR Games are a fucking lifesaver. I’m holed up as the coronavirus zombies congregate outside my building, coughing on things and looking for toilet paper to hoard, but you know what? I don’t much feel like going out, anyway. I’ve spent the last few days fucking CG hentai babes and world-famous pornstars, watching tentacles violate women in the same room as me, and trying to figure out if I really enjoy interacting with furry sluts. It might all be in virtual reality, but it beats watching Netflix or drowning in my own lungs.

r/AdultVRGames is a massive online community of gamers, perverts, and tech-heads congregating over at Reddit. It’s a general-focus board, where users can discuss anything related to adults-only VR experiences. They’ve got over 20,000 members, and that’s a fraction of the actual number that visits. As soon as I pulled up the subreddit, I got a message saying they’ve had over 10,000 visits this week. Looks like you ain’t the only one who picked up a new sex helmet recently.

A Massive Forum for NSFW VR is one of the biggest websites in the world, a super-forum on every subject that gets 35 million visitors each and every day. They’re known for being a haven of nerds willing to argue to the death about which Star Wars character is the most powerful, and have notorious communities of sad virgins who think masturbatory abstinence will turn them into Professor Xavier. Neckbeard bullshit aside, they’ve also got some really good content buried in there.

Case in point: the AdultVRGames subreddit. It popped up in the middle of 2016, a couple of months after the launch of the original Oculus Rift. Say what you will about the freaks and geeks of this site, they sure as hell know a lot about technology. They also know a thing or two about porn, as we’re about to see.

Since day one, the subreddit was meant to be accessible to anybody who owns a VR device or anybody thinking of owning one. If you already know exactly what you’re doing with your gizmo, AdultVRGames will point you to all the freshest, sexiest virtual reality porn games, simulators, and 3D fuck flicks to get the most of it. If you just got the damn thing and you’re still struggling with the basics like installation and drivers, they’ve got you covered.

Dipping into VR with Reddit

There’s a great sticky post at the very top of the subreddit aimed at helping VR sex newbies get started. The intro text admits that it’s a new genre, and most of the established games are from Japan, and there might be “all kinds of hassles for installation and translation.” It’s a little different from what they tell you on VR porn sites about how effortless it should be, but I appreciate the no-bullshit approach.

It’s worth noting, as they do in the sticky post, that you’ll need a “real VR system” for most of the games in Adult VR Games to work. Very few will work on devices like Google Daydream or the myriad no-name products that basically just strap your phone to your face. If you really want to bang a hentai schoolgirl in a 3D classroom, you’ll need one of the big-name, expensive toys like the Vive, Gear, or Oculus units.

The r/AdultVRGames sticky continues with a fairly exhaustive list of VR porn games. They divide them up between the commercial games and the indies using Patreon and other platforms, with official links for each. There’s also a short list of stores and game review sites, but I have to admit, I’m a little biased towards the reviews at BestPornGames. They’re so informative, and I like that dude’s style!

The list has short descriptions of each game, but no review information listed. I do like how the Patreon games have a column showing how many patrons each one has, because it’s one of the best numerical gauges of quality for the indies. Monster Girl Island is holding the lead right now, with Virt-A-Mate, Wild Life Adult RPG, and Fallen Doll falling in line behind it. I can’t say I’m all that surprised, because I’ve played all those games and reviewed them here!

VR Sex Games, Previews, and Sneak Peeks

I was browsing the sex games over in r/LewdGames earlier, so I came here expecting a bunch of free VR games posted in a steady stream at a similar rate. Virtual Reality ain’t nearly as common as Flash, RPGMaker, or Unity, though. Outside of that sticky post, you don’t see a ton of new, finished games to play on the board.

The only full, playable games posted recently was a link to an VR bundle aimed at folks stuck at home due to the quarantines and lockdowns. I’m actually a few hours late for the deal, but the comments would have helped me decide if I’d visited earlier. They don’t seem too enthused by the “deal”, with a couple of people saying the games are mostly just demos. Sometimes the hivemind knows shit, which can help you save money and find better games.

You do see a lot of demos for Adult VR Games here. That is the name of the subreddit, after all. The most recent post, about 12 hours old, is an XXX Simulator VR from a Star Wars Special Series. I have a feeling this wasn’t approved by Disney, but the character models are on-point in looks and tone. There’s a VR video preview, and if that gets you going, the demo is a free download for PC.

The previews aren’t necessarily playable. Other recent sneak peeks include a CG stripper dancing around a pole, a Fleshlight and Vive tracker demonstration for a sci-fi threesome, and an animated GIF demo for a really kinky tentacle scene. A naked, pale-skinned chick is trapped within some massive, pink-fleshed creature with a mass of tentacles holding her down and violating her holes. There’s no interactivity to any of these previews, but many do serve their function of teasing the game and your hard-on.

I wish the posts had flairs like they do on other subs. That would help organize the posts and make it easy to jump to the games, demos, discussions, and other types of posts.

Interact with Fellow VR Masturbators

One of the greatest strengths of Adult VR Games is their sheer numbers. I’ve already mentioned how the hivemind can help you get started with VR and choose which games to spend your money on. When you get that many fans, enthusiasts, and loudmouths in one place, you can learn a lot. Reddit’s upvote/downvote system helps keep the noise level down, so the comment sections aren’t like the knuckleheads in your typical PornHub comment section. “ur hot let me make u climx im huge 10-in dick.”

One of today’s most commented threads was posted by some dude who’d rather just buy games outright than pledge on Patreon. The thread is worth a look if you’re interested in how these things get made, because they break down a lot of the hows and whys of game creation and using Patreon for funding. Long story short: right now, the platform is crucial for indie game developers, and 100% the best way to support them.

By the way, those game developers are here, too. As one of the biggest hubs in the world for news and info on Adult VR Games, why the fuck wouldn’t they? I’d bet all of the Patreon creators use the sub, and if not, they’re fucking idiots. Most of the game previews and demos you’ll see posted were added by the creators themselves.

They’re listening, too. When you comment on some dude’s VR hentai douchebag simulator, you ain’t just screaming into the ether like on most websites. Those eggheads want you to comment on what works, what doesn’t, what makes you hard as a rock, and what makes your dick shrink back into your body like a frightened turtle. AdultVRGames is one of the best ways to give feedback directly to your favorite game designers.

The AdultVRGames subreddit is devoted to all the virtual reality games you can beat your meat to, and may be the biggest and most active community of its type anywhere on the web. That makes it a wealth of information and discussions to help you get the most out of your priciest masturbation device.

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