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Get ready for another porn RPG. Why is it always RPGs? I guess it makes sense. You can’t really have a roleplaying game full of hot monsters without it turning into an RPG of some sort. But what about other genres?

There are games out there that are bullet-hell games with loads of sexy content. There are platformers as well. But it’s the RPG section that is so fucking saturated with hentai and porn games. I blame RPG Maker, since they made this shit too easy. And it’s not really a bad thing. These games kick ass. I’d just like to see some more variety and crazy concepts.

I imagine you guessed that I have a porn RPG game for you. Well, good fucking job. You’re a genius. The game is called The Last Sovereign. It was made by Sierra Lee using RPG Maker and is still very much in development. You can check out their Patreon and blog over at The game has been in development since 2015, which is a long-ass time. Hopefully, we get a full release of the game sometime in the next decade.

Seemingly Basic Story...But With a Big Twist

This game has a pretty basic story. You play as this cuck named Kai, who is a chosen one sworn to defeat the monsters that are under the rule of the Incubus King. Lots of chosen ones have fallen and gotten killed. But you’re different...hopefully...maybe. Who knows? But, anyway, you play as this white knight fuck who teams up with this hot elf chick named Altina and some grouchy dude named Simon. From there, your journey out into the wastes and fight monsters, do quests, and all of that standard RPG shit.

The game looks good, and it has some beautiful artwork for the main characters. The menus are standard RPG Maker menus with different colors. It’s not bad, but it certainly didn’t catch my attention right away. It’s like playing a regular RPG after getting done playing the Witcher or something. It’s not bad, but it feels like something is missing.

Experience the World Through the Eyes of Many Different Characters

But then comes the twist! Hell yeah! This game isn’t about Kai or his merry band of fuckwits. This game goes Octopath Traveler style and follows the story of a bunch of different characters. Kai and Altina get fucking merked and killed by the Incubus King’s sexy minions. The whole Incubus King thing is real and a threat, but you were drawn right into a trap. You get ambushed by elite succubi warriors and raped to death. Now, that’s the kind of RPG twist I like to see.

You then get brief flashes of the lives of a bunch of different characters. Presumably, you’ll meet or play as these fucks later on in the game. This is a long-ass game with a fuck ton of content, so strap in for a saga. The first chapter has you playing as Simon. He’s that grouchy dude form the beginning. After getting captured, you dive the fuck out of a window and run for your life. You arrive back in town and journey from there, seeking out the next chosen. Unless...are you chosen? Only time will tell. It’s up to you to explore the world from there.

Kick-Ass Soundtrack

Before I get into anything else, I gotta say that The Last Sovereign has a bomb-ass soundtrack. The fight music is top-notch. Even the background music is pretty solid. The music is usually one of my biggest gripes about RPG Maker games or RPG games in general. It’s usually the same 2-minute track on loop for 40+ godforsaken hours. It’s enough to drive someone mad. But not with The Last Sovereign. I found myself genuinely looking forward to new areas so that I could hear what new music they threw in there.

No Images or Animations, but Loads of Erotic Descriptions

Sadly, I may be the bearer of bad news here. This isn’t a game that is terribly full of hot images, animations, or anything like that. Inf act, there are barely any illustrations. There will be the odd picture or lewd monster model as you progress, but that’s not the focus for the game. It’s all about that erotic text, baby! You get lengthy descriptions of kinky fuck scenes and fetish romps. If you like erotic stories, books, or text-based adventure games, then you’ll love this shit. Though it would be nice to have a big tittied hoe to fap to while reading.

Great Story, Writing, Audio, But Lackluster Combat & Controls

The game certainly kicks ass when it comes to story, writing, audio design, and art. But it lacks originality when it comes to backgrounds and assets. It’s all stuff you’d see on the RPG Maker software. That might be fine for those of you cucks who haven’t played many games made with this program. But seeing the same buildings and shit gets old after awhile. I’d like to see them add in more original assets and models as the game goes forward. After all, it’s only on version .48.1. I know this sounds like the biggest nitpick ever, but that shit sets games apart.

The controls are basic arrow keys. It might be nice to let users have mouse controls in the future. It can feel clunky after a while of having to navigate every single menu and option with the arrow keys. On that same train of thought, the combat mechanics were average. It’s exactly what you’d expect from an RPG. Attack, guard, skills, use items, etc. Enemies do lust damage and shit, but you don’t usually get hot scenes of them taking you to pound town when you lose. It’s a simple game over. That feels like a huge missed opportunity for smut.

Tons of Hot Scenes For Everyone!

For the most part, the fetish content is pretty laid back. You can expect kinky blowjobs, fucking, anal, and all of that standard shit. You’ll get the occasional hardcore fuck scenes, but the game is trying to appeal to the widest market of you cucks as possible. I know you shit-guzzling scat lovers will be disappointed that the game doesn’t have that kind of content, but it is likely for the best.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Man, this game got me pretty hard with that twist. I gotta hand it to them for that. I was prepared to dismiss this shit as boring before that happened. The game is huge. There is a lot of content to explore, and it’s not even halfway finished yet. The dialog and writing, in general, is clever and sexy. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, how can you be serious when you’re getting your dick sucked by succubi? Anyway, yeah, the game is fun and a joy to play. And you can fap your brains out to it. What’s not to love?

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I’d like to see the game set its look apart from the other RPG Maker games. It blends in with all the other lame games out there, which is a damn shame since this is a good-ass game with a lot to offer. I love text games, but I would like to see some more kinky art. It would tie those sex scenes together, even if it was just a single still image. And include smutty scenes for when you lose! I want to read about my character getting fucking ravished by a hot demon babe. You know she’s not just leaving my unconscious body alone. These are monsters and demons that we are talking about.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, The Last Sovereign was a fantastic RPG that really kept me on my toes. I didn’t know what the fuck to expect. It’s one of those few games that kept me interested in the story as well. The writing is clever, well-done, and the erotic descriptions are fapworthy as fuck. It is a shame that the game is lacking in the art department, but I hope that gets fixed as the game moves forward through development. I just hope it doesn’t take another fucking five years for it to fully come out. Go give it a download and get fapping!

PornGames likes The Last Sovereign

  • Tens of hours of content to explore
  • Lots of erotic
  • fapworthy descriptions and scenes
  • The intriguing storyline with lots of twists and turns
  • Easy to pick up and play

PornGames hates The Last Sovereign

  • Boring combat
  • The game is lacking in hot hentai art