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Reddit NSFWGames, aka r/NSFWGames, is a small subreddit about any and all NSFW games. Forums are old news to most of you. Why use a forum when you could hop on and circle-jerk with the hivemind on Reddit? It’s a weird place full of self-righteous champions of opinions, in-depth guides for niche hobbies, and a place to get positive affirmation for whatever fucked up shit you may have done to someone.

But those aren’t the best places to be on Reddit. The true treasure trove here is just how many fucking porn subreddits there are. Fuck all of that boring shit. You could do a deep dive into this site and come up with some new, kinky porn subreddit to wank off to every single day.

You’ve all probably guessed it, but I’m taking you fucks on a wild ride through yet another subreddit. This one can be found at Or, of course, you can simply plug in NSFWGames into the search bar at the top of Reddit to get there.

Modestly-Sized Community that has been around since 2013

It’s a modestly sized sub and has been around for a long fucking time. It launched all the way back in January of 2013. It has nearly 11 thousand members, but the active community is usually somewhere under 50 at any given time. Not the best, but you can still expect a good bit of content to fap to.

Some of you cucks may not be super familiar with Reddit. Maybe you have a life or something. I don’t know. Count yourself as lucky. But let me give you a quick spiel. It’s a site with many different subreddits, and each sub has its own community with its own rules, members, and culture. You earn karma on Reddit by having other Redditors upvote posts or comments that you make. And that’s all you really need to know.

Make a Free Profile & Start Sharing Your Favorite Porn Games

As most of you know, you need an account to engage with, well, anything on Reddit. It’s easy to get one setup. Just pick out a username and plug in an email. I recommend using an account that’s just for NSFW shit. You don’t want some video of a slut deepthroating a massive cock to autoplay while you’re in the middle of the checkout line at Kohls.

Each subreddit has it’s own set of moderators or moderator in this one’s case. Man, they’ve been kicking for over 7 years with no additional mods. That’s fucking insane. That poor fuck can’t possibly be keeping up with every post that gets submitted to r/NSFWGames. There has to be some beta who is just itching at the opportunity to help out with the moderation here.

No Rules, Filters, or Much Moderation in General

At least that mod has probably done the legwork and made a structured set of rules, set up an auto moderator to filter posts, and all of that good shit, right? Nope. What is it you fucking Redditors say? Yikes. Yeah, that’s a big fucking oof from me. Yeah, they haven’t got anything like that going on. No rules. Nothing at all. So, uh, I guess you can post whatever the fuck you want on here. They’re asking for it.

Surprisingly enough, the community of has somehow managed not to fall into complete disarray. Most of the nerds here are engaged in civil discussion about NSFW games. There aren’t too many off-topic posts that I could see within the last week or so. The only posts that seem to steer a little off-topic are posts asking for links to “x type of game” or “games with x character in it.” But even those aren’t bad or too frequent.

Posts Can be Vague Due to Lack of a Required Structure for Posts

The biggest flaw of most posts is that they lack information about the game being talked about. Most times, you simply get a title and an image. Sometimes the OP will include some helpful details in the comments, but it’s more common for you to be shit out of luck and have to find out on your own. Which is why I’m here! Odds are I’ll have reviews for most of the kinky games posted over in

New posts trickle in. You get maybe 2-3 posts every day. So, this is the kind of subreddit that you check out once a day to see if there’s anything new before moving on with your fap quest. Once you scroll through a year of content in 20 or so minutes browsing the sub can lose some of its charm. Don’t get me wrong; there are a fuck ton of games here to download and jerk off to.

But Reddit makes it a bit more difficult to browse through old content than it is on a regular porn site. There isn’t a way to filter by date or anything like that. You’re stuck searching through content the old fashioned way. I mean, you can sort by hot, new, and top posts. But that doesn’t do much for the posts that are years old.

Lots of Content to Explore, but Don’t Expect any Community Engagement

If you’re looking for some quality community engagement with your posts, then you may want to consider a different sub. Most posts here don’t have any comments. Some of them may have one or two, but that’s about it. And the top post of all time on the sub only has 160 upvotes, with the second place having 57. Don’t expect there to be a lot of fanfare, and don’t expect to earn yourself a lot of karma. I’d recommend cross-posting your shit so that people actually see whatever kinky game you’re posting.

As with all subreddits, you can take r/NSFWGames with you on the go by using either the official Reddit mobile app or by using one of the many third-party Reddit apps out there. I think all of the apps are pretty solid. I use the regular-ass one that people seem to complain about, but I think it works fine. Do whatever floats your boat, I guess.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I like any subreddit that can offer a fairly large catalog of porn games. You can expect a fuck ton of content here. You can scroll for a long while and still find hidden gems to fap to. Though I’d recommend keeping in mind that these aren’t all free games. Most of the links will take you to Patreon pages or shit like that. But there are still some free titles to be found. It just takes a little bit of time and patience.

To put a positive swing on some things that may seem negative, this fucking sub is a lurkers paradise. You’re not expected to chat with other Redditors, share opinions, or any of that usual bullshit. Everyone is too busy jerking their dicks to concern themselves with saying thank you. If you’re looking to keep to yourself, then this sub will be a great treasure trove of quality content for you.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

On the other hand, this isn’t a good sub for lively discussions about NSFW games. You’d have better luck getting someone to talk to you by yelling out your window than you would be trying to get someone to talk to you on here. And the lack of moderation and rules makes for a chaotic experience.

I don’t like strict mods or rules any more than the next fuck, but I do think some structure would help this community thrive. Have there be required descriptions, details, and images for every post. As is, it’s just people throwing anything they want on here no matter how vague or shitty it is.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, was a fun enough subreddit to browse and kill some time with. It may not be bursting with content, activity, or discussions, but you will find some fap-worthy games on here. There is a huge archive of content that you can search or scroll though if you have that sort of time on your hands. I don’t recommend it as a main source for porn games, but it’s a great supplement that you can check out whenever the need arises.

PornGames likes NSFWGames

  • Large archive of content to explore
  • Check out a new game every day
  • Great subreddit for lurkers

PornGames hates NSFWGames

  • No rules and very lax moderation
  • Unengaged community
  • Lack of structure makes for vague posts