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Spiral Clicker

I’m surprised it took so long for somebody to invent incremental clicker games. They’ve grown really popular over their last few years thanks to their simple yet addictive gameplay. I can usually take or leave them, so a clicker needs some special element if I’m going to do more than just let it run in a background tab. I’m a bit embarrassed by how much time I’ve put into Spiral Clicker.

Spiral Clicker is an incremental clicker, which I’m sure you guessed from the name. It’s also a porn game, as you’ve no doubt deduced from the website title. Like most clickers, the premise is simple as all hell: a big-boobed elf has given you a spiral that can help you mind-control hentai broads, hypnotizing them into clicking the spiral and taking their clothes off. It’s a fan-supported game that you can play for free on the web, and it’s a great use for all that time you have to put in at the office this week.

Click Your Way to Masturbatory Satisfaction

I think this game was originally supported through Patreon, though they’ve moved their funding efforts to Subscribestar and Kickstarter. Everyone else seems to use Patreon, so I wondered just what the fuck was going on. They actually explain it in-game. Your big-boobed elf friend, Helen, pops up to say Patreon has been cracking down on hypno content lately. If you’d like to support the developer and the further development of this anime-slut stripfest, use the link in the corner of the game.

Like any clicker, this game revolves around clicking to raise your score, and then using your score to click faster. The gimmick here is that instead of baking cookies or fighting monsters, you’re twirling a spiral. That sounds boring until you realize it’s a magical hypnosis machine that immediately starts putting girls under your spell. Those points you’re building up are willpower, which you can exchange for perverted treats.

There’s some soft video game music that I turned off immediately via the gear icon in the corner. It’s not abrasive or anything, but I can’t imagine anybody leaving it on and settling in for a long game. You might be running this in the background for days or more.

You’ll spin the wheel a few times yourself at first, but soon you’ll have accumulated enough points to seduce your first babe, cute anime goth chick. You can level them up via the spiral page, or from their profile pages. Either way, the process involves clicking.

At first, there ain’t much on the Spiral Clicker profile pages, but they start fleshing out almost immediately. All you’ve got to do is keep clicking the spiral. It’s all right there in the name.

Mind Control and Hentai Whores

Most clickers have various built-in mechanics to keep you coming back to the game instead of just letting it run idle in the background forever. Usually, you’re leveling up your warriors or buying bigger pizza ovens, and then those will work passively while you do your homework or argue with the wife. Spiral Clicker is a little more aggressive in its demand for your time, maybe because it’s a porn game, designed in part for masturbatory use.

The bitches do click faster as you raise their levels, which should come as no surprise. What was kind of a surprise was how much you have to click the girls themselves. There’s considerably less automation to this element than with other clicker games. Either that or I was legit seduced by all the hentai I kept unlocking.

Leveling up a babe is as simple as clicking her. After a handful of levels, though, you need to mind-break her. This pops up a new screen with a closer view of the girl. Guess what you have to do to break her mind? That’s right: more clicking. Depending on how much you’ve leveled up your mouse, it should be a pretty quick process. My advice is to keep that mouse level high so you can break a girl’s mind in one click.

The girl might look kind of angry before you mind-break her, depending on the babe. Erika, my goth chick, always seemed a little bit loose, but Amber from the music store has a stronger will. When you break their minds, their eyes go blank. Break their minds enough times, and you’ll unlock sexier outfits, usually culminating in a full nude. Hentai pictures also appear in the profile pages.

Getting Addicted to Clicks and Anime Tits

I planned out my review of Spiral Clicker to be efficient as hell. I was going to start the game, then leave it running in the background while I did other shit. After checking in on it a few times while being otherwise productive, I’d know enough about the game to accurately give my opinion.

Well, that plan went right out the window. They say bong hits are a major cause of amotivational syndrome, but those fuckers have never played an anime porn clicker. The mind-breaking mechanic, in particular, proved itself pretty fucking addictive. I basically had to sit there and keep hypnotizing these girls. The spinning spiral only did part of the job.

In certain ways, it’s not that different from the regular clicker mechanic of clicking to upgrade. One of the things that sets it apart is the rewards are greater than just increased cupcake production or faster piles of dead monsters. In Spiral Clicker, you’re actively unlocking new hentai as you progress.

It’s good hentai, too. These babes are well-drawn and beautifully proportioned, with pretty anime faces, nice colors, and realistic shading. This is absolutely fappable stuff. Clickers are games you play for long periods of time, so it’s unlikely you’ll have a boner the entire time unless you have a medical condition. Still, I felt my little Porn Dude getting stiff every time I opened my Spiral Clicker tab.

Click and Perv Your Way Around Town

As you level up your babes, you’ll have to recruit some more chicks around town. There’s a chick at the music store who’s kind of a bitch but susceptible to mind control, a hot librarian, a college freshman aspiring to be a cheerleader, a college professor, and a French maid. I think there are more I haven’t unlocked yet, based on the nudes now available and the still-blank spots in my archive.

Be sure to work your spirally magic on the local broads at the bottom of the map page. That’s another part of the game where you’ll need to actively click, though you’ll see a parade of anime chicks dropping their tops and drooling for you as you do. I think it also helps unlock more of the buildings on the map page.

I let the game run overnight, and leveled the fuck out of my broads in the morning. That unlocked a new beach icon on the map screen. There are more girls to strip with my hypno-wheel at the beach, and some interactions with your own harem when you click up enough points there. Joyce was so happy she saw me there, and I got to check out her new bikini. Mind control sure is fun!

The one element of the game I couldn’t figure out was the library. You’re supposed to be able to assign one of your girls as a manager and then another girl to study, “allowing you to mind break them as many times as you can within the time limit.” No matter what I did, I couldn’t assign a manager. Something on that screen is locked, and I’m not sure if it’s a work in progress or something I’m doing wrong in the game.

Spiral Clicker is definitely one of the more interesting incremental clickers I’ve played, and not just because I’m a pervert who likes gawking at anime T&A. I think the term “idle clicker” is less applicable here than with other games of the genre. The game encourages your participation a lot, so you’ll be actively clicking instead of just letting it run in a spare tab while you fap to lesbian paysites. The gameplay will be addictive as hell to clicker fans, and the high-quality hentai will suck in the rest of your general perverts.

PornGames likes Spiral Clicker

  • Addictive incremental clicking
  • Sexy hentai sluts
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics
  • Fan-supported
  • free to play

PornGames hates Spiral Clicker

  • Days of lost productivity