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Taps Of Eradine

Today we’re briefly going to talk about Shards of Eradine, before I explain how it differs from Taps of Eradine, because it took me a while to figure out what the big deal was and why there are two games with an almost identical title. Let’s start with the one I’m not currently reviewing, shall we? Shards of Eradine is an open-world RPG that has you exploring a fantastical medieval world. The graphics are cute, the game is interesting, and the whole thing is available on Steam. Oh, and of course, the game’s loaded with smut scenes.

Some Background

I’m still not entirely clear on how Nutaku cooperates with game developers, but from what I can tell, they aren’t involved with Shards of Eradine. The game, developed by CryptidTech, had a slow rollout back in the day, all the way in 2017. Since then, it hasn’t really taken off. Maybe it needed better marketing, or maybe the game is just lacking in content, I’m not sure. The reviews for the game on Steam all seem to have something nice to say. People like the graphics, they very much appreciate the smut scenes, but the reviews are still mostly negative.

Some think the game is grindy; others think it needs hardcore gameplay changes to make it more accessible. There’s also a lot of reviews that mention glitches. People also seem to hate the auto save system. I saw a couple of fellows complaining about the game being made in Unity, but lacking in basic functionality like being able to actually save your progress at will. I gotta say, Shards of Eradine is not looking like a good game to me, taking all of these things into account. I mean, I like the smut scenes, but I’m not going to play an entire RPG if the gameplay is not fun, just to get to see some titties.

Now that we got that out of the way, where does Taps of Eradine come in?

Nutaku to the Rescue

Even if Shards might be a bit of a missed investment, Taps of Eradine is doing much better. The reviews for Shards on Steam as well as external reviews of Taps on Nutaku all seem to say the same thing – Taps is the superior game. This is weird, considering that the game is basically a mini-puzzle tap to win game made for mobile phones.

I mean, it’s literally a light version of Shards. It’s not even a full-fledged game. It’s barely got any story to speak of. It’s more the type of game you play to kill some time. But, Nutaku being the marketing legends that they are seem to have pulled this bit of coal out of the rough and polished it into a diamond. As of right now, Taps of Eradine is doing much better than the actual full title, Shards, and this is the game that I recommend that you play, if you’re considering trying one of the two.

It Started as a Demo

I can’t quote any official source on the intentions that the developers had when they made Taps of Eradine, but it seems pretty clear that this game was in one way or another a demo of Shards of Eradine. If you don’t consider it a demo, then you can at least think of it as a miniature addition to the series of Eradine as a whole. I mean, it’s casual, it’s accessible, and it’s available on mobile phones. Plus, it doesn’t have any real story-driven progression, so it’s certainly not there to sell you on an adventure. It’s a pastime, plain and simple.

The game contains a lot of content from Shards, including characters, monsters, and the general assets from the game. It’s got the same art style and a similar approach to the smut, but with a much more generous vibe, overall. Taps reminds me of passive incremental games in which you unlock better and faster ways to make money over time, but from what I can see, it doesn’t actually have passive income. Instead, you’re expected to just tap your screen over and over again, while you go through droves of baddies that just keep coming, one by one.

Upgrading your Finger

When you first start off playing Taps of Eradine, you’re basically just a random nobody with a weapon and a dream of demolishing some monsters for the promise of loot. You’ve heard this story before in about every single Japanese themed RPG. You start off small, but the promise of a big and powerful party keeps you going. Plus, there’s a linear progression of rewards. The more you play, the bigger the rewards get, and the tougher the monsters are.

Naturally, without a story and without an open world to explore, you don’t really have a general sense of progress. You’re never really sure whether you’re powerful or not. There’s no clear cut answer to this question. The game keeps going endlessly, and monsters just keep getting stronger along with you, so in a sense, you’re not really making progress. If this game didn’t have any smut in it, it would be a very boring game overall. I’ve seen some similar games that also call themselves “tap games”, and I never really got the appeal behind them. I mean yes, progressing is fun, and unlocking powers is neat. I like the idea of getting stronger over time. But, if the enemies progress at roughly the exact same rate as me, what’s the fucking point? I’m essentially replaying level one, over and over again.

Well, if you take that concept and add the promise of smut around every corner, suddenly, I’ve got incentive to care. Even if the game feels like a chore, the rewards feel worthwhile. Even if I’m unlocking the same type of sex scenes, as long as it’s with a different girl and it’s drawn from a different angle, it counts as novel in my book. I’d play any tapping game for a very long time if it keeps rewarding me with smut.

Casual Gameplay

As with every porn game I review, I gotta go over how useful this title would be for jacking off. One-handed gameplay is basically how porn gaming is supposed to be done. If you can’t jack off and play, then the game is a bit disappointing, no matter how hot the smut may be. With Nutaku games, for the most part, you don’t get one-handed gameplay, and that’s always going to be a downside for me.

But, I have to acknowledge that all of Nutaku’s games are made for a very different kind of gamer. I like to call them nerds, but the truth is, anyone can enjoy these kinds of games. The general idea is that you play them for the fun gameplay, you unlock the smut scenes along the way in passing, and then you jack off to them later, when you’re not actually playing the game. It’s why most if not all of them have a smut gallery, so that you can enjoy the content you’ve already seen before, again.

I think that the best way to play Taps of Eradine is to save it for those moments during the day when you’re bored out of your mind. If you commute to work every day, boom, that right there is the best time to play this game. Maybe crank up some music in the background, your choice. Then, tap away until you arrive at your destination. Plus, if you’re like me and you enjoy taking long shits, but you don’t want to waste time on Tinder while you’re on the crapper, play this game instead. I’m basically saying that you should play this game during non-sexy moments, so you can enjoy some hot sex scenes later, preferably at night, when you’re alone and have nothing else to do.

Do you like collecting chicks? Do you also like games that don’t require a lot of thinking, but keep rewarding you for the time you spend playing them? Are you allergic to proper RPG titles? Well, Taps of Eradine is basically the perfect game for you. You get all of the RPG vibes, with no story to break up the action, and all you have to do to play the game is tap your screen.

There are tons of girls to unlock and tons of ways to upgrade them. Every single tap of your screen does damage to the enemy. This damage increases the more you upgrade your squad, and that’s about it. This game is the definition of no muss, no fuss. If you’re looking for some simple gaming with a ton of time-wasting potential, that’s Taps of Eradine. Head on over to Nutaku right now and check it out.

PornGames likes Taps Of Eradine

  • Endless clicking action
  • Smut scene rewards
  • It’s optimized for mobile

PornGames hates Taps Of Eradine

  • Can be a bit grindy