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Attack On Moe H

Are you looking for a clicker game that’s simple and easy to play? If you are, then Attack on Moe H is the game for you. But, you should be aware that there isn’t a lot of sex in this game. If you’re intent on cranking one out to some beautiful girls, then this game probably isn’t the one for you. Still, the game is fun for what it is and has some interesting mechanics going on.

The Simple Story

As far as the story goes, getting your dick hard and jerking off to this game’s premise isn’t something you’re going to do. The story is simple, as all it focuses on is the fact that a pixelated village gets attacked by different creatures. These creatures range in variety from furry ones to bats, and each one seems to pop up randomly.

As a member of this village, your goal is to defend it from these creatures. Now, the creatures themselves don’t really get an explanation as to what they are or why they’re there. Instead, you’re supposed to guess that these creatures are simply evil and are there to simply cause havoc.

However, there’s another sexy aspect to the story that may make you pop a boner. That aspect revolves around the “bosses” you fight throughout your time with the game.

So, in terms of story, you fight a lot of small creatures. After a select number of these small enemies, you come across these large women. They’re pretty hot and are easily the sexiest parts of this game. They are called “Moe’s”, and they vary in look. They may have different hair colors, eye colors, and each one may be your vision of the perfect girl.

Now, once you defeat these Moe’s, you amass them as a sort of collection in an encyclopedia referred to as a “Moepedia”. It’s a weird premise, but you end up collecting these bosses to look at. And, if the mood strikes you, you can ogle them while touching yourself. It’s really up to you.

A Clicker Game That’s Way Too Easy

Now, it may sound like a contradiction to claim that a clicker game is too easy. After all, aren’t clicker games that focus on sex and fucking supposed to be extremely easy? While that answer is a “yes”, that doesn’t mean clicker games can’t be fun and slightly challenging while you stroke your dick to hot chicks. Unfortunately, Attack on Moe H is so easy that you literally don’t even need to be logged in to be good at the game.

As with other clicker games, this game runs on its own while you’re away. For instance, one of the mechanics in the game involves recruiting members to your party of horny women to help you slay these odd-looking beasts. Once you get these sluts on your side, they are automatically deployed to help you take down the animal creatures that are raining down damage to your village.

However, these party members continue to do damage long after you’ve logged off of the game. Now, it should be stated that this is an excellent feature if you open the game in one window and are looking at porn in five other tabs. Obviously, this is a game designed with this in mind. But, if you’re gone for a day, you will have amassed so much currency in the game that nothing is a challenge.

I logged off for one day and found out 24 hours later that I had amassed billions and billions in the game’s currency. So, it’s best to keep this in mind when playing so that you know you’re not going to run into any problems should you get horny and jump on PornHub for an afternoon fapping.

In terms of the second-to-second mechanics, you click to swing a sword and defeat enemies. The enemies appear in the center of the screen and are instantly replaced once one is defeated. This is basically the loop of the game. You strike down these enemies for a while, fight some small bosses, encounter and take down a Moe, and then move on to the next stage.

Now, I can’t comment on the variety of stages since I spent my entire time in one “region”. There are dozens of levels in each region, so you’re going to be staring at the same backdrop for quite some time.

Giant, Sexy Women

Once you’ve captured yourself a Moe, they’re yours to fondle and fuck. Well, not really. But, you do get to click on their naughty bits and make them squeal while racking up rewards and upgrades for your horny character. So, it’s not all bad!

When you’ve captured a Moe, they show up in your “Moepedia”. There, the objective is to touch their breasts and vagina until they cum! However, that may be a little more difficult than it actually sounds. Why? Well, it’s going to take you quite a long time to get those clothes off. Like, days and days to actually see those perky nipples and that puffy vagina.

While you do get these Moe’s as a prize, there’s not really a ton of sex appeal to them. After all, don’t you want to see tits and ass in a porn game?

Along with these giantesses, you also obtain daily rewards every time you log onto the game. Similar in structure to many free-to-play games, these daily logins aren’t anything amazing, but they’re a nice touch and gives you a little jolt to either your currency or your powers/upgrades.


Speaking of upgrades, your fellow party members not only supply you with arrow and magic support but also moves that require cooldowns as well. These moves are game-changers, and they are super OP when it comes to their power levels.

These moves may increase your DPS by hundreds for 30 seconds, so use them wisely and absolutely crush your enemies when they pop onto the screen.

What I Like

I enjoyed the simple clicking action. It’s effortless to do and requires approximately zero brainpower. It’s the perfect game to have running in the background as you whack off. I did like the idea of capturing these Moe’s and having them as trophies. It almost feels like filling out a Pokedex!

What I Hate

I don’t like the fact that you don’t see any sort of nudity apart from the main menu screen. I mean, you opened this game to splooge to hot chicks. Instead, you mindlessly click on weird-looking animals, and SOMETIMES come across hot chicks.

You also gain too much power too fast. Even though clicker games supply the player with power relatively quickly, this is overkill.

Final Thoughts

There are better (and sexier) clicker games out there if all you want to do is pop a boner and visualize those beautiful Japanese girls riding your dick. Minimal nudity in a clicker game isn’t what players open the game for, and I just feel like this game is a missed opportunity.

PornGames likes Attack On Moe H

  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Collecting Moe’s

PornGames hates Attack On Moe H

  • Mindless gameplay
  • Minimal nudity