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I’m a bit torn on this one, boys; I’m not going to lie. Town of Sins covers every single requirement that I expect out of a new smut game release, and yet, I shudder to recommend this bad boy to you on account of how, well, confusing it comes across. I’ll try to go through it step by step, and you can feel free to make your own decisions on whether you think you should play it. It seems to have all the bells and whistles, and I guess you can call it inspired, but it just falls flat overall. I always try not to start my reviews on such a down note, but what can I say? I went into this game with an open mind, and I came out the other end disappointed. And sure, it made me hard along the way, but for the most part, I was just underwhelmed at the lost potential.

In essence, this is a classic card game inspired by such popular triple-A titles as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, albeit with a significantly simpler approach to the gameplay. Those games require entire rulebooks to explain; this one needs next to nothing, really. I could go through all the rules in a single paragraph. It’s very straightforward. And to be clear, I have nothing against simple rules behind card games, especially in smut titles. The problem is that this game is trying too hard to squeeze you for real money that it falls flat across the board. Let’s dive into it step by step, and you’ll get what I mean.

<h3>Rolling Into Town</h3>

First up, we’ve got the story. When you first load Town of Sins up, you get a bit of exposition. It’s very reminiscent of how Hentai Heroes and similar games would kick off the gameplay to get you hooked on the story. In fact, it would appear that this game takes a lot of inspiration from Hentai Heroes. You’ll see what I mean in a bit. Anyways, you play as some random misogynistic dude who’s big on banging broads. You’ve got a bunch of your own broads in your convertible, and you’re rolling up on a quaint and unsuspecting city full of prude chicks who need to be taught the meaning of modesty. So your goal in life is to turn all of them into cock thirsty whores. All right, so far, so good. The game had me very invested at this point.

Naturally, this was just a comic-style cinematic and not, at all, indicative of the gameplay. At this point, I didn’t even know that I was playing a card game. Keep in mind that I went into this game with no background information. I like to keep a clear head when I try out smut games for the first time – no spoilers and all that. Anyways, I got past the cinematic and met my first prudish broad, whom I would try to defile with my wicked sexual ways. I would be doing that by beating her in card combat. That’s when the game kicks off for real, and you get to square up against a random bitch who has a deck of sexy cards. You’ve got sexy cards, and the bitches have sexy cards. You put one card on the field at a time and pass your turn. That’s the whole game.

<h3>Piss Simple Gameplay</h3>

Cards have damage and life points. Your cards attack their cards in every turn, and they do the same in return. If your card has more attack than their card has health, you will destroy it. If you attack once all their cards are gone, you damage the girl’s main life points. Get her down to zero, and you win the encounter, making her all the more likely to act like a whore and hopefully suck you off down the line. Be careful, though, as the girls will be gunning for your life points as well.

At first, I thought this gameplay was promising, mainly because of the upgrade mechanic. You see, there are sexy cards and modifier cards. The sexy cards feature women. For example, you can play a ballerina. She has some stats that are useful in combat, but if you then play a porn shoot on your next turn on top of the ballerina, you can turn her into a pornstar ballerina, thus upgrading her and her stats for the remainder of combat. This is more than enough card interaction to make for an exciting game. You just add more cards and let the player figure out their deck. It’s more than enough to make for interesting gameplay. And, well, this is where the game started to piss me the fuck off.

<h3>Milking You for Money and Time</h3>

I’ve played smut card games and regular card games before, and I’m very familiar with the basics of card game meta. You pick the right cards for your deck and play them in a clever order if you want to win. That’s it. That’s the grander scheme of card games. Yeah, well, that’s not going to fly too well when you’re playing Town of Sins. For reasons that are just incomprehensible to me, this game defies any meta. It doesn’t really matter which cards you play and in what order, since you’ll end up winning or losing without any actual effort, depending on how much you’ve progressed outside of each duel.

The game tracks your character’s progress and lets you unlock new cards and upgrade your existing cards by bumping up their stats. Again, it’s a sound system in theory, but it comes off as a complete scam in execution. You have to spend real money to even play the game or do much of anything beyond the tutorial. As it turns out, this is more of a gacha than a card game. Hell, they’re so on the nose about the whole thing that they even let you fight your battles automatically, so you don’t have to actually watch the actual core gameplay. You can just skip it.

It’s their way of saying that the card game doesn’t matter. What does matter is how much time and money you’ve sunk into your character’s career. That’s what determines whether you’ll win or not – money, not skill. This is egregious. Porn card games have a ton of potential. Sure, they’re not the hottest thing in the world, but they promise a ton of smut, and there’s a lot of potential to both get you hard and keep you hard, provided the art is spaced out in a reasonably enticing way. You get some of that inspiration with Town of Sins, but the overall gimmick is that you’re supposed to spend money if you want to get anything done. Hell, you only get like ten card battles before you have to refill your stamina or whatever the fuck they call it in this game. It’s energy - they call it energy. I checked.

<h3>Has Potential, Needs More Gameplay</h3>

The only way to play this game without spending money on it is to keep coming back to it once every few hours to play for 30 minutes, and ideally, you should just skip the combat sequences altogether. Sure, they’re the meat of the game, but they get repetitive as all hell. And since you’ll have to keep coming back to play in short bursts, you might as well plow through the content and enjoy the rewards on your own time later.

Speaking of enjoying the content, I actually quite like the smut in this game. It’s cartoon porn at its finest, and while it’s not animated, I can’t complain. It’s very inspired. <strong>The artists really went above and beyond with the portrayal of pussies, asses, and tits</strong>. The girls are extraordinarily raunchy, and they get even sluttier the more you upgrade them. That’s perhaps the most fun mechanic in the game, in my opinion. Whether you upgrade cards to level them up or slap a modifier onto them, they morph into sexier versions of themselves.

So, the ballerina will be kind of bland and boring, showing no nudity or sexual content, but if you pair her with a dildo, she’ll get wet and wild. All of this is revealed within the actual card art, and you can blow those up to full screen if you want to jerk off to them. You’re also free to rewatch any card art you’ve unlocked in the past, even if you only got it for a second. Once it’s unlocked, it’s free for preview. On top of that, there are regular cutscenes throughout the story that show you even more full-screen action featuring babes from around the town. In conclusion, the game has a ton of potential, but it’s just trying to milk you for money. If they cared a bit more about the core gameplay, I could give it a glowing recommendation, but as it currently stands, the gameplay is just bland at best.

PornGames likes Town Of Sins

  • Tons of gorgeous sexy cards
  • Great art direction
  • Free to play, sort of

PornGames hates Town Of Sins

  • Milks you for money
  • Gameplay meta is boring