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Tower of Trample

I don’t know why you cucks seek out humiliation porn. Aren’t you already pathetic enough? Seriously, the number of cuckold, femdom, degradation JOI, and dominatrix fetish porn videos I see is insane. How can you be so fucking beta that you let some slut do whatever she wants to you? But I guess I’m coming at this from the angle of someone who gets mad pussy whenever I want.

I can wink at a hot babe, and she’ll be pulling her panties down around her ankles and bending over for me to ravish her right then and there. I guess those of you that don’t have that luxury need to get off somehow. So, what better way than to totally submit yourself to some bitch so they can toy with you however they want? It makes sense to me.

So, I did you betas a solid and went looking for a game that would hit all of those boxes. It wasn’t easy. Most games are focused on living out the fantasy of fucking babes your way. But don’t you worry about a damn thing. I found this game called Tower of Trample. It was created by Bo Wei back in 2017 and has been something of a smash hit. You can find this game for free everywhere. But, if you’re not a stingy fuck, you can dish out two measly dollars to get access to every single game that he has created or will create.

Climb and Defeat a Tower Full of Kinky Babes While Trying to Save Your Friends

This game runs off of the RPG Maker software, so you’ll have to deal with that tiny ass game window like every other RPG Maker game has. But, compared to so many other titles using this software, Tower of Trample does not fuck around with unnecessary exposition one bit. You are playing as some dude who has traveled to this tower to save his friends. A bunch of your fellow beta cucks have been captured by dominatrix babes who are sexually humiliating them every day.

Your job is to beat the babes on each floor, free your friends, and save the fucking day. Sounds a bit like your standard RPG affair, but wait, there’s a twist. This is a game centered on failure. You’re not meant to win for a while. Your first five or six fights against the red-dressed seductress named Scarlett on the first floor will ultimately end in failure. You will suffer humiliation after kinky humiliation. She’ll step on you with her heel, force you to smell her armpit, sit and fart on your face, crush your head between her thighs, and so much more.

Lose and Get Humiliated Again and Again Before You Get a Chance at Victory

Each time you lose, you get money and some items. Eventually, you can earn enough of these items to have your trapped buddy Keith make you a sword, armor, and some healing potions. Even with that gear, this game is fucking brutal. It takes a little luck and a lot of strategies to beat any of the babes in this game.

You need to keep your wits about you, which might be hard to do if you are furiously rubbing your micro-dick raw while you play. You need to memorize move patterns, plan for attacks, avoid grapples, and much more. This is some in-depth combat for sure. There are even quick-time events where you need to hit certain arrow keys quickly to break out of a grapple. This isn’t your standard hit attack until its dead RPG combat system.

When you win, you unlock the next floor and can save one of your homies. But, fuck, I wish there were hentai scenes for when you won. I get the game is about humiliation, but having some kinky scenes of you finally getting to have your way with these babes would be great. And it’s not like you can’t be into humiliation and domination. Just throw in a toggle for us fucks who want that kind of content!

Hot as Fuck Humiliation Scenes With a Wide Variety of Fetishes

I’ve gotta say, the humiliation scenes are pretty fucking hot. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t usually seek that kind of shit out. They only get kinkier as you climb the tower as well. One of the scenes from the babe on the second floor is a favorite. She gets you in a headlock between her thighs, and you get a fully animated scene of her jerking your cock until you nut all over her leggings. Not too bad at all. Definitely, a lot of fapworthy content packed into this game.

Now, there are a total of nine babes. Yvonne is the babe in green on the second floor. And there are seven others that you have to beat and overcome. Fuck, that’s a lot of chicks. There are some secret challenges in this game to overcome that will have you playing a little longer than the few hours or so it usually takes to beat the entire thing.

There are more difficult versions of each girl to beat, and you want to unlock every scene you can, right? It’ll take a while of playing to get every single fetish scene that you want to fap to. But, regardless, this isn’t some short ass porn game. There’s a lot of content to explore here.

A Longer Porn Game With Loads of Content

It should go without saying, but if you aren’t down with your character being humiliated by hot babes, then this game is definitely not for you. You’ll be getting forced to do all sorts of kinky shit. And there is a fuck ton of foot fetish content in this game. If that’s your speed, then you will love this shit. This game has you sucking on toes, getting stepped on, smelling shoes, licking feet, and so much more. Not my cup of tea, but you fucks should hop onto this and knock yourselves out.

The game does get a bit easier after the first chick. Yvonne is a breeze once you figure out her pattern, but I won’t spoil that for you fucks. Trial by fire, right? Then the third floor has this hot nun babe named Eliza, who will kick your ass for a while. All of the chicks are tough enough, but Scarlett will likely take you most attempts. So, don’t feel too discouraged if you keep getting your ass beat. You’ll be flying through and beating your meat to all of these hot babes in no time at all.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This game doesn’t try to fuck around with exposition, extras, or all the usual boring stuff that an RPG has. It gets you straight to the point. The combat is unique and makes the game more than just a click to attack to win type game. The art and animations are incredibly sexy. You’ll be getting humiliated in all sorts of embarrassing ways. And that’s exactly why you should be playing. If you like the idea of a hot nun making you smell her stinky armpit while she forcibly jerks your dick, then boy oh boy, this is the game for you.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I’ve got nothing. This game is awesome. Bo Wei somehow managed to make an incredibly unique and fun title using a pretty overused software. I fucking dig it. Go play this shit now. That’s my suggestion.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Tower of Trample is a great, niche fetish game that sets out and achieves exactly what it aims to do: make a kinky humiliation fetish game. It’s a fun RPG with a unique combat system that will have you losing again, again, and again. I love that they take away the usual formula of winning to get further and flip it on its head. Awesome fucking idea.

And the whole premise is executed well. This is an absolute must-play for any of you cucks out there who dream about being humiliated by busty babes. There aren’t many games like Tower of Trample, and I’d say that they are none that do the job as well as it does. Go check out this game start rubbing yourself raw to the kinky humiliation scenes it has to offer.

PornGames likes Tower of Trample

  • Straight to the point game with no fluff
  • A unique premise with an interesting combat system
  • Game is focused on failure instead of winning
  • Loads of kinky humiliation fetish scenes
  • A good few hours worth of content

PornGames hates Tower of Trample

  • Nothing yet!