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Fap Titans

FapTitans! For quite some time now, I've been searching for a game with high-quality graphics, alluring gameplay, and erotic elements. Recently, I stumbled upon a website called Faptitans, and holy fuck it blew my fucking mind because it has everything that I was searching for, not to mention that it's easily accessible due to it being a browser game. Due to it being available only with a browser, nobody would fucking know that you're playing it, as it would be simple as deleting your browser history, you're girlfriend, wife, or you side-bitch wouldn't even know about it.

Ever since Faptitans was initially released to the public, its fan base grew massively with fans and members spread across the globe, the game's following is also increasing by the day because of the game's development, which is also improving every now and then. Anyway, to know more about the game or if you want to find out if Faptitans is worth wasting your time on, then stay right there, because you're going to be my bitch for the next few minutes as I review the shit out of this game.

Start By Knowing What This Game Is About

In the wonderfully erotic game of Faptitans, players are immediately transported to a fantasy realm full of really hot, fuckable, and fap-worthy babes, plus the hideous monsters. All throughout the game, the enemies that you're going to face are some slime-oozing creatures and really hot fairies that are eager to fuck your babes excessively. Don't worry, as you won't be fighting alone because there's a list of bust hentai girls who are willing to aid you in battle, the babes are called Heroes, and they can be upgraded to be stronger. The best part? Since it's a click-based game, you only get to play it with one hand, thus leaving your other hand free to do anything it pleases. Furthermore, the main goal of the players is to create a guild base, and since that requires a lot of gold, you need to kill monsters for it.

Signing Up To Whole New Cum-Filled World

As you already know, Faptitans is a browser game, and that type of genre usually comes as a massive-multiplayer game; thus, the game forces newcomers to register before playing. But don't get dicks out of your asses just yet, because the registration is completely free, and if you still don't get what I'm trying to fucking say, let me explain in simple terms. Yes, of course, the game requires you to register, but it's only something basic like asking for your name and creating your in-game name, there's no need for you to use a credit card as it also doesn't need you to connect it to your other social network accounts. It's all basic and simple, registering would be just a breeze, as only a fucking idiot would have a hard time registering.

Starting On Your New Erotic Journey

With Faptitans, you immediately start your new erotic journey right after you register to the game's database. In the first scene, a really hot and busty game girl would approach you and aid you in figuring out all of the game's features, navigation, and goals as the player of the game. The instruction is explained well, and it's very detailed, only a fucking retarded son of a bitch wouldn't fucking understand it.

Before anything else, I should mention that the whole gameplay is entirely on a click-based combat system, but don't belittle it as the gameplay alone would surely get the players hooked from the start. Not to mention that the combat system would also serve as an exercise for your finger as it needs you to click really fast to beat the bosses faster. Ladies, you know what that means? Get a fucking guy who plays this game and enjoy your pussies getting fingered to the moon and back, I fucking swear to god, you won't regret it.

Anyway, In a fantasy world where monsters attack, slutty heroes are the ones pushing them back. There's a wide array of slutty heroes that are available, and some can only be obtained as you progress through it, but each of the female heroes as their own unique set of abilities and perks, which can help in taking down even the hardest monsters. Not to mention that the slutty heroes are all represented as sexy, busty, fuckable, and cum-worthy anime babes, all wearing revealing outfits along with unique hairstyles and eye color, therefore anyone can find their favorite.

The Layout And Navigation

Listen up faggots; this is where it gets serious as the most crucial part about a website is the layout and how convenient it is to navigate through it. To sum it all up, the overall layout design of the website is quite excellent; thus, I would give two thumbs up to the one who designed it. All of the features that the website provides are categorized into sections, in which it would totally help the users to navigate through the site with ease.

What I'm trying to say is, you have to be fucking retarded not to understand how things work around the site's design, everything is so fucking basic. Anyway, as you start the browser game, you'll be getting advice from the interface that would aid you in the basics of playing it. Furthermore, the design of the website is quite spectacular, and that's saying something for a game that can be played on any browser.

What I Like About The Game

To sum it all up, I can guarantee that you would also waste countless hours playing Faptitans. Why? Simply because the game is very accessible, you can play it anywhere you like, as long as you have access to a computer with a browser, and if you can't find one, then I would suggest getting the fuck out of your mom's basement you ugly prick. Anyway, when I was introduced to, I really expected it to be one of those sites that host numerous porn games, but boy, I was fucking wrong. For me, that was fucking awesome.

The other thing that I like about the game, and I can't stress enough on how it made me love the game more, is that the registration is COMPLETELY FREE, there's no subscription or one-time payment, nothing at all. Not to mention that the game has quite an interesting plot, and of course, accompanied by an admirable graphics quality, and that's fucking saying something considering that Faptitans is only a browser game.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

Since is a game that can be played with any browser, I was kinda expecting it to have mobile support. However, knowing that it doesn't have that kind of feature really is a fucking cockblocker because not everyone is going to have a laptop that they can bring anywhere. Yeah, I know, you can still play the game in any browser on any computer, but wouldn't it be great if they finally developed a mobile application for it? I can't fucking wait until that day comes. And... that's about it; there's nothing more that I can recommend as I already deem the browser game to be already perfect as it is. Don't believe me? Go and try it for your fucking self.


As you already know, Hentai games are not that known to have really immersive gameplay compared to other leading titles for the last decade. Because, let's face it, who would fucking want to play a pornographic game to have an immersive experience? The game developers have two paths to choose from; either they make the gameplay really awesome, or they make the artwork cum-worthy. Since it's "porn" game, of course, they chose the artwork over gameplay because nobody would want to waste countless hours grinding through it, only to see the artwork of people fucking each other to have something to jerk off to.

Anyway, Faptitans offers a lot of gaming features, considering that it's only a browser game, but you get to upgrade your hero and create your own guild to beat bosses, but everyone knows that's not the reason why you're here. The best thing about this game is the rewards you get after completing certain tasks, in which it's considered to be the "sweet candy" of the game. Yes, of course, I'm talking about the cum-filled artwork that would guarantee to satisfy your lustful desires.

PornGames likes Fap Titans

  • It's not a website full of porn games
  • the website itself is the game
  • Free registration
  • The plot is quite exciting
  • Level up progression
  • The enemies are rendered amazingly
  • The graphics are exceptional
  • for a browser game
  • Erotically sexy artwork

PornGames hates Fap Titans

  • No mobile support/application
  • Everything is click-based